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About Bell & Ross
   Bell & Ross is made in Switzerland, of course, almost exclusively Swiss, Carlos Rosillo explained, ‘The only exception is the strap, which is made in Belgium.’ Strictly speaking, the brand’s start is not difficult. At the beginning, our two partners each invested 20,000 euros. Bruno Belamich, a veteran of Japanese watch magazines, read an article in one of the magazines about a famous watchmaker named Helmut Sinn who lives in Frankfurt, Germany. After a meeting, cooperation began. Sinn designed the first collection, using Valjoux and Lemania 5100 Swiss movements.
   The first series and the first catalog were created. Meanwhile, Bell
& Ross, the two young owners, turned to another famous expert, Lothar Schmidt, then the production director of IWC. Later, in 1995, their watches made their first appearance at the Basel International Watch Fair. The scene at the time was a bit unacceptable, but today it makes me feel very happy. Rosillo and Belamich put their watch in a Twingo car that was used as a booth. The car is very close. Because of this, buyers, including some prestigious people, cannot miss this young team. Bell
& Ross was a huge success.
   In 1997, Rosillo, who was eager to start a business but was short of funds, signed a financial agreement. Chanel became a significant shareholder of the company, although it held a minority share, to enable it to operate normally. The manufacturing facility is located in Chatelain, Switzerland, while the factory is located in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.
   Although confidential in its turnover and productivity, Bell
& Ross seems to be doing well. The brand is available at 450 merchants worldwide and aspires to be ‘a little Rolex.’ The two young people in their early 40s are currently ambitious.
   Bell & Ross timepieces embody the brand’s passion and persistence, and strive to provide professional users with the clearest, most legible and reliable wristwatch partners.
   Bell & Ross guarantees that each timepiece strictly adheres to the four principles of clear display, excellent functions, accurate standards and stable performance:
   1. Clear display: The dial design is based on the principle of clear and easy reading.
   2. Outstanding features: each timepiece has specific useful features
   3. Accuracy: Each watch is the result of strict Swiss watchmaking technology to ensure accurate function.
   4. Stable performance: The quality of Bell & Ross watches is comparable to that of professional military timepieces. Its performance is consistent in the most severe environments such as sea, air and air.
How about Bell & Ross watches
   Bell & Ross watches are inspired by the instruments of aircraft, which shows that Bell & Ross watches are sensitive and accurate. The reason why Bell & Ross watches are practical is that they give up the gorgeous design of the appearance, focus on its functions, and demand very strict and strict in every aspect of its performance. Bell & Ross has no gorgeous design around the dial, just to ensure that its time is clearly visible, and the numbers are clear and easy to read. This is one of the characteristics of Bell & Ross watch profession. Moreover, each series of Bell & Ross watches has its own different features and different functions inside. Every Bell & Ross watch is guaranteed value for money and has at least one useful feature. Bell & Ross watches use Swiss professional crystallization technology, which is absolutely guaranteed in accuracy. The most critical thing is to ensure that the time can be accurate anywhere in the sea, land and air, as well as some relatively harsh environments. This is also proof that Bell & Ross watches do not pay attention to gorgeous appearance and do everything in their power to ensure quality.
   It is precisely because Bellace watches are so precise and powerful that they are now widely used in aviation and the military.
   For those ‘old-qualified’ Swiss watch brands with a long history and vicissitudes of life, Bell & Ross can be regarded as a ‘new’. What is very disproportionate to Bellex’s ‘low qualifications’ status is that almost every new publication of Bellex will be a blockbuster!
   Perhaps because of its youth, vigor, active thinking and innovation, Bell & Ross has chosen an entrepreneurial path that is different from the others. The works developed and designed by Bell & Ross are all professional watches with extremely high technical requirements and are specially designed for aerospace, flight, diving, adventure and even demolition. It is no exaggeration that although not long ago, Bell & Ross has become the leading top player in the field of professional watch manufacturing.
   What could be more convincing than the facts? Amazing diving watch masterpiece Hydro11000 can dive to the deepest ocean floor; Tyre Demineur is the first watch with a professional demolition purpose … so many, many to count.
   Belle’s watches, beloved by pilots, divers, soldiers, bomb disposal experts and astronauts, are the heart of those who seek high-quality and trendy people.
Bell & Ross Watches Recommended

   Series: VINTAGE
   Style: Hour-Jump, Automatic, 42 mm, Men
   Material: pink gold
   Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
   Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
   Water resistance: 100 meters

Bell & Ross BR 01-92 AIRBORNE BR 01 AIRBORNE

   Number: BR 01 AIRBORNE
   Series: AVIATION
   Style: Automatic, 46 mm
   Material: stainless steel
   Euro: € 3,900
   Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
   Strap material: leather
   Buckle type: pin buckle
   Buckle material: stainless steel
   Water resistance: 100 meters
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