Unprecedented! Chinese Actor Wins Two Awards Of ‘film Emperor And Empress’ At The Berlin Film Festival

A few days ago, the 69th Berlin Film Festival awards ceremony ended. Actors Wang Jingchun and Yongmei from China won two awards for the best actor and best actress of this film festival with the film ‘Long Time and Long Time’. It can be said to be a good result of ‘there is no ancient man’. It also increased the popularity and influence of Chinese films in the world. Can’t help but wonder what watches did the creators wear during the Berlin Film Festival?

Best Actor Wang Jingchun at the 69th Berlin Film Festival

Wang Jingchun holds silver bear trophy

 Wang Jingchun, who won the best actor at the Berlin Film Festival, is actually no stranger to him. He has played different roles in many movies and TV series. Among them are impressive ‘Day Fireworks’, ‘Army of the Army’, ‘Grave Robbery Notes’ and so on. This time as the father of Wang Yuan in the film ‘Long Ji Tian Tian’ is also the actor of the film.

 According to media friends who have watched the premiere of the movie in Berlin, ‘Long Time and Long Time’ made many of the media here shed tears. We don’t know the outline and context of this movie for the time being, but from the play we Presumably, Wang Jingchun and Yongmei played a couple, and their son was played by Wang Yuan in the play.

Stills from the film ‘Long Time, Long Time’ Wang Jingchun

Three starring stills of Wang Yuan, Yong Mei, and Wang Jingchun

 Wang Jingchun wears Chopard L.U.C series men’s watch
 On the red carpet of the Berlin Film Festival, Wang Jingchun wore a Chopard L.U.C series watch, with a black suit to show elegance. In fact, this is not his first time wearing a Chopard watch. At the Berlin Film Festival film premiere, Wang Jingchun chose another Chopard watch-Chopard Classic Racing Series 168589-3002 watch.

From left: Directors Wang Xiaoshuai, Wang Jingchun, Qi Xi

Wang Jingchun wears Chopard Classic Racing Series 168589-3002 watch

 The choice of the film emperor is actually quite close to the people. The domestic price of this Chopard classic racing series watch is about 37,300 yuan. Nor is it an unacceptable price for the general public. The diameter of this watch is about 42 mm, and its acceptability and adaptability are also very high.

‘Long Time and Long Time’ was created on the red carpet of the Berlin Film Festival

 This film brings together director Wang Xiaoshuai, powerful actors Wang Jingchun, Yongmei, Qixi, Dujiang and others. With such an excellent creative team, it is not surprising that they can win such good results internationally. But this time, it is also the first time in Chinese history to win the Best Actor Award for Berlin Film Festival, setting a historic milestone.

Director Wang Xiaoshuai and starring Yongmei and Wang Jingchun

Yongmei wins Best Actress award at the 69th Berlin Film Festival

 For the actor Yongmei, I don’t know if everyone is impressed, but for me, she has always been an admirable actor. She plays the son of a broken mother in the movie ‘Youth’, plays principal Tan in ‘Ocean Paradise’, and plays the intellectual and generous Xiao Li in ‘Chinese Divorce’ … In fact, most of her roles are supporting actors Whether it is a bright personality or an ambiguous character, she has met the requirements of the role in the film and television drama to the greatest extent.

Yongmei on the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival

 After the announcement of the winners of the Berlin Film Festival, Yongmei’s name was recognized by more and more audiences. When she saw the photos of her at the Berlin Film Festival on the red carpet, people couldn’t help feeling that this was the atmosphere that Chinese actresses should have.

Yongmei walks to the podium

 In a long black dress, Yongmei chose the simplest pan head and red lips for her makeup. This choice neither covers Yongmei’s temperament, but also highlights her unique charm. In the choice of jewelry, she also chose the most classic and timeless diamond jewelry.

Yongmei wears De Beers earrings and ring

 In the play, Wang Yuan, who plays Yongmei and Wang Jingchun’s children, also walked on the red carpet of the Berlin Film Festival with the crew. He was dressed in a classic black suit and walked out of the book like a detachment. Prince.

Wang Yuan wears Chopard L.U.C series 161945-5001 watch

 We all know that in China, young actors and stars like Wang Yuan have been controversial by the audience. Regardless of acting or topic, they also need to consider time. However, Wang Yuan has now passed the Berkeley Conservatory’s exam, and the films he participates in have still achieved such good results in the International Film Festival, which is considered to be a good development among the three small ones.

International poster for the film ‘Long Time, Long Time’

 Now, what everyone is most concerned about is when ‘Long and Long Time’ will be released in China. No relevant information has been received yet. However, we look forward to the release of such a good movie in China. However, since it is a good movie, it is also worth waiting for, and we look forward to its release one day.