Two-needle Watch ‘slow’ Charm

As a special variety in the watch industry, two-hand watches are easily regarded as ‘boring’ by watch lovers who have just come into contact with them. Without the movement of the second hand, the atmosphere of the entire dial of the two-hand watch becomes as boring as the time has stood still. It’s like a wooden man game we’ve all played. When we raise our hands and watch, the two needles stagnate for a moment, as if the lines are not moving. Then when they turn around and do other things, they run ‘in secret’ over time. After a while, they will be ‘stiff’ again …. Unless you set aside time to stare at the disk, you will not see the ‘small movements’ of the minute hand and hour hand jumping with time. This is in sharp contrast to the three-hand watch. Without the lively and dynamic dial, it certainly looks bland.

   A few days ago, due to a chance coincidence with the two-hand watch, when I wore this watch, I also had the same feeling as above. Only when I watched the watch next time did I realize that the watch would move. . Then, this interesting argument arises. Why can this two-hand timepiece featuring ‘slow’ exist in this time-oriented and efficient era?

Tracing the source, it is actually the pioneer of the three-pin design

World’s First Pocket Watch: Eggs of Nuremberg

   As an important object on clocks, hands are produced at the same time, but small clocks at the beginning are not as powerful as modern ones. Based on the technical limitations of the times, let alone the accuracy of the seconds, these small clocks can’t even reach the accuracy of the minute, so there is only one hand indicating the time on the entire clock. This timepiece is the famous ‘Egg’-the world’s first pocket watch known today. Later, after the change of time, the development of science and mathematics, the clock technology has been improved, the new escapement system has further improved the accuracy, the clock can finally display the minutes and seconds, and there is a design of two hands and even three hands This process took about a century to complete. The two-hand watch originally represented a leap-forward improvement in the precision of timepieces and demonstrated the scientific achievements of an era.

Sometimes, slowing down is also a beauty

   Compared with the three-hand watch, the charm of the two-hand watch is that the time being slowed down is pure and extremely concise. At the same time, it is also a manifestation of life philosophy. Sometimes, the tense nerves are often counterproductive, and the desire is not reached. Compared with the fast-paced life, we often need to slow down and taste the beauty of leisure. In the face of two-hand watches, our hearts are often calm, everything returns to the same, showing the beauty of ‘slow’. Face life with a low-key, modest, and calm attitude. Therefore, the charm of the two-hand watch can be experienced by people with a certain age and experience. This slowed down time is pure, extreme simplicity, and a gesture of life.

The appearance is simpler and better able to highlight the theme

   After ‘lost’ the second hand, the two-hand watch shows a more simple dial design. As an era of pursuing simplicity, people often regard it as a respected lifestyle. Those with simple quality are expensive and obvious. The more refined, the simpler, the more precious. At the same time, some highly technical watches will also use the two-hand design, because the watch appreciation of this type of watch is greater than the presentation of time, here, the second hand’s swing seems to become a kind of ‘obstruction’ to block vision, Some designers simply removed it from the dial surface, highlighting the craftsmanship design depicted on the clocks. The two-hand watch also provided ample room for the artistic creation of these clocks.

Two hands can effectively reduce the thickness of the timepiece, helping the clock design to be slimmer

   Just like the development trend of electronic equipment, the history of mechanical timepieces has also advanced from thick to thin, from complex to simple. In addition to the special ‘small three-pin’ and ‘eccentric disk’, most of them are designed with the coaxial display of the hands. Compared with the movement of the junior watch, the movement of the two-hand watch is easier to be slim. The three-pin coaxial movement, equipped with three different height trajectories of the hands, requires three gears of different sizes and different parallel spaces. Although in our eyes, the size and space of micromachines are small , But for itself it takes up a lot of space. Like the two-hand watch, the second hand is removed, and the movement of the movement and the indicator dial will have one less layer of structure, which can usually reduce the thickness by about 1 mm.

Informal, pragmatic, simple but not simple

   The loss of the second hand means that the smallest unit of time, the second, is missing, and the absolute accurate time indication cannot be achieved. Admittedly, this is the short board of the two-hand watch. However, if the wearer of a three-hand watch is compared to the fact that every second counts, then the person who wears the two-hand watch will be a time-conscious and informal person. Know well.

   Conversely, because of the loss of seconds, the accuracy of minutes is especially important. Therefore, the brand that makes two-hand watches, although occasionally does not use the seconds function, but its own requirements on accuracy have never given up. This gives the two-handed watch a unique life, which is the embodiment of a truly simple but not simple style.

Summary: The two-hand watch interprets life with its mature and refined style, and presents the different connotations of mechanical timepieces in a simple but not simple style. Although the ‘beat’ of the second hand was lost, the low-key, modest, and calm feeling spread from the inside to the outside of the wrist was exchanged. It is this kind of moving spirit that makes it a unique classic design in today’s watch industry. From this point of view, the two-hand watch is not only ‘boring’, but also full of charm, allowing people to taste its quiet beauty.