Time Chain Overlapping On The Wrist

When the watch became the woman’s primary decoration, the design of the watch also changed dramatically. The more feminine and artistic bracelet-style fashion watch became a favorite for girls: delicate ceramics Metal steel chains, pearl gemstones adorned with bronze bracelets, and interlocking light silver rings are jumping sparkling gemstones. And this season, the overlapping of bracelet watches and different styles of bracelets has become a decorative compulsory course of fashion ICON.
  Delicate woman heart elegant style on the chain
  Watch & Accessories
  The dark red ceramic chain links of the watch complement the dark red woven wide bracelet. The delicate metal material and the exotic weaving process are cleverly superimposed together, showy and elegant.
UcciGucci Marina Chain models use high-tech dark red ceramic materials, smooth surface and cobblestone-like links are quite textured. The ruby-gloss ceramic material of the watch combined with the mirror surface creates a jewel-like beauty. The new surface, slender hour markers and elegant oval hands perfectly fit the curve and round links of the case. Giles & Brother dark red woven wide bracelet
Exaggerated metal material with dark red leather weaving process, delicate vertical and horizontal lines, old texture of metal and leather, large, eye-catching, wild.
Pink one-shoulder top with flesh pink silk skirt pants of the same hue, jumping red high heels and red decorative necklace echo. The dark red texture of the bracelet watch and the wide bracelet, the effect of stacking becomes the finishing touch.
Watch & Accessories
Three materials, three types of superimposed wear, the same silver metal texture. The steel material of the watch matches the silver braided bracelet, which is interspersed with a sparkling diamond bracelet. The different silver materials on the dotted line show the fashionable style.
超级 A diamond bracelet with super luster, the whole is connected by diamonds with cut surfaces. With a silver prismatic braided bracelet, tough and beautiful collision, neutral and charming blend. Bvlgari B.zero1 series bracelet watch
Stainless steel case, mother-of-pearl dial, hour-setting diamonds. Even the watch ring is also made of stainless steel. The clever bracelet-like design has both practical and decorative functions, which meets the needs of women in modern cities.
Army green pleated tailor dress, set with nude high-heeled shoes with precious stones. The fine gray tone handbag and the bright silver watch and bracelet form the perfect hue. The low-key and high-key look match the metallic sheen from simplicity.