The 60th Anniversary Of The Omega Speedmaster Series Makes Watches Favorite Youjia Shapes

The highly recognizable and popular Omega Speedmaster watch has attracted watch lovers all over the world. Collectors are constantly inspired and inspired by the Speedmaster series. Why can Omega Speedmaster watches become the world’s most prestigious chronographs? For the time being, it is not important to discuss its importance in history, and the Speedmaster watch is also known throughout the world for its 60-year classic design. Although there will be some small changes and improvements in the process, it is the following iconic design elements that shape this classic watch.

Curved lugs

Since 1964, the ‘curved lugs’ have given the Supermaster a striking shape. This design protects the crown and timing buttons on the asymmetric case.

Speed ​​lap

One of the revolutionary innovations in the design of the Omega Speedmaster is to move the speed measuring ring from the previous dial position to the bezel. This change was inspired by the racer who needed to measure the speed, which gave the watch the name ‘Speedmaster’.

Minimal dial

Because of its low-key simplicity, it is popular among superfans. The classic three small dial design gives the Speedmaster an extraordinary time reading experience. The luminous scale and eye-catching hands on the black dial are also convenient for the wearer to read the time anytime, anywhere.

Round mirror

The mirror that protects the dial is subtly designed to be arc-shaped, making the watch look slimmer overall. The mirror is made of sapphire or carbon fiber.


Some early Speedmaster models will use ‘wide arrow’ or Alpha hands, but stick hands are more common in the Speedmaster series. The slim and smooth hands add elegance to the design.