Sparkling Review Of The Parmigiani Atelier Kalpa Piccola Watch

In 2006, Parmigiani launched different models for ladies for the first time, which made women friends who love the art of watchmaking bring unprecedented choices. From complex functions to simple designs, from stainless steel models to high jewellery designs, everything can be said. Women’s clothing products mainly draw on the brand’s most popular flagship style, Kalpa, but they are not limited to the original size and style, and a new approach. The newly designed petite and exquisite KalpaPiccola provides a perfect match for the lightness and beauty of Oriental women. Today, the Watch House brings you one of the Kalpa Picalcola watches from the Parmigiani Kalpa series, reference model: PFS160-1233300.

Simplicity, authenticity and creativity are the cornerstones of Parmigiani’s values-these values ​​are not only presented on his watch, but also guide every decision made in the development of the brand.

Case dimensions approximately 34.8×24.8 mm
The size of this watch’s case is approximately 34.8×24.8 mm. The barrel-shaped case fully interprets the feminine elegance and elegance, while penetrating a hint of classic charm.

With a sapphire crystal
The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass, and the sturdy arched mirror is anti-glare treated. While protecting the dial, it also presents the exquisite dial without reservation.

Crown winding feels comfortable
The design of the crown made of 18K white gold is simple, and the winding feels comfortable. The crown is engraved with the ‘PF’ logo of Parmigiani, which shows the distinguished brand identity.

With an 18K White Gold Diamond Strap
This watch is accompanied by an 18K white gold diamond strap. The diamonds paved on the strap sparkle dazzling brilliance, but the watch turns into a luxury diamond bracelet that shines throughout the city.

Luxury diamond case
The case of this watch is made of 18K white gold. The brilliant and brilliant cut diamonds cover the entire watch from the case to the lugs to the bracelet. The brilliant cut diamonds dazzle the fire. One cannot be compelled.

Unique petal-shaped lugs
The lugs are made of 18K white gold, with a unique petal-shaped design, showing a touch of feminine style, and its subtle curves allow it to fit the wrist, ensuring the comfort of the watch.

Comes with a double butterfly clasp
This watch is equipped with a butterfly double-button clasp, which is made of 18K white gold. It is easy to wear without affecting the overall beauty of the bracelet, making it a luxury watch at the same time. Beautiful wristlet.

Triangular pointer is legible
In addition to being clear and easy to read, the large triangular hands also add a bit of toughness to the watch, highlighting the independent temperament of modern women. The center of the hands is filled with fluorescent materials to facilitate reading in dark environments.

White mother-of-pearl dial
The white mother-of-pearl dial shines with a mysterious and splendid brilliance. The delicate texture of mother-of-pearl enamel also shows a delicate and feminine temperament. Two large 6 o’clock and twelve o’clock indexes on the dial are also inlaid. Charming bright-cut diamonds, flower-shaped hour markers depict women’s attractive figure.

Equipped with a PF600 quartz movement
The bottom of this watch is a dense bottom design. The case is equipped with a PF600 quartz movement. The movement consists of 57 parts, including 32 gemstone bearings. The frequency of the movement is as high as 32.768 Hz, and the movement time is accurate.

Summary: For nearly two decades, the Sandoz Family Foundation (FFS) and Parmigiani have been continuously creating, accumulating, and integrating various productivity to protect the finest traditional artisan craftsmanship, so as to speculate the Strategic requirements, Parmigiani has a unique level of credit in just a few years. Six series and nineteen movements independently developed have laid the foundation for the brand’s success. QF quality certification is a clear definition of quality for Parmigiani. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)