Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis) Excalibur Quatuor Rose Gold Watch Released Directly At Geneva Watch Fair 2013

Due to the effect of gravity, as the wrist swings, the position of the watch changes continuously and a running error occurs. Although the tourbillon can partially solve this problem, ExcaliburQuatuor offers a new solution. ExcaliburQuatuor’s four balance springs work in pairs and are carefully arranged to immediately offset running errors caused by position changes. In other words, if the tourbillon cancels gravity for one minute, the ExcaliburQuatuor can cancel it instantly.

  A traditional watch with a balance wheel with a frequency of 4 Hz can be regarded as a high-precision watch. ExcaliburQuatuor further breaks the limit of high-frequency vibration of this watch. This watch with four balance springs has a frequency of 16 Hz . 16 Hz is related to the basic movement, not just a function of the movement, which can be described as an extraordinary technical achievement. The four sets of balance springs are swung 4 times per second, so that the vibration frequency of the Excalibur Quatuor is correspondingly quadrupled, because all balances will not oscillate at the same time. This design provides a new guarantee for accurate timekeeping, replacing the ‘tick’ sound of traditional watches with a harmonious and gentle high-precision timing sound.

Novel and chic power reserve display

  ExcaliburQuatuor watches not only challenge the laws of gravity and high vibration frequencies, but also read the power reserve in a unique way. The crescent-shaped dual display runs synchronously with the barrel, that is, 4.5 revolutions per day, and the hands rotate at a relatively slower speed. As the power reserve is depleted, the hands move with the barrel, so that the power reserve is accurately displayed on the two crescent arcs. This innovative mechanism is creative, precise, reliable, beautiful and intuitive. It is patent pending and is the perfect symbol of Roger Dubuis brand values.

3 + 2 = 5 groups of differentials = 7 years of research and development = double innovation

  In 2005, Roger Dubuis shocked the industry with the launch of a floating tourbillon watch with a differential. RogerDubuis Roger Dubuis, based on this outstanding technology, launched the ExcaliburQuatuor watch after seven years of research and development. This masterpiece of timepieces brings together many extraordinary craftsmanship, not only integrating four balance wheels and novel power reserve display, but also equipped with five differentials. Three of them are connected to the balance wheel in the watch gear train, one on the central gear and the other two on the triple wheel, ensuring balance and achieving impeccable accuracy. The fourth differential guarantees a power reserve display, and the fifth connects the winding rod and two parallel barrels.

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013: