Louis Vuitton Launches New Escale Time Zone Watch

[2015 Basel] Continuing the brand’s ‘travel’ tradition, at this year’s Basel watch fair, Louis Vuitton will launch a new Escale Time Zone watch, presenting a unique and colorful dial world. At Baselworld last year, the Escale Worldtime watch released by Louis Vuitton has attracted much attention because of its design without hands. At 12 o’clock on the dial, there are yellow arrows, combined with three concentric discs marked with 24 time zones and corresponding cities, you can easily read the synchronized world time.
   There is no doubt about the unique design of the dial, but the work behind the scenes of the colorful dial cannot be ignored. For such miniature painting works of art, just a photo or a video is not enough to fully interpret the master craftsmanship. Only by visiting the Louis Vuitton Watchmaking Workshop (completed in 2014) in Geneva can you truly appreciate the beauty. Each time zone represents a city (name abbreviation), the living symbols of each companion city, and every detail of hand-painted painting are meticulous. The drawing of a dial pattern requires more than 40 hours of hard work. This is also the platinum Escale The main reason for the scarcity of Worldtime watch production.
   At the Baselworld 2015, Louis Vuitton continued the tradition of the ‘travel’ theme, and the Escale Time Zone watch also presented a new look. Stainless steel case, improved movement, most of Louis Vuitton’s 460 stores around the world will display the new Escale Time Zone watch.

   The new Escale Time Zone watch is based on the traditional GMT function mode. Unlike the 2014 model, the 2015 model uses a dual concentric disc design, and the wearer can use the crown on the right to set the time zone time of a specific city. The two outer rings of the dial are decorated with 24 time zones corresponding to representative cities and colorful symbol logos, but unlike the 2014 model, which is painted separately, the 2015 dial pattern is printed as a whole.
   In the center of the 2015 dial, there is an hour and minute hand indicating the local time. The hour and minute hands are covered by a disc, which is decorated with black stripes and printed with the brand logo and watch name, which is consistent with the 2014 model. The LV 87 self-winding movement carried by the Escale Time Zone was created by the workshop of La Fabrique du Temps of Louis Vuitton. It is smaller and thinner than the LV 106 movement built in Escale Worldtime. The combination of parts is simpler. The power reserve is increased to 42 hours. The 39 mm case diameter has also been reduced by 1.5 mm compared to the latter.

   Despite many differences, Escale Worldtime and Escale Time Zone both have unique and distinctive identity signs that are easily recognizable symbolic symbols. Just as Louis Vuitton is pinned on modern fine watchmaking, the passion for traveling the world.