Longines’ 180th Anniversary Watchmaking Legend Tour Jin Qiu Appears In China

The famous Swiss watch manufacturer Longines (Longines), which began in 1832, will also hold the ‘Longines 180th Anniversary Watchmaking Tour’ in China in the 2012 autumn season of the 180th anniversary of the brand. The brilliant brand story is presented three-dimensionally with a creative mind; at that time, precious representative masterpieces and 180-year anniversary models from all periods of the brand will also arrive in China, and they will be displayed in various colors.
    Visitors can place themselves in the beautiful heritage of 180 years, pursue the track of elegance, count down the legendary traditions of watchmaking, overview and join hands with the glory of the sports world, and pay tribute to epic-like characters and stories.
    Time and history never stop, but elegant but permanent, Longines is good at capturing the typical fashion and inner spirit of each era. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Longines applied the exquisite style of the Art Deco Art Deco movement to the design of barrel-shaped, oval or rectangular movements and models, which became the representative of the aesthetics of that era. Today, the Longines PrimaLuna, Longines DolceVita, and La Grande Classique de Longines belong to the elegant category of the brand’s product line. The colorful and bold innovations in Longines’ technology and style have made a masterpiece of the times. The Longines Master Collection is a perfect example of the brand’s technical and aesthetic expertise, while the barrel design of the Longines evidenza has become a symbol of classics and taste. The outstanding Longines Saint-Imier Collection pays tribute to the watchmaking town that witnessed the brand’s 180-year-old growth with purity and perfection. Longines’ 180-year limited edition of the column wheel single-button chronograph stopwatch traces the brand’s long tradition of glory and professional sports. Its special single-button design is intended to commemorate the first chronograph watch produced by Longines in 1878. The design of this watch is also based on Longines’ first watch produced in 1913 with a 13.33Z movement and a chronograph function. Equipped with the L788 column-wheel chronograph stopwatch movement specially developed for Longines, you can easily drive-start, stop and zero-a variety of chronograph stopwatch functions by simply pressing a single button integrated with the crown. . Smooth case lines and contours. The white dial is decorated with a striking red number ’12’, which reproduces and sublimates the unique dial originally created by Longines founder Agassi. The active rose gold lugs are also Longines. One of the outstanding traditional features. In this category of Longines classics, there are many unique and outstanding styles, and the most famous of them is undoubtedly the Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch, which is a 1931 American pilot Charles Lianba Designed replica of the watch. The Longines Weems Second-Setting Watch was inspired by the navigation series invented by Captain Philip von Horn Weems in the 1920s and created A watch that works with sophisticated navigation instruments. The replica watches show the brand’s heritage and continuity, as well as the infinite respect for history, with exquisite mastery and elegant classics.