Lady F Laurent Ferrier

The LAURENT FERRIER brand has decided to launch a women’s watch for its iconic Galet miniature oscillating weight series. The movement is unchanged and the mechanical performance and workmanship adhere to the strict requirements. However, the case is more rounded, and the 39 mm diameter fits the female wrist more comfortably. As for the dial, LAURENT FERRIER chose mother-of-pearl, with its natural characteristics showing unique femininity. The dial is decorated with charming Arabic floral ornaments, intertwining branches or delicate embroidery. The dial is delicate and pure, with diamonds set at 12 o’clock, bright and clear.

The watch is equipped with a pin-type or double-folding clasp that matches the color of the case to achieve an overall harmony

LAURENT FERRIER exclusive movement
The LAURENT FERRIER miniature oscillating weight series ingeniously blends ancient and modern techniques, condensing a number of groundbreaking watchmaking techniques. The brand’s eccentric miniature oscillating weight automatic mechanical movement is inspired by the Abraham-Louis Breguet ‘natural’ escapement system and is the result of exclusive research and development.
High-performance winding system using traditional watch technology
The brand abandoned the excessively noisy ball bearing winding system and adopted a detent mechanism closer to traditional clockwork. The miniature oscillating weight is equipped with a single-upward gold oscillating weight, which is directly fixed between the main splint and the oscillating bridge, ensuring higher stability than the traditional miniature oscillating weight. In addition, the miniature oscillating weight uses a completely innovative silentbloc damping system. Also for the sake of optimizing the winding performance, the barrel is mounted on the gemstone. The harmonious overall structure and technical performance of the Galet miniature oscillating series watches benefit from comprehensive consideration of the integrity of each component of the movement, thereby achieving optimal control of energy. The ultimate goal is to use a more efficient automatic winding system to improve wearing comfort. FBN229.01 mechanical movement is the brand’s third exclusive handmade movement, design, assembly and adjustment are completed in the LAURENT FERRIER watchmaking workshop.
Elegant presentation
The brown Tahiti mother-of-pearl dial features multiple bronze reflections, harmonizing with the 18K red gold case. The ‘spherical’ winding crown is lightweight and set with a brown sapphire corresponding to the dial. The light blue mother-of-pearl dial is housed in an 18K white gold case with a winding crown set with a lapis lazuli. The watch is also available in a diamond-set snowflake in the middle of the case.

GALET Micro-Rotor series is available in two colors, suitable for different occasions.

Snowflake mosaic technology is unique and the workmanship is extremely fine. Carefully selected diamonds (1.23 carats) vary in size and are arranged evenly throughout the middle of the case. This technology gives the watch its unique splendor. The hollow leaf-shaped hands and the dial complement each other, making the watch softer and lighter. The ribbon strap is lined with alligator leather, and the small round texture is exquisite and elegant, making it more comfortable to wear. The 18K red or white gold pin buckle corresponding to the case color adds to the overall harmony.
Excellent finishing process
The finishing process of the movement is excellent. It is created in the LAURENT FERRIER workshop using the purest traditional watch technology. The bridge board draws the Geneva ripple, the bottom plate is stippled with concentric texture, the gear arm is beveled, the screw head is cut and polished, and the inner corner is manually cut. The pawl mirror is polished by hand, and the checkered pattern on the micro-rotor splint and bridge and the 18K pure gold micro-rotor gives the watch an extraordinary brilliance. Through the sapphire crystal back cover, the finely-crafted internal components can be seen at a glance, the lines and curves are skillfully connected, and the whole is extremely harmonious.