How About Longines Mechanical Watch

Longines watches are well-known in China. As a mid-range watch brand, Longines product pages include quartz and mechanical watches. Although Longines has its own movement, most Longines mechanical watches use ETA movements, which have been polished. What about Longines mechanical watches? Conclusions can be drawn from the following five aspects.
One. Use the movement
   Most Longines mechanical watches produced after the 1980s are not our movements. 4. Longines mechanical watches from the 1950s are very good, not only the appearance, but also the movement still looks good, hand scroll and automatic scroll can be evenly divided, just to see personal preferences. At present, Longines mechanical watches use ETA movements, no matter they are polished, chamfered and steering wheels, they are very powerful. These ensure the practicality of Longines, and many Longines watches can reach the observatory level.
two. Sale price range
   The price of Longines mechanical watches ranges from 6, 7 thousand to tens of thousands. At present, the most popular Longines mechanical watches on the market are generally between 10,000 and 20,000, and there are no less than 5,000 Longines mechanical watches. Under the same material function, mechanical watches are much more expensive than quartz watches.
   If you want to know more about Longines mechanical watch quotation information, please enter Longines did a good job in the past, even surpassed Rolex, but later let the Swatch Group acquire the definition of low-end brands. It is considered a mid-range product in China and still sells well. Longines’ most prominent mechanical watch mainstream should belong to the two series of flags and famous craftsmen. Especially the Longines master series, focusing on mechanical watches, no quartz watches are produced. Others, such as the Admiral series, are also very good, but their popularity in China is average.
four. User reviews
   Comment 1: (the famous craftsman L2. mechanical female watch) has always felt that the simpler the style, the more precise the workmanship, the simple dial, the common functions that should be available, very practical, the style is also low-key, with The word understated elegance.
   Comment 2: (Military flag L4.774.4.27.6 mechanical men’s watch) is used after a period of evaluation. It looks great. The entire watch is paired with gold and silver, revealing a low-key luxury. The total error is about half a minute a week, which is still considerable. Overall very satisfied.
   Comment 3: (Luya L4.760.2.11.2 mechanical men’s watch) like it for three reasons: 1. Ultra-thin and simple design, interpretation of exquisite attitude towards life
   2. Gold-plated strap, automatic mechanical movement, best price / performance ratio
   3. Retro Roman numerals, orbital minute scale, nostalgic and rich.
   Comment four: (Concas L3.662.4.76.6 mechanical men’s watch) The order was because of its good water resistance, did not disappoint me, performed well, I was really worried when I tried it. :
   Longines is well known in the country and there are many sales and service points. This user provided great convenience. For more information about Longines stores and maintenance points, please go to