Hot Models Make Everyone Love Rolex

If Rolex watches are to be classified from a broader perspective, they are actually three types of watches, one is a formal watch such as a diary and a day calendar, and the other is a water ghost, green glass, etc. There is another type of sports watch, which is a non-Japanese watch (cellini has been discontinued, due to its artistry, and individuals are more willing to classify it as a collection series). This time, we will use men’s sports as an introduction to introduce the hot-selling models that are currently on sale for the purpose of introducing bricks and stones.

 Rolex Green Water Ghost

Water ghost is everyone’s nickname for ‘submariner’. At present, there are mainly green water ghost and black water ghost. Green water ghost is undoubtedly the best-selling one. As long as it arrives at the store, it will basically be gone for a few days . Green Water Ghost was first introduced in 2010. It is characterized by the watch’s surface being PVD-plated with ‘green gold’ coating, and the ratio of its green gold material is a secret. The green water ghost quickly became popular as soon as it was launched. The main reasons can be attributed to the following: first, the design itself is classic; second, the performance is outstanding; then, the output is low; finally, there is speculation. At present, domestic specialty stores and dealers are hard to see. Occasionally, a few will come. At present, the official price is still 70,000 yuan, but it is a pity that it is difficult to buy if you have money.

 Rolex Blackwater

Black Water Ghost is a watch model launched to fill the huge vacancy of Green Water Ghost in the market, but it is not a ‘black gold’, but a black ceramic. As the water ghost itself is very classic, and through the ‘toss’ of the green water ghost, the niggas have also become a good choice. The current official offer is 65900.

 Rolex Daytona

Daytona is a hard goods in Rolex. Currently the main products on sale are the new ice blue chestnut Daytona, the precious metal Daytona and other styles. Among them, the best-selling is the black disk steel Daytona. Tonna, commonly known as ‘Black Steel Di’. From the perspective of price, the most purchased Rolex watches are still below 100,000, and most of Daytona’s watches are made of precious metal or gold, which are expensive, and there are fewer steel models with lower prices. Black Daytona is more optional in terms of performance and matching. Generally, it will be more suitable if you buy it for yourself.

The price of the new Daytona last year was 600,000, which has to be said to be a very high price. Although the design is new and the materials are special, from the perspective of sales and consumers, there are not many people who are willing to pay for it. .

 Rolex Explorer

Explorer is a very famous series of Rolex sports watches. The most classic of them is the Explorer II. At present, there are only white and black plates in this series. The official price is 64200. Its classic feature is that the orange hands on the dial are very prominent, and it is equipped with the brand’s patented 3187 automatic movement, which is a classic in Rolex watches. Both types of disks have their own strengths, but according to the feedback from specialty stores and dealers, the white-board Explorer II is more popular.

 Rolex Milguass

Milguass (composed of Mile representing thousands and Gauss representing Gauss) is a model of antimagnetic watch. Before Omega’s new world’s highest antimagnetic watch released last year, Lau’s Milguass is the world’s most famous and the best antimagnetic wrist watch. table. One of the watches, the model number of which is 116400GV, is highly sought after. Because the watch mirror uses green sapphire crystal glass, it is commonly known as ‘green glass’ and the official price is 63200.

 Rolex Greenwich

The Greenwich series is a model that Rolex uses to make two places. It is similar to the Explorer, but the movement is different. The Explorer 2187 uses the 3187 movement, while the Greenwich II uses the 3186 movement. Among them, 3187 has more brand patented Paraflex cushioning devices than 3186. At present, the most popular Greenwich series is the new two-color ceramic watch released last year, also known as the ‘Inter Milan ring’. However, due to the short time to market, the sales volume is still not as good as the previous models. The Inter circle should become a hot-selling model in the future, because it also has some of the characteristics of the green water ghost.

 Rolex Yacht-Master

The Yacht-Master model is a highly specialized functional watch in Rolex. Among them are the Yacht-Master model and the Yacht-Master II model. The first generation is relatively simple and has no professional functions. The second generation has a 10-minute countdown. Features. At present, for the first generation, the more popular models are the silver and blue steel models, which are priced at 102,100 yuan and 95,800 yuan, respectively. The second generation depends on the performance of the new steel models last year.

In general, Rolex is currently selling watches, the most product is undoubtedly the diary and day calendar type, but the most popular is still sports models. Due to the impact of relevant national policies on luxury products, the watch market is bleaker compared to previous years. From the point of view of sales, sales are not as good as in previous years. Precious metal models are more difficult to pay for and more people have the money to buy for themselves Will choose steel.

In short, for the time being, the most popular Rolex models are concentrated in sports models within 100,000. At the same time, we will also pay attention to some new watches, but when it comes to purchase, there are still more wait-and-see.