Hollow Art Tasting Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Skeleton Watch

Parmigiani, a brand that was born in 1996. However, regardless of the quality and workmanship of the watch, it can rank among the top ranks. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, the brand Parmigiani launched its new men’s and women’s Tonda 1950 Skeleton skeleton series watches. The watch showcases Parmigioni’s unique aesthetics and craftsmanship with exquisite skeleton art. Insights 诣. Today, the Watch House brings you one of the men’s watches from the Tonda 1950 Skeleton skeleton series.

   Most of the hollow watch is that all the components of the entire dial are exposed to you. Based on the ordinary movement, the watchmaker uses a needle to drill small holes into the hole to remove excess metal, and then uses a sculpting knife to modify all edges into 45 ° beveled edges and engraving the surface of the movement into different patterns . In this extremely aesthetic process, they must also minimize the obstacles to see through the underlying movement. Therefore, the production of skeleton watches is a very difficult process.

    The Tonda 1950 is Parmigiani’s ultra-thin series. The case thickness of the new Tonda 1950 series watch is 7.8 millimeters, and Skeleton’s full hollow means that it is necessary to display the amazingly complex mechanical structure in such a thin case. And pay attention to the beauty of the lines. It can be said that it is a superb adherence to craftsmanship, a adherence to the watchmaking tradition, a adherence to the use of simple lines to create immortal beauty.

39 mm rose gold case

   This watch (model: PFC280-1000100-HA1241) has a highly polished rose gold case with a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of 7.8 mm. The exquisite skeletonized movement is clear at a glance. Compared with the horizontal and vertical line design, Parmigiani’s skeletonized movement is expressed by curved arcs, which is more gentle and soft. Of course, it is more difficult to grasp the process. What’s more unexpected is that this Tonda 1950 Skeleton full skeleton watch actually has a dial. The sapphire dial makes the dial perfect in appearance, and only a little metal is applied to the bezel, which makes the movement embedded in the case. elegant.

Serrated Rose Gold Crown

   The side of the case is polished and polished, and the beveled bezel with micro-arch looks smooth and round. The screw-in, serrated rose gold crown is comfortable to the touch, and the polished crown is engraved with the ‘PF’ logo of Parmigiani.

Tan Hermes Crocodile Strap

   The tan crocodile leather strap is made of top quality crocodile leather from Hermès. The workmanship is impeccable. (The exclusive partner of Parmigiani straps, Hermès and Parmigioni, have been working together for several years. The straps are made from top Epsom calfskin and crocodile leather.) Wear a rose gold pin buckle and wear it Simple and prevent accidental falling off.

Tonda 1950 unique drop-shaped lugs

   The unique drop-shaped lug design of the Tonda 1950 feels like a nose pad of glasses, it is exquisite and small, and it is also comfortable to wear.

Large two-handed hollow dial design

   The large two-handed hollow dial design, the triangular scale hour markers and the triangular hour and minute hands, the overall style is simple and neat. As for the Parmigiani logo on the dial, the usual arrangement and inlaying position will destroy the harmonious aesthetics of the openwork movement Therefore, the form of appliqué on the top of the dial is adopted to maximize the beautiful appearance of the hollowed-out movement of the lower layer. The sapphire dial is clearly distinguished for men and women. The dial for men’s watches has been carefully polished to create a perfect transparent effect; the female models feature a meticulous matte dial that presents a subtle dim appearance. Therefore, the men’s watch can show the movement in more detail. The platinum micro-rotor (pearl tourbillon) has a clear view on the watch surface, and the swirling decoration on the rotor enhances the extraordinary look of the movement. Turning hands into clouds, covering hands with rain, a glimpse of the charm of machinery.

PF 701 skeleton automatic mechanical movement

   The PF 701 self-winding mechanical movement inside is equipped with a thickness of only 2.6 mm. Its ultra-thin size is due to the eccentric platinum micro-automatic oscillating weight located in the movement. Each plate bridge and main splint of the movement are openworked and hollowed out. The extremely fine internal corners can be seen by the naked eye. They are entirely hand-made, then manually chamfered, and finally rhodium-plated. At the same time, each gear has been chamfered, grooved, and double-sided pearl dots polished before being cut, and then gold-plated to finally create a stunning and exquisite skeletonized movement.

   In summary: ultra-thin and hollow, one of them is already a complex process, and the difficulty and complexity of combining the two can be imagined. See the unique craftsmanship of the brand. Combining a unique sapphire dial, a highly polished rose gold case, and a tan Hermès crocodile leather strap, it is a watch worthy of collection for the ultimate in craftsmanship and beauty.