He Said, That Is True Love

and ZC Jun met at the same cousin party (the same scene as the last mad article of rationality), and the party full of surprises has contributed to the organization of several of our friends now The prototype of the cousin club ‘Shanghai Watch Gang’. In the subsequent meetings, I also learned more about how strong ZC Jun’s obsession with watches is, so that he devoted a lot of time and energy to his personal account horoloupe opened on Instagram, and the global wrist Watch lovers share his passion for watches.

In each of the watch gatherings, I especially noticed that when everyone talked about the watch, they always grabbed the camera in the neutral position (upgraded from mobile phones to professional cameras) and brought everyone Watches take pictures one by one. The requirements for light, the angle of the wrist and the watch, and various details are not negligent. Occasionally when everyone jokes and asks him to be the master photographer of your watch, he always smiles and says: It is my love for watches. When you really fall in love with a thing, how can you let it sloppy in front of everyone. ‘ It is this persistence that makes all the photos presented on his horoloupe IG account extremely charming, and through the photos, he can feel his love and emotion for the watch, and because of the extremely high requirements for the presentation of watch aesthetics So far, his IG account has accumulated more than 50,000 followers, including many global collectors.

I asked him to post photos every day on IG and interact with netizens / tablemates. What was your original intention? What did you gain? He said that at first, he just wanted to share his love for watches on a platform. He did not expect that he had no intention of gaining a lot of recognition from fellow fans. He also met people with common interests and preferences from all over the world. He also benefited from first-hand watch information and various exchanges of opinions. ‘When you and people with the same enthusiasm can speak freely on a common platform, understand the similarities and differences between each other’s preferences for watches, and their special experiences on the way of playing watches, the strong sense of belonging is like finding a conscience. joy’. Of course, there are occasionally troublesome places in the complicated network world. ‘Maybe I am more particular about taking pictures. The watches I own may also be the most popular or classic styles on the market, so the stolen pictures are particularly serious and even used. ‘The commercial behavior of the second watch trade’, he smiled bitterly, ‘Only when it is a different kind of affirmation to me!’

With such a strong enthusiasm, there must be an opportunity to trigger him to embark on the road of playing watches. ZC Jun stated that he had a great interest in watches in his youth, but at that time, he stayed in electronic watches such as G-shock, which focused on modeling and trends, until he saw the 2013 Han by accident. Milton launched a Jazzmaster Face to Face watch with a peculiar shape that can be flipped on both sides, making him fall into this impenetrable and enjoyable ‘pit’. ‘Remember that the price of this watch was about $ 5,000 at the time, which was a sky-high price for me who was not in deep contact with the watch at that time, but since I looked into my eyes, it was a nightmare for me. After that, I began to search a lot And read the information about this watch, and one month later, I finally gritted my teeth and bought this watch. At that time, I just started working, and the deposit in my account was removed by 70%, ‘he said with a smile.

Once the road to play the watch has stepped out of the starting point, there is no way back, unless the six can be left clean. ZC Jun said that since then he has plunged himself into this world of micro-mechanical craftsmanship, all the way from Tag Heuer, Panerai, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe to RICHARD MILLE. I also did a lot of crazy things on this road. For example, flying around the world to find a popular style that is hard to find is commonplace. I am invited to watch fan clubs in other countries because it is very popular on IG. Attending parties, or being invited to participate in brand VIP events, etc., were unexpected gains and surprises that he did not expect at the beginning, and what made him most happy was to meet many people who are passionate about watches and become friends. ‘This is really a wonderful thing. People who are thousands of miles apart, because a small watch is like a friend who has known each other for a long time now, the magical connection is difficult to describe in words. ” He said with a smile.

I asked him, what is his standard for choosing watches? ‘There must be an uncontrollable burning feeling in my heart,’ he said. And this feeling I describe it as irritable (or … irritable!). ‘In addition, it is extremely important to absorb a lot of relevant information and market trends of the watch. Since you really like one thing, it is worth taking the time to understand, and the process is full of fun and gains, and you also have a better understanding of your Watch type preferences. Once I meet the goal I want to start with, the usual preparation can help me make a decision quickly. ‘ In addition, he believes that choosing a watch is to be able to represent himself, show his style and self-confidence. If you are too attached to the so-called value-added, value-preserving thinking direction, then you have lost the fun, because you have a genuine love Watches are always with you, and that satisfaction is hard to measure with money.

In the end, I asked him what his watch meant to him. The under-aged mixed-race handsome man used a very clever metaphor. He said, ‘When you see a heartbeat that speeds up your heart, your eyes cannot see from her. The woman who is removed from her body is love at first sight, and if it is a watch, it is true love. ‘
I believe that he will continue to bring us wonderful stories of him and more watches in the future. After all, who says true love can only have one? .