Guo Degang, Who Donated 2.8 Million Generously, In Fact, Buying A Watch Is Not Easy.

A few days ago, Guo Degang donated 2.8 million directly for charity. Although charity is good, there is no need to go higher and lower, but I still can’t help but sigh about Mr. Guo’s generosity. In recent years, Guo Degang has not only managed his own Deyun Club more and more well, he has been the host, guest, and various advertising endorsements of the show, and his popularity and wallet are rising. Therefore, not only is he very generous in charity, but Mr. Guo is not softhearted in treating his watch hobby. Although he did not include his hobby in his crosstalk, Cartier, Richard Mill, Famouran and other brands have already worn it on his left wrist in a low-key manner.

Guo Degang Dai Rolex Green Water Ghost

Guo Degang Dai Rolex Green Water Ghost

   How many watch lovers haven’t been to Rolex? Teacher Guo is very fond of Green Water Ghosts, and has worn it twice on the show recently. Guo Degang used to make a bald appearance on the show. When he took the photo, he also exposed the big gold watch on his hand, making netizens shout, ‘The taste of local tyrants is too heavy!’ (This may just be for the effect of the show)
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   Now it seems that the classic hard-to-find green water ghosts are more suitable for Guo Degang. Pride is still there, but it’s obviously not the style of ‘one night rich coal boss’.

Guo Degang wears Richard Mill watch

   Many people know that Guo Degang likes Cartier, but it is estimated that few people have seen him. This Richard Mille Guo Degang really seldom wore it out, and I only found one of the photos I ‘catched’. Its reputation as ‘Rich Admission Ticket’ presumably has been heard by Mr. Guo, because Mr. Guo usually loves to wear clothes such as Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana, which will show a little extravagance. Fancy Richard Mill is actually a matter of course.

Guo Degang Daifa Mulan (similar)

Guo Degang wears Famulan watch

   In addition to Richard Mill, the top watch, Guo Degang also has a Franck Muller diamond-shaped watch. The price of this brand’s diamond-studded models is almost above 200,000, let alone Mr. Guo’s case is full. But to be honest, I think Mr. Guo is really suitable to wear this watch. The diamond-studded model is more convergent than the Jin Chancan watch, but there is no shortage of feel in the money.

Guo Degang Dai Jijia Super Thin Master Series

   Not only do I like more luxurious watch brands, Guo Degang’s watches also have relatively elegant styles. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Ultra-Thin Master Series is one of them. He once wore this watch to travel when he participated in the reality show ‘Fantasia of Boys’. The simple dial is elegant and the tourbillon design at the six o’clock position of the dial gives the wearer a rich connotation. Of course, the price of 480,000 also shows Mr. Guo’s ‘billion dollars’ style.
As mentioned earlier, Guo Degang likes Cartier’s watches very much. Let’s take a look at which styles he has in his pocket.

Guo Degang Di Cartier Blue Balloon Series

Guo Degang Di Cartier Blue Balloon Series

Guo Degang Di Cartier Blue Balloon Series

Guo Degang Di Cartier Blue Balloon Series

   Guo Degang’s Cartier watch looks more than other brands’ watches. He had two of Cartier’s blue balloon series that he had been mirrored. These are also models with a dial diameter of 40 mm or more, one with a leather strap and one with a rose gold bracelet. Anyway, after looking at the photo of Dai Daijin just now, I think Mr. Guo wears other watches quite well.

Guo Degang Di Cartier Tank Series (similar models)

Guo Degang Di Cartier Watch

   Guo Degang also loved Cartier’s square watches, such as tanks and Santos series. Many people inevitably have the idea of ​​’local tyrants’ when they see Mr. Guo wearing a watch. In fact, when I look at it this way, my view of him slowly changes. In fact, the watch is an essential accessory for some men, and it is also true for him. And looking at his many watches, I feel that the taste of Mr. Guo’s watch selection is not as exaggerated as it is imagined. Do you agree?