Elegance Is A Flying Wing Hourglass On Longines, And Also A Small Flower On Zhao Liying’s Back

In the entertainment circle of beauties like clouds, Zhao Liying is a unique existence. Compared with the net red face with awl face and sharp chin, Zhao Liying’s small round face may only be called cute. But also with this highly recognizable face with baby fat, Zhao Liying became a well-deserved ‘Flower Flower’. Sometimes the trend is not necessarily right, what is different may be more outstanding.

Zhao Liying’s ‘Do you know if you know it should be green fat red skinny’ stills

   2018 will be a bumper year for Zhao Liying, and in this year she has released a number of plays. In addition to ‘The Journey to the West’, which has already been released on New Year’s Day, two dramas, ‘You and My Time’ and ‘Do you know if it should be green fat, red and thin?’ ‘Love in Deep Rain’ has entered the stage of investment promotion, and several dramas such as ‘Legend of the Bright Moon’ and ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ are rumored to be aired in 2018. In 2018, it was probably screened by Zhao Liying.

   Zhao Liying, who is affectionately called ‘Yingbao’ by fans, has the nickname ‘Desperate Mother’ in the entertainment industry. She plays one after another and spends most of the year in the crew. Unlike some small flowers, after becoming famous with several works with traffic, participating in some reality shows can always maintain high popularity. Zhao Liying is a special girl. In addition to publicity photos of new dramas or advertisements on Weibo, she rarely takes selfies. As a ‘traffic floret’,

   Her acting skills are also quite online, which has been recognized by thousands of fans. In a way, Zhao Liying is also a guarantee of ratings.

  I’m not a person who likes to chase stars, and I don’t pay special attention to the Weibo of a certain star. It seems that Zhao Liying is the first star I follow. I flipped her Weibo and was a little disappointed. People’s idols have all kinds of selfies and all kinds of beautiful photos. Zhao Liying’s Weibo only has advertisements and endorsements. No wonder everyone is said to live in someone’s Weibo forever. However, I like this Yingbao very much. It is really not artificial. The thin and thin body contains infinite power. In 2016, Zhao Liying created a record of hundreds of billions of webcasts of her work; in 2017, Zhao Liying ascended to Forbes and ranked fourth on the list of celebrities; in 2018, with the broadcast of multiple dramas, what will Zhao Liying create? What a miracle I will wait and see.

Zhao Liying’s promotional video for Tiffany

Zhao Liying’s promotional video for Chow Tai Fook

   In addition to bringing huge traffic, Zhao Liying’s business value has also been recognized. In September, he became the brand ambassador for Dior in China, and successively won the endorsements of Tiffany and Chow Tai Fook. Zhao Liying rose in the fashion circle with a sweeping trend. On the evening of November 16, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, celebrated its 185th anniversary. On the evening of the event, Longines also announced that Zhao Liying had become an elegant ambassador. Zhao Liying also showed everyone the other side of her. She can be not only a girl next door, but also an elegant princess and Gao Leng’s royal sister.

  I have always thought that when choosing a spokesperson for a brand, it must take into account the similarities between the two. So what are the similarities between Zhao Liying and Longines?

   Zhao Liying wears Longines watch
   As a global brand, Longines has always followed its inherent traditional values ​​since its inception, faithfully fulfilling its firm commitment to excellence in watchmaking in more than 130 countries. Elegance is the basic value of the brand. To this day, this is still the long-standing guideline for Longines’ global business. The elegance of Longines is reflected in the exquisite balance between exquisite elegance and classic design. The inspiration of each watch is closely related to the rich history of the Longines family, showing its unique elegance and scientific bold technical innovation.
 Zhao Liying wears Longines Pioneer series ladies watch

   Zhao Liying once fell from the scene while filming. Because he fell too heavily, there was a protruding bone on his back. Therefore, when wearing a backless dress, he stuck a small flower on the wound. Zhao Liying, who is not a science class student, has taken every step very hard. Now she is a proper front-line florist. She still maintains an affinity and indifferent attitude, which is also an elegance. Zhao Liying told us that an ordinary girl can counterattack. This is the power of idols. In the same way, Longines has always adhered to its own elegant principles in its more than 180 years of history. This craftsmanship is also a role model. In Zhao Liying and Longines, we see a spirit that does not forget the original heart, which is the best interpretation of elegance.