Declaration Of A Multi-faceted Life Between Square Inches. Zenith Defy Classic Classic Watch Launched A Limited Exclusive Gift Box

A contemporary gentleman should have a multifaceted charm. Between work and life, hard work and enjoyment, dignity and leisure, he can always switch easily. However, on either side, what he reveals is his decent personality.
   Zenith pays tribute to contemporary multi-faceted gentlemen. It has devoted a century and a half of watchmaking heritage and innovative innovations to the classic DEFY series of classic watches. For the contemporary Chinese gentlemen who are pursuing taste, there is a limited edition gift box with three different styles The straps provide fashion options for three different occasions in the daily life of contemporary gentlemen. The three materials of rubber, crocodile leather and titanium alloy allow the gentle charm of contemporary gentlemen to easily condense on the wrist. This gift box is only available in limited edition stores in China.

Zenith DEFY Classic Classic Hollow Watch Exclusive Gift Box
Equipped with three straps of rubber, crocodile leather and titanium alloy, only available in limited stores in Zenith China
Focus on the moment, show the elite style
   He has been practicing for a long time, and he has to fight against time in the workplace. No matter whether it is a plan or a generous talk, he always gives the impression that the watch movement is accurate, safe and reliable every minute .
   Embroidered on the wrists of contemporary gentlemen, it must also be a watch that highlights self-confidence and calmness. The DEFY CLASSIC classic watch exposed from the cuffs inadvertently has a blue alligator leather strap loosing between the wrists. His sophisticated colors complement his steadiness, and the delicate stitching is just as meticulous as his. Zenith’s DEFY CLASSIC classic watch with crocodile leather strap watch witnesses every second of the struggle of contemporary gentlemen in the workplace.

From left to right:
ZENITH DEFY CLASSIC classic skeleton watch, showing the elite style
ZENITH DEFY CLASSIC classic skeleton watch, black rubber lined with blue crocodile leather strap, 41 mm Price: RMB 47,200
In your spare time, show your attitude towards life
   Love hard work and love life. Ending his busy work and putting on casual clothes, he became a gentleman and enjoyed a moment of fun with two or three friends. Whether it’s chatting, laughing or toasting, even if the lights around him are dim, he is still dazzling.
   In such leisure time, you also need to match the DEFY CLASSIC classic watch with titanium alloy bracelet. Between the hands and feet, the integrated titanium alloy bracelet composed of soft links flashes a faint metallic luster between the gentleman’s wrists, which makes him show off a magnificent style that is different from the day.

From left to right:
ZENITH DEFY CLASSIC classic hollow watch, highlighting the attitude of life
ZENITH DEFY classic hollow watch, titanium strap, 41 mm Price: RMB 54,500
Sweating moment, close to vitality pulse
   Apart from hard work and leisure in the workplace, let vitality lighten life. In the morning, start a whole new day with exercise. Continue to run, let the pressure be thrown behind you; swing freely, each stroke is accurate; challenge the limit, let sweat become a medal. The steps of the sports gentleman are not to catch up, but to lead, and every step of the full sprint is moving to a new realm.
   Just like the DEFY CLASSIC classic watch that accompanies him at this time, with a single structure rubber strap and a titanium alloy dial, the refined elegance and sports vitality of contemporary gentlemen are gathered in the square inch wrist. Sweat and sweat every minute, light and soft materials bring comfortable wearing feeling, and the sturdy and durable characteristics have become the most reliable gentleman’s partner, allowing him to do his best without worries.

From left to right:
ZENITH DEFY classic hollow watch, close to the pulse of vitality
ZENITH DEFY Classic Classic Hollow Watch, Black Rubber Strap, 41mm Price: RMB 47,200
   Whether for business, leisure or sports, Zenith’s DEFY CLASSIC classic watch combines style and high-value performance. A futuristic, lightweight titanium alloy case, or an avant-garde star-shaped hollow dial, or a classic elegant blue closed dial, each exuding a unique charm; large fluorescent Barton-style hour and minute hands and a star mark The slim second hand is elegantly integrated with sporty style, with sharp contrast and unique style; more powerful Zenith self-produced movement powers the watch to ensure its accurate and reliable operation; three different material straps make it easy for contemporary gentlemen Freely change identities between minutes and seconds between different occasions in urban life. Zenith’s DEFY CLASSIC classic watch allows contemporary gentlemen to enjoy a multifaceted life calmly, showing multiple boundless charms.