Celebrity Brand New Watch Commemorating Sweet And Happy Moments

Collect happy moments
Life is a story about love, in which the eternal and precious moments of cohesion will be accompanied by someone to taste. Weddings, birthdays, birth of children, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, graduation ceremonies … These precious and rich emotional experiences, people always hope to retain precious memories forever, and always remember them when they are remembered. That’s what the gift really means. Every time of celebration, the Baume & Mercier watch can always become an eternal witness of a happy moment.
As a symbol of perfection in a fast-changing world, the famous models from the Swiss watchmaking family make all precious and affectionate moments spent with our loved ones permanent. 100,000 celebrity lovers from all over the world follow the spirit of the brand and actively and enthusiastically share their anecdote on the origin of the celebrity watch on the facebook. The celebrity watch has always been a precious gift they received in their special commemorative moment . Strongly aware of the warmth and passion it brings, Baume & Mercier is destined to become an affordable luxury. Baume & Mercier presents the brand concept of artistic life, so that people fully realize the value of sharing good times, which also perfectly fits the motto of Baume & Mercier: Life is about moments condenses precious moments.

Once there was a legend
Once there was a legend that a declaration of love was expressed in gentle writing or whispering softly. When Valentine’s Day came, people expressed their emotions and expressed love just like Westerners. But what is the origin of Chinese traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day? In the mythology, while the seven fairies were bathing, a kind young cowherd Niu Lang stole their clothes mischievously. The most beautiful weaver girl among the seven fairies bravely recovered her clothes, and that’s why she had to marry a cowboy. Fortunately, they loved each other, loved each other, and lived happily and happily, until the goddess of heaven found out that the mortal and the fairy were combined and became furious and forced them to separate. The goddess used her hair to draw the galaxy between heaven and earth, and since then they can only face each other across the river. However, once a year, all magpies in the world get together to set up a bridge for the Cowherd and Weaver Girl on the Milky Way, so only in the evening of the Qixi Festival, the lovers can meet again.

Capeland men’s watch 10005
Capeland & Linea, a watch commemorating precious moments
For those who believe that life is art, Baume & Mercier specially launched the Capeland series men’s watch 10005 and the Linea series women’s watch 10012 to give it to loved ones as if sharing their ideals of life.

Capeland men’s watch
Give him: Capeland series men’s watch 10005 With the curved glass mirror design and sharp curves reminiscent of the soft contours of pebbles, the short and elegant lug design makes the round case look more round and exquisite. This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, with a simple design of the digital engraving, the red hand of the second hand and the rangefinder scale tip design, the alligator strap with light stitching and a stylish and colorful dial. The watch’s exquisite and dynamic sports characteristics show a noble and elegant style with a relaxed and comfortable style.

Linea Women’s Watch 10012
Give her: Linea series women’s watch 10012 The smooth and soft lines, sexy and soft curves, and the bright luxury temperament perfectly interpret the ultimate charm of women.

Linea Women’s Watch
This watch features a mother-of-pearl dial with a diameter of 32 mm, a quartz chronograph movement with more practical functions, and three independent windows showing minutes, seconds and tenths of a second. The bracelet is made of stainless steel. Comes with a black calfskin strap, the wearer can choose the watch to suit the mood or style, with a low-key luxury and elegant and noble temperament.

Linea Women’s Watch
The Capeland series men’s watch 10005 highlights its unique and distinguished qualities, while the Linea series women’s watch 10012 perfectly adheres to the series’ highest respect for femininity. A pair of watches that perfectly interpret the essence of the brand. The beauty of elegance is only to appreciate it People share, celebrate happy moments in life with close loved ones, and leave deep and unforgettable precious memories.