Casio Watch Must-have Knowledge For Outdoor People

Casio watch knowledge, essential watch selection knowledge for outdoor people
For people who like skiing, mountain climbing, rowing, etc., who are willing to be exposed to dangerous outdoor sports, outdoor watches are the best choice for this group of people. In many ways, they have the incomparable advantages of other watches.
What is an outdoor watch
   Outdoor watches are one that people can wear in various sports and have the functions required for one or more professional sports. It can provide detailed data on the environment during your exercise, and it is of guiding significance for athletes. More precisely, outdoor watches are no longer just a watch, but more like a high-tech instrument.
Compared with ordinary watches, in addition to waterproof, shockproof, anti-impact, and anti-friction, outdoor watches also have four powerful functions: air pressure prediction, altitude, heart rate, and compass. In addition, other value-added functions may also have tide chart display, computer Operation, GPS and other emerging functions. The current popular outdoor watch materials are high-quality stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, rubber, carbon fiber, ceramic alloy, etc. The choice of different materials can highlight the user’s unique personality.
How to choose outdoor watches The first group of people: like skiing, mountaineering and other high-demand outdoor activities
   Best Choice: Professional Outdoor Watch
   For people who are keen on outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain climbing, adventure, etc., the requirements for outdoor watches will also be higher. Several common functions are far from their true needs, so choose to have a thermometer, barometer, altimeter , Timer, electronic backlight, alarm clock, data storage, automatic monthly calendar, world city time, solar power and other outdoor watches are necessary.
Best Recommendation: Casio Sport Series
   Features: Comfortable shape coupled with a lighter plastic strap, fully automatic electronic fluorescent lighting and easy-to-operate adjustment buttons provide convenience for professional outdoor experts. This outdoor watch is equipped with a triple sensor, solar battery, and the strongest waterproof function at 200 meters. It is a powerful outdoor sports watch. In addition to providing professional outdoor athletes with compass direction, altitude, pressure and temperature measurement functions, it is also equipped with moon data, tide chart and other functions, which is especially suitable for professional sports such as mountaineering and yacht racing.