Cartier’s Reprinted Jewelry Appears In ‘the Princess Of Monaco’

The world-renowned blockbuster ‘Prince of Monaco’ has premiered in China on June 20th. This film is directed by French genius director Olivier Dahan and is an internationally renowned movie star Nicole · The film starring Nicole Kidman tells the story of Grace Kelly’s splendid princess life, which has already received many expectations before it is released. The five pieces of jewelry that Cartier has engraved in the royal family of Monaco have become a highlight of the film. The audience will enjoy the rare treasures created by Cartier for the legendary princess Grace Kelly through the movie and experience the brand’s Extraordinary historical heritage and extreme craftsmanship aesthetics, as well as the inextricable connection between the fine brand and the royal family, as well as the inexhaustible relationship with the film art.

 In the movie ‘The Princess of Monaco’, Grace Kelly, as a loyal fan of Cartier, owns many Cartier rare jewelry works. Among them, an emerald-cut engagement diamond ring weighing 10.47 carats tailored for Grace Kelly not only accompanied her legendary life, but also accompanied her in the film’s ending film ‘High Society’, which witnessed her The last glory in film. At the century wedding with Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Princess Grace received many Cartierian jewelry gifts, including a ruby ​​and diamond inlaid in her official portrait of the royal family. Crown and a three-string diamond necklace.

Left: Cartier Engraved Princess Grace Engagement Ring Right: Cartier Engraved Princess Dog Pin

Left: Cartier engraved hen shape brooch Right: Cartier engraved three-string diamond necklace

Cartier reprinted ruby ​​and diamond crown, can be worn as a brooch

 In the film, Princess Grace, wearing a pink hat, was wearing Cartier’s custom jewelry. Standing in front of the boutique of 13 Heping Street in Paris, she announced to the media that she would give up her Hollywood acting career and devote herself to the family and the royal family. The obligation to push the film to a climax.

 In order to better restore the graceful and elegant image of Grace Kelly and the grace of the royal family, the director of the film, Oliver Daon, especially found Cartier, which has endless intersection with it, and engraved the collection for the film. Five classics from the Royal Collection of Monaco’s Royal Jewels, which recreate the classic image. In addition to the historical re-enactments worn by Nicole Kidman in the film, Spanish actress Paz Vega, who plays Maria Callas, is also exquisitely striking Cartier high jewelry necklace Elegant appearance. The main actors in the show, including Tim Roth as Prince Rainier III and Robert Lindsay as Aristotle Onassis, are also included in the film Wear Cartier watches and accessories.

Stills, Nicole Kidman, who plays Princess Grace, and Spanish actress Paz Vega, who plays Maria Callas, star in Cartier high jewelry