Breguet Recreates The Century-old Friendship With The Louvre

Breguet, the most prestigious watchmaker, will be the main sponsor of the restoration of the Louvre 14 Louis XVI to Louis XVI exhibition hall in Paris, and will celebrate with this world-renowned museum The refurbishment of these showrooms was grandly unveiled. On June 17, 2014, the Louvre will host an unprecedented private banquet, and Marc A. Hayek, Chairman and CEO of Breguet will also be present at the Louvre. Welcome from the world With nearly 300 VIPs from all over the place, the grand event will complement this historic and magnificent royal palace and gorgeous rhythm. At the celebration, Breguet also invited the winning young soprano singer Polina Pasztircsák at the 65th Geneva International Music Competition to bring an unparalleled music feast to the guests. Breguet has been sponsoring the Geneva International Music Competition since 2002.

 Louvre Museum, Paris, France

 The last phase of the Louvre renovation project, which began in the early 1980s, aims to rehabilitate all 18th-century art collections. Breguet’s multi-million-euro-funded repair project was successfully completed in 2014. The sponsorship project was initiated by Nicolas G. Hayek in 2009, and this year it was sponsored by his grandson, Mark Hayek. The testimony of Mr. Marc A. Hayek finally came to a successful conclusion.
 The 2,500-square-meter space in the Louvre Museum has never been open to the public for the past 10 years. Now that the area has been completely restored, the mystery will be revealed to the public. Relevant exhibition promotional materials in this exhibition area have also been thoroughly revised. All the collections have been rearranged and subtly integrated into this unique and magnificent building, so that visitors can appreciate these exhibits more clearly. As a result, these historical heritages are profound, and the masterpieces of art that represent Europe’s rich cultural heritage can bloom to their true charm.

 The Louvre Museum is renovated and will soon be reopened in the exhibition halls of Louis XIV to Louis XVI

 Studios built in the 1750s were perfectly restored

 Through this sponsorship, Breguet not only continued the brand tradition of supporting European cultural heritage, but also further strengthened the historical friendship between the brand and the Louvre. As early as the second French Industrial Fair in 1802, some masterpieces of Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet were invited to exhibit in the Louvre. A few years later, Vivant Denon, the first ‘sponsor’ and first curator of the Louvre, purchased a Breguet minute repeater and a Breguet ceramic clock in 1810 and 1811, respectively. The Louvre’s 18th-century art collection includes a collection of timepieces, including exquisite Breguet masterpieces, partly donated by the widow of the Lyon businessman Claudius Côte in 1961. Today, the relationship between Breguet and the Louvre is even closer, thanks in particular to the initiative of the then President and curator of the Louvre, Henri Loyrette, in Louvre in 2009. A thematic watch exhibition entitled ‘Breguet at the Louvre. An Apogee of European Watchmaking’ was held in the palace. Today, Breguet is very proud to work with the Louvre again to celebrate the refurbishment of the 18th-century art gallery in the Louvre, and to present the refurbished countless precious collections to the world.