Dazzling Fabulous Review Of The Jaeger-lecoultre Dating Tourbillon Watch

Designed specifically for women who love luxury and precision watchmaking, the 39mm diameter tourbillon watch is the perfect crystallization of a long watchmaking tradition and superb craftsmanship. This timepiece is equipped with an automatic movement and is equipped with one of the most prestigious and fascinating horological complications: the tourbillon. Jaeger-LeCoultre ingeniously combines precision watchmaking with aesthetic design. Through the gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl inlaid decoration of this jewellery, you can see the swirling movement, which moves continuously every minute. Today, the Watch House brings to you the Jaeger-LeCoultre date series tourbillon watch, the official model number: 3413430.

   Jaeger-LeCoultre uses this unique work to promote the design concept of pursuing the ultimate detail and the art of diamond inlay, so that the diamond blooms into the heart.

   This watch has a case diameter of 39 mm, and the case is made of 18K white gold. The diamond inlaid with unique methods makes this watch dazzling and dazzling.

   This watch uses a sapphire crystal glass, which has a clear light transmission, which sets off the fire of delicate diamonds.

   The crown with a triangular pit design is made of 18K white gold, and the side of the crown is also inlaid with several delicate diamonds. It rotates comfortably and makes the winding a luxurious experience.

   The thickness of this watch is 12.4 millimeters. The thickness of the case is subtly modified by a beautifully inlaid diamond band on the side of the case. In addition, the watch as a whole looks moderate in thickness and exquisite.

   The shape of the lugs is concise, and the diamond decoration not only makes the inconspicuous lugs dazzling, but also the 18K white gold looks more delicate and elegant.

   This watch is equipped with a light purple alligator leather strap and an 18K white gold double folding buckle. The strap is exquisite leather, comfortable to wear, and the natural crocodile leather pattern shows a noble taste.

   Two elegant 18K white gold sword-shaped hands, paired with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s signature floral Arabic numeral hour markers, outline the charm of time in an elegant manner.

   The diamonds on the dial are alternately set with baguette-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut round diamonds. While presenting a new look, the traditional style is retained. The original gem setting technology makes the beautiful diamonds shine brilliantly.

   The tourbillon at 6 o’clock on the dial contains a small arrow-shaped triangle second hand. The hollow tourbillon design has a perfect combination of long-standing traditional watchmaking technology and exquisite jewellery inlay technology, showing a timeless beauty.

   A sapphire crystal is embedded in the case back. The exquisitely crafted movement is visible at a glance. This watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 978 automatic mechanical movement, which consists of 302 parts, including 33 One jewel bearing, the movement frequency is 28800 times / hour, which can provide a power reserve of about 48 hours.

Summary: Jaeger-LeCoultre selects and arranges gemstones with its increasingly sophisticated technology. Not only does it not require any support, the excess material between gemstones also disappears. Alternately set with baguette-cut diamonds and round diamonds, the new look is preserved while retaining the traditional style. The original gem setting technology is carefully arranged according to the natural properties of the gem, so that the diamonds with good color can shine brilliantly. The light of the gem has never been so dazzling and dazzling. The incomparable dial and the iconic model that highlights the beauty of women are a perfect match.

Athens Watch Limited Edition Gold Watch ‘adventure’

‘The Santa Maria’ is the most heroic sailing merchant ship of the navigator Christopher Columbus. The crew called her ‘Brave Maria’. The ‘Santa Maria’ was magnificent and daring to take risks. It was Columbus’s flagship when it first sailed in 1492. Relative to the other two ships of the fleet, La Ni 愀 and La Pinta, Santa Maria is known for its fearlessness and the most important in history. One of the ships.
Classic ‘Santa Maria’ Gold limited edition watch

Combining extraordinary craftsmanship and unparalleled precision, the Athens Classico ‘Santa Maria’ gilt limited edition watch is based on this noble ship and its adventure story. Using traditional and precious filigree enamel craftsmanship, combined with detailed enamel art, this is a tribute to the courage and fearlessness of the ‘Santa Maria’. The Athenian craftsmen used vivid colors to carefully craft every detail according to strict specifications. Against the deep blue sky, the ‘Santa Maria’ erected masts and sails, and the flag on the top of the mast fluttered in the wind. .

Classico ‘Santa Maria’ 限量 Gold limited edition watch is as fearless as its name. The watch needs to be carefully crafted. The entire production process takes more than 50 hours and 26 processes to complete a dial manually. Each dial is made by an experienced enamel master using a detailed enamel painting technique to accurately produce a unique artwork. The production process is one of the most complex artistic trainings, combining sophisticated skills with a stable pair of skilled hands. Athenaeum revivals this once-lost decorative art, only a few artists can master the tricks.
The entire production process takes more than 50 hours and 26 processes before a dial can be completed manually.

Classico ‘Santa Maria’ 限量 Gold limited edition watch has a stunning appearance, of course, it also needs to be equipped with a precise movement. Equipped with UN-815 self-winding movement, COSC certified by Swiss official observatory, power reserve of 42 hours.

Classico ‘Santa Maria’ 限量 Gold limited edition watch is as original and exquisite as other watches in the Athens enamel painting series. Available in 18K white or rose gold, each limited edition is limited to 30 pieces.

圣 ‘Santa Maria’ crossed the Atlantic Ocean, proudly witnessed ocean adventures, and wrote an important page of world history. The Athens Classico ‘Santa Maria’ gilt limited edition watch also contributed to the exquisite enamel craftsmanship.

This ‘banana’ Is Very Hot. Tissot Prince’s Classic New Four Styles From 2950 Yuan

This year, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot launched a unique prince classic centennial watch to commemorate the Tissot ‘Banana’ watch launched in 1916. Its name comes from the curved case designed to fit the curvature of the wrist. The design of this watch is very rare nowadays, so it has attracted much attention since its launch at the beginning of the year. When we visited the Tissot Store in Beijing’s Oriental Plaza, we came across this unique and classic watch and learned that it was just launched. Let’s enjoy it together: (watch model: T117.509.36.022.00)

   In 1916, a watch of the brand was sold to Russia, and returned to Tissot for repair in August 1917 a year later. However, due to restrictions on the import of gold watches and the outbreak of the October Revolution, Tissot was unable to return the repaired watches. The inspiration for the Tissot HERITAGE centennial watch is inspired by this ancient story, designed to commemorate a regrettable trip that happened 100 years ago.

   The square case of this commemorative watch is made of 316L stainless steel PVD coating, which is delicate and luxurious, which is impressive. The curved case can fit the wrist more perfectly, showing a soft outline, reflecting the innovative art nouveau style. The crown is engraved with the Tissot brand logo pattern, and the surrounding is finely textured, which not only facilitates debugging, but also represents common elegance and full of ornamentality.

   The golden rectangular dial and black digital hour markers of various sizes present a strong sense of the times and have a unique connotation. At 12 o’clock, the nostalgic and classic logo of Tissot is contrasted with the two central blue needles to restore the original classic shape again.

   Dense bottom technology, the bottom cover is made of the same material as the case. After careful treatment by the brand, it can fit the wrist of the wearer more perfectly, and the texture is more comfortable. Equipped with a quartz movement to ensure the accurate movement of the watch.

   The smooth vintage dark brown crocodile leather strap has a delicate and silky touch, adding a touch of maturity and retro charm to the wrist.

   With a butterfly buckle, it is very convenient to wear the watch.

Summary: It is worth mentioning that this watch has a variety of styles to choose from, the case has not only gold models, rose gold models and steel models to choose from (including gold-plated models for 3700 yuan, steel models for 2950 yuan ). The strap is also matched with a black strap and a dark brown leather strap to meet the different needs of customers. This watch is the brand’s hot watch this year. Compared with the previous precious metal model, the price is very close. If you like it, you may wish to enter the brand store for details.
More details:
   This quotation was collected on November 8, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
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