The Chopard Happy Fish Watch Dives Into The Magnificent Deep Sea

Chopard leads us to dive into the magical deep-sea world. Happy Fish presents a beautiful sea ballet, revealing the most magnificent treasures of the ocean.
   With diamonds transforming into the sea and sky, Chopard uses ingenious arts and crafts to show the unparalleled beauty of the ocean. Lively, fun and full of joy, the glory is shining and lingering. The never-ending dance steps of Happy Fish lead us to experience the embrace of the ocean and feel the scent of splashing waves. The work exudes an unprecedented rich poetic flavor, showing the joy of bliss surging in the colorful exotic land. Sapphire is set into clear water, and mother-of-pearl is dotted with gentle waves: the exquisite craftsmanship of the master Chopin craftsman is a poetic journey in itself.
   The Happy Sport collection is constantly reinventing and presenting an unparalleled elegance. It was designed by Caroline Scheufele in 1993. It subverts the watchmaking tradition and uses an unprecedented combination of materials: stainless steel and diamond. The Happy Fish watch launched in 2002 with a gentle sea breeze is a masterpiece in the development of the Happy Sport series. The modern lines and materials perfectly fit the happy spirit of Happy Fish. Inlaid fetters, freely swirling between two layers of sapphire crystal.
A mother-of-pearl and dazzling swirling diamonds perform a sea of ​​ballet
   Today, the exquisite and exquisite Happy Fish is newly added with grace and elegance. The dial is made of turquoise mother-of-pearl, with a slight turquoise color. In the center of the dial, a delicate fish appears spontaneously. It is low-key and secret during the day, and gradually glows and reveals its shape at night. Five swirling diamonds-blooming in the dark for the first time-dance with a rose gold fish in the extremely precious underwater world, and the turquoise crocodile leather strap contrasts with the dial. The undersea world is equipped with an automatic movement, and the case is made of steel and rose gold.
Technical specifications

• Stainless steel and 18K rose gold
• Total diameter: 36.00 mm
• Thickness: 12.08 mm
• Water resistance: 30 meters
• 18K rose gold crown set with a topaz 6.00mm
• Polished rose gold bezel
• Anti-glare sapphire crystal
• Open case back
• Automatic mechanical movement
• Diameter: 26.20 mm
• Thickness: 3.60 mm
• Number of gems: 25
• Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
• Power reserve: 42 hours
Dial and hands:
• Turquoise fluorescent (SLN) mother-of-pearl dial with tonal marine fish
• 5 fluorescent (SLN) rotating diamonds, one 18K rose gold rotating fish
• Gold-plated hour, minute and second hands
Function and display:
• Central hours, minutes and seconds display
Strap and buckle:
• Turquoise blue alligator strap
• Stainless steel pin buckle
Model: 278578-6001
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Golden Blurred Luxury Legend Tissot Legend Chronograph

The Tissot Legend series is made of gorgeous gold materials, and the luxurious watchmaking technology shows the world’s leading position in the field of 18K gold watch manufacturing. Today, the birth of the Tissot legendary chronograph further perfects the series. The perfect fusion of technical craftsmanship and classic aesthetics makes it a timeless and durable watch. The overall lines are pure and neat, the surface is neat and elegant, without any unnecessary decoration, the elegant date display at 4 o’clock and the contemporary simple-style bar-shaped hands are the perfect setting for this antique watch.

 For the first time, Tissot has launched a special version for the legendary chronograph-the gold on the dial is changed to a sharp gunmetal color. The dark and dark colors and delicate contours make the dial more profound. The collection has a purely minimalist design throughout, such as an all-black dial plated rose gold case with leather strap, a silver dial rose gold case with brown leather strap, and a silver dial gold case with black leather. Watchmaking straps-all styles evoke the classic days of the past, keeping time in gold.

 Technical Parameters:
• Made in Switzerland
• Quartz movement
• 18K yellow or rose gold case
• Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
• Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 3 bar
• Leather strap with push-button butterfly clasp
• Table diameter: 40mm

Rolex Exclusive Store First Landed In Weifang

As a top watch brand, for more than a century, Rolex has been an outstanding symbol of performance and honor. Rolex is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has 28 branches worldwide. Through more than 4,000 watchmakers in more than 100 countries, Rolex continues its long history of achievement and innovation. On the morning of September 6, the top watch brand Rolex made a strong landing in Weifang. After all-round inspection, Century Taihua finally chose to settle in Weifang, which is the first of Weifang’s second-tier cities in Shandong Province. The price of Rolex watches in Weifang ranges from more than 30,000 to more than 300,000. Diverse styles. Rolex’s strong landing in Weifang fully illustrates the speed of Weifang’s economic development and the acceleration of urbanization.

What About Bell & Ross Watches? How About Bell & Ross?

About Bell & Ross
   Bell & Ross is made in Switzerland, of course, almost exclusively Swiss, Carlos Rosillo explained, ‘The only exception is the strap, which is made in Belgium.’ Strictly speaking, the brand’s start is not difficult. At the beginning, our two partners each invested 20,000 euros. Bruno Belamich, a veteran of Japanese watch magazines, read an article in one of the magazines about a famous watchmaker named Helmut Sinn who lives in Frankfurt, Germany. After a meeting, cooperation began. Sinn designed the first collection, using Valjoux and Lemania 5100 Swiss movements.
   The first series and the first catalog were created. Meanwhile, Bell
& Ross, the two young owners, turned to another famous expert, Lothar Schmidt, then the production director of IWC. Later, in 1995, their watches made their first appearance at the Basel International Watch Fair. The scene at the time was a bit unacceptable, but today it makes me feel very happy. Rosillo and Belamich put their watch in a Twingo car that was used as a booth. The car is very close. Because of this, buyers, including some prestigious people, cannot miss this young team. Bell
& Ross was a huge success.
   In 1997, Rosillo, who was eager to start a business but was short of funds, signed a financial agreement. Chanel became a significant shareholder of the company, although it held a minority share, to enable it to operate normally. The manufacturing facility is located in Chatelain, Switzerland, while the factory is located in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.
   Although confidential in its turnover and productivity, Bell
& Ross seems to be doing well. The brand is available at 450 merchants worldwide and aspires to be ‘a little Rolex.’ The two young people in their early 40s are currently ambitious.
   Bell & Ross timepieces embody the brand’s passion and persistence, and strive to provide professional users with the clearest, most legible and reliable wristwatch partners.
   Bell & Ross guarantees that each timepiece strictly adheres to the four principles of clear display, excellent functions, accurate standards and stable performance:
   1. Clear display: The dial design is based on the principle of clear and easy reading.
   2. Outstanding features: each timepiece has specific useful features
   3. Accuracy: Each watch is the result of strict Swiss watchmaking technology to ensure accurate function.
   4. Stable performance: The quality of Bell & Ross watches is comparable to that of professional military timepieces. Its performance is consistent in the most severe environments such as sea, air and air.
How about Bell & Ross watches
   Bell & Ross watches are inspired by the instruments of aircraft, which shows that Bell & Ross watches are sensitive and accurate. The reason why Bell & Ross watches are practical is that they give up the gorgeous design of the appearance, focus on its functions, and demand very strict and strict in every aspect of its performance. Bell & Ross has no gorgeous design around the dial, just to ensure that its time is clearly visible, and the numbers are clear and easy to read. This is one of the characteristics of Bell & Ross watch profession. Moreover, each series of Bell & Ross watches has its own different features and different functions inside. Every Bell & Ross watch is guaranteed value for money and has at least one useful feature. Bell & Ross watches use Swiss professional crystallization technology, which is absolutely guaranteed in accuracy. The most critical thing is to ensure that the time can be accurate anywhere in the sea, land and air, as well as some relatively harsh environments. This is also proof that Bell & Ross watches do not pay attention to gorgeous appearance and do everything in their power to ensure quality.
   It is precisely because Bellace watches are so precise and powerful that they are now widely used in aviation and the military.
   For those ‘old-qualified’ Swiss watch brands with a long history and vicissitudes of life, Bell & Ross can be regarded as a ‘new’. What is very disproportionate to Bellex’s ‘low qualifications’ status is that almost every new publication of Bellex will be a blockbuster!
   Perhaps because of its youth, vigor, active thinking and innovation, Bell & Ross has chosen an entrepreneurial path that is different from the others. The works developed and designed by Bell & Ross are all professional watches with extremely high technical requirements and are specially designed for aerospace, flight, diving, adventure and even demolition. It is no exaggeration that although not long ago, Bell & Ross has become the leading top player in the field of professional watch manufacturing.
   What could be more convincing than the facts? Amazing diving watch masterpiece Hydro11000 can dive to the deepest ocean floor; Tyre Demineur is the first watch with a professional demolition purpose … so many, many to count.
   Belle’s watches, beloved by pilots, divers, soldiers, bomb disposal experts and astronauts, are the heart of those who seek high-quality and trendy people.
Bell & Ross Watches Recommended

   Series: VINTAGE
   Style: Hour-Jump, Automatic, 42 mm, Men
   Material: pink gold
   Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
   Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
   Water resistance: 100 meters

Bell & Ross BR 01-92 AIRBORNE BR 01 AIRBORNE

   Number: BR 01 AIRBORNE
   Series: AVIATION
   Style: Automatic, 46 mm
   Material: stainless steel
   Euro: € 3,900
   Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
   Strap material: leather
   Buckle type: pin buckle
   Buckle material: stainless steel
   Water resistance: 100 meters
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Bell & Ross Price
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Panarai Launches Panerai Catalogue 2014 Mobile App And Luminor 8 Days-8 Day Power Reserve Watch Website

Panerai launched two new media to strengthen brand communication in the digital field. The two media include the new Panerai Catalogue 2014 mobile app, and a website that introduces the Luminor 8 Days-Power Reserve Watch Series in-depth.

  The new Panerai watch catalogue, ‘The Panerai Watch Catalogue 2014’ contains a large number of pictures, videos, technical data and historical details. The program is available for iPad, iPhone or Android. The first two are now available for free download in the Apple Store. The Android version will also be available on Google Play.

  The Panerai Watch Catalogue 2014 categorizes all models based on four Panerai cases: including the Radiomir, which Panerai first developed for the Italian naval commandos in 1936; the former is based on the design The simple and elegant Radiomir 1940; the Luminor 1950 equipped with one of the most iconic details of the brand-the crown bridge protection device; and the Luminor that perfectly blends Panerai’s classic design with contemporary style. The program is well illustrated, in addition to the detailed technical information of each watch, there are pictures that can be displayed on the full screen.

  The Panerai Watch Catalog 2014 mobile app has a special section to introduce Panerai’s home-made movement series developed at the watchmaking factory in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Various Panerai-made movements are classified according to their complex functions, with picture introductions, video films and detailed information, explaining the technical characteristics. Users can also view models equipped with relevant movements in real time.
  Users can also use the special “Chronograph” media of the new version to enjoy the operation of five Panerai chronograph watches through real-time simulation dials, including the traditional Chrono Tradition and Chrono Flyback. ), Chrono Regatta, Chrono Monopulsante, and Chrono Rattrapante.


  Finally, the new version of the Panerai Catalogue 2014 mobile app brings interactive map capabilities to users, allowing them to view real-time data about 64 Panerai stores worldwide, including locations, design features, and special edition collections available at select designated stores Watch.
The program can be downloaded for free at:

  The website is specially designed for the Luminor 8 Days-8 day power reserve watch series. Its strikingly simple design and the eight-day power reserve technology equipped with the P.5000 movement reflect the Part of the glorious history of the brand. The design of the website is concise and meticulous, in the same vein as the Panerai style from Florence, and the content can be read in real time. The web page explaining history and technical details is exhaustive, detailing the origin of the Luminor case, the eight-day power reserve technology, the small seconds dial and the P.5000 movement. Each model of the Luminor 8 Days series in 2014 has detailed technical specifications and pictures.

   The Luminor 8 Days-8 Day Power Reserve Watch website is available in nine languages ​​and data from individual Panerai stores. Users can visit the official Panerai website or directly at www.luminor8days. com Enter the theme website.
  Founded in Florence in 1860, Panerai was originally a watch factory, shop and watchmaking school. For many years, it has supplied the Italian Navy with precise instruments and designed products specifically for the needs of the submarine diving regiment. Projects developed at the time-including Luminor and Radiomir watches-were protected by military secrets for many years, and they were not launched on the international market until the brand was acquired by Richemont in 1997. Today, Panerai Watch Factory is located in Neuchâtel to produce original homemade watches and movements, combining Italian design and history and Swiss special production technology. Panerai watches are available at authorized dealers and Panerai stores around the world.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Series 3-day Mobility Reserve Pam00663 Watch Tasting

Panerai has updated its key series Luminor at this Geneva International High-level Watches Salon. In addition to the PAM00628 / PAM00658 with three days of reserve and two locations, there are next steps to introduce This APM00663 is classic and full of charm. These watches are born for the loyal fans of Panerai. This watch is limited to 1000 pieces.

 The original design of the PAM00663 watch, the Egiziano Piccolo watch, produced only about 30 to 40 pieces, with very little production, making it one of the most sought-after antique Panerai watches. The new limited edition watch is equipped with the classic Luminor 1950 case. It also uses a brown dial with a signature crown guard. The case is cast in AISI 316L polished steel and uses a classic 47 mm diameter. The sharp edges of the edges are reminiscent of the contours of the first Radiomir watch.

 The watch is equipped with a brown dial, exuding a unique style. The hue is inspired by the fading effect of the dial caused by luminous materials, showing the beauty of antique watches. In addition, to protect the dial and echo the tradition of using polymethyl methacrylate crystal for antique watches, the brand uses Plexiglas® resin glass instead of sapphire crystal glass for the surface. The hands also draw materials from antique watches of this period, and the ‘OP’ 镌 lettering between the lugs is exactly the same as the design of antique models.

 The watch is equipped with a P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement produced by Panerai. Adhering to the consistent precision and durability of the Panerai movement, the P.3000 is equipped with two barrels and a 3-day power reserve. The movement is protected by four matte splints, one of which is equipped with a double support to secure the balance, ensuring that the balance maintains a frequency of 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour). In addition, the timing mechanism of the P.3000 movement allows the hour hand to be moved independently in one-hour increments without affecting the minute hand movement.

 The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2016 SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie brought to you by watch house professionals. Next, we will present more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
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On The Quality Of A Reliable Girlfriend

As a watch media editor, if you ask me what boyfriend’s shoes are better, I may not be able to figure out a word for a long time; but if you ask me what boyfriend’s watch, then I will get Talk to you. but! I couldn’t help asking myself, as a qualified and reliable girlfriend! Shouldn’t I understand both! In this way, I can send a dei watch, with dei shoes, and love others ~ The ‘toe’ classmate flicked a collection of his shoes To this end, Little Hart carried out with friends who know shoes After some dialogue, he also gave him a lot of scientific knowledge about watches and clocks, and we completed a Link List together. Ta: Air Jordan (AJ) is the ‘big devil’ in the shoe ring. Even Jordan himself said that ‘AJ’s influence has surpassed me’. As long as you have a nice pair of A cones, no matter what your occupation, age, and occasion, you may even be the first ID card holder of the influx of shoes, and boys who like AJ often ask themselves, How many pairs of shoes are in the original price? These days, the most lively thing in the shoe ring is undoubtedly the pair of barbs AJ1. The so-called ‘hook down and lose everything’ shows that investing in a pair of AJs is just like choosing a good watch, there is room for value preservation and appreciation Xiao Ha: A good watch value is not worth it. Maintaining or maintaining value is a problem that is often considered when buying watches. The degree of value preservation of Audemars Piguet is not just the price fluctuations of watch sales. Its after-sales service and Persistence is the unbeatable resistance. Ta: Yeezy who knows shoes, these pair of shoes that can’t play ball have attracted a lot of attention in the sneaker market recently. In addition, Kanye West’s control of trend culture has also added Yeezy, a player with a sudden rise in force. Fashion sense. Today’s Yeezy Boost has become a shoe that can sit on the same level as the legend of the sneaker-Air Jordan. At the same time, the scarce volume and the take-off price make the ‘coconut’ no longer a single product that ordinary people can consume, more like It is a proof of identity. Xiao Ha: Coconut is simply the ‘Rolex’ on the surface! Ta who understands shoes: How do you say this? Xiaoha: Water ghosts, Gangdi, yacht masters are as difficult to buy as Yeezy350 and Yeezy500! (Scratching the head) Ta who knows shoes: Men’s shoes occasionally want to exaggerate? With a few rivets, embroidery, and copper buckle elements, you can put ‘multi-gold’ on your feet. Xiaoha: Speaking of hip-hop, super-run, full of hormonal trendsetters … These two brands are enough to bring your own gas field ~ understand the shoes of the Ta: GGBD ‘dirty dirty shoes’ is still very popular, although many people Can’t understand this fashion. This is a brand from Italy. The design of small dirty shoes is intended to break the tradition and show the fashion attitude and personality of the new era. Xiaoha: Panerai, also an Italian brand, regards large-sized watches and classic bridge design as the brand’s DNA, making it unforgettable even if you see it from a distance. Ta who knows shoes: Balenciaga’s old shoes are also called ‘Clunky Sneaker’, which literally translates to ‘stupid shoes’. The thick design of the back pad is exactly the style popular in the 90s, and it looks clunky like Dad’s favorite travel shoes. But the Balenciaga just made such a pair of shoes, and they are extremely comfortable to wear, one point for one price! Who wears who knows. Xiao Ha: The old fashion house has also begun a revival plan. Whether it is fashion or watches, they are proving to the world that comfort and taste can coexist. Just like the ‘little monster’ in Fendi’s family, its appearance is a revival of super subversive imagination. This highly recognizable little thing has become Fendi’s strong IP, and jumping on the wrist is also ‘eye-catching’ countless. Ta: understand the shoes: flowing water, iron Converse, Converse allows you to wear skillful, no matter high help, low help, classic joint name, there is always a suitable for you. Converse tells you that fashion is all vain, and only classics can last forever. No matter the change of fashion, I still love that pair of canvas shoes. Xiaoha: Ceramic watches have become a classic and important label for radar watches. As early as 2011, the radar watch was first developed into a one-piece case for the True Thinline series. This extremely complicated technology must be accurate to the nanometer. Today’s radar watches can already produce high-tech ceramic watches in various shapes and colors, with personality and versatility. Ta: who understands shoes: Vans seems to have been tied to youth culture for a long time. The most important things are skateboarding, BMX, and other extreme sports, as well as rock, hip-hop music, and even punk and tattoos. To the figure of Vans. Xiao Ha: In the watch, there is such a brand that also combines music, sports, trends, art and other multiculturalism with the attitude of young people’s life, which is G-shock. Ta who knows shoes: A brand that perfectly combines Japanese traditional craftsmanship with modern fashion. There are many good-looking shoes in the brand culture, but it can be said that the combination of retro and modern is so good, maybe Onitsuka Tiger has done it. Xiaoha: Tigers in shoes, lions in watches, Japanese culture seems to have a natural gene of ‘ingenuity’. Ta who knows shoes: China’s Li Ning, who has twice appeared in New York Fashion Week, gives Chinese and Chinese brands a long face on the international stage. Just like the representative slogan of the brand: ‘Everything is possible’, I also use the brand history of nearly 30 years to tell you: What is the meaning of Chinese pop culture. Xiaoha: Fiat, the light of domestic products, builds Chinese manufacturing, Chinese craftsmanship, and reappears the brilliant Chinese culture between square inches. Ta who knows shoes: ‘Big Yellow Boots’ seems to be a legendary existence. No matter it is facing rugged mountain roads or welcoming sudden bad weather, it seems to be out of the question, so people will be labelled as ‘not bad’ . Nowadays, it is a pair of street-style and fashionable shoes. Even if you only wear a plain T-shirt with washed jeans and rhubarb boots, you can magnify your entire Look infinitely. Xiao Ha: Seeing these shoes, Hamilton’s Khaki field watch is ready to come out. As American brands, they must be the perfect choice for outdoor adventure boys. Ta: Dr.Martens has a low profile, but in Britain, almost any man knows this classic brand. Their Martin boots are not afraid of old, and even older and more flavorful, the punk British style light attracts many extraordinary rebel groups and holds a place in the trend world. Xiaoha: In the world of watches, maverick Bell & Ross is one of the few brands that uses skull patterns as an important design element to display on watches. Nowadays, the skull seems to have become a popular aesthetic totem, symbolizing an unwillingly ordinary confidence and strength in the heart of hardcore punk men. Imagine that your male ticket holder wears the watch of your choice and the shoes you wear on your feet. He will definitely cherish this gift and think you are a pleasant person with a mind and a heart! Sisters, stocks for the elderly, stocks for the middle-aged, shoes for the young, and men all love ‍‍‍️ Tables Tables Tables ⌚️ Edit: Evelyn | Visual and Mapping: Serena, Evelyn, Jojo Pictures: From the brand ( Partially from the internet) Flow Hip Hop is a watch and jewelry culture guide for 8090 young people sponsored by watchmakers