Two-needle Watch ‘slow’ Charm

As a special variety in the watch industry, two-hand watches are easily regarded as ‘boring’ by watch lovers who have just come into contact with them. Without the movement of the second hand, the atmosphere of the entire dial of the two-hand watch becomes as boring as the time has stood still. It’s like a wooden man game we’ve all played. When we raise our hands and watch, the two needles stagnate for a moment, as if the lines are not moving. Then when they turn around and do other things, they run ‘in secret’ over time. After a while, they will be ‘stiff’ again …. Unless you set aside time to stare at the disk, you will not see the ‘small movements’ of the minute hand and hour hand jumping with time. This is in sharp contrast to the three-hand watch. Without the lively and dynamic dial, it certainly looks bland.

   A few days ago, due to a chance coincidence with the two-hand watch, when I wore this watch, I also had the same feeling as above. Only when I watched the watch next time did I realize that the watch would move. . Then, this interesting argument arises. Why can this two-hand timepiece featuring ‘slow’ exist in this time-oriented and efficient era?

Tracing the source, it is actually the pioneer of the three-pin design

World’s First Pocket Watch: Eggs of Nuremberg

   As an important object on clocks, hands are produced at the same time, but small clocks at the beginning are not as powerful as modern ones. Based on the technical limitations of the times, let alone the accuracy of the seconds, these small clocks can’t even reach the accuracy of the minute, so there is only one hand indicating the time on the entire clock. This timepiece is the famous ‘Egg’-the world’s first pocket watch known today. Later, after the change of time, the development of science and mathematics, the clock technology has been improved, the new escapement system has further improved the accuracy, the clock can finally display the minutes and seconds, and there is a design of two hands and even three hands This process took about a century to complete. The two-hand watch originally represented a leap-forward improvement in the precision of timepieces and demonstrated the scientific achievements of an era.

Sometimes, slowing down is also a beauty

   Compared with the three-hand watch, the charm of the two-hand watch is that the time being slowed down is pure and extremely concise. At the same time, it is also a manifestation of life philosophy. Sometimes, the tense nerves are often counterproductive, and the desire is not reached. Compared with the fast-paced life, we often need to slow down and taste the beauty of leisure. In the face of two-hand watches, our hearts are often calm, everything returns to the same, showing the beauty of ‘slow’. Face life with a low-key, modest, and calm attitude. Therefore, the charm of the two-hand watch can be experienced by people with a certain age and experience. This slowed down time is pure, extreme simplicity, and a gesture of life.

The appearance is simpler and better able to highlight the theme

   After ‘lost’ the second hand, the two-hand watch shows a more simple dial design. As an era of pursuing simplicity, people often regard it as a respected lifestyle. Those with simple quality are expensive and obvious. The more refined, the simpler, the more precious. At the same time, some highly technical watches will also use the two-hand design, because the watch appreciation of this type of watch is greater than the presentation of time, here, the second hand’s swing seems to become a kind of ‘obstruction’ to block vision, Some designers simply removed it from the dial surface, highlighting the craftsmanship design depicted on the clocks. The two-hand watch also provided ample room for the artistic creation of these clocks.

Two hands can effectively reduce the thickness of the timepiece, helping the clock design to be slimmer

   Just like the development trend of electronic equipment, the history of mechanical timepieces has also advanced from thick to thin, from complex to simple. In addition to the special ‘small three-pin’ and ‘eccentric disk’, most of them are designed with the coaxial display of the hands. Compared with the movement of the junior watch, the movement of the two-hand watch is easier to be slim. The three-pin coaxial movement, equipped with three different height trajectories of the hands, requires three gears of different sizes and different parallel spaces. Although in our eyes, the size and space of micromachines are small , But for itself it takes up a lot of space. Like the two-hand watch, the second hand is removed, and the movement of the movement and the indicator dial will have one less layer of structure, which can usually reduce the thickness by about 1 mm.

Informal, pragmatic, simple but not simple

   The loss of the second hand means that the smallest unit of time, the second, is missing, and the absolute accurate time indication cannot be achieved. Admittedly, this is the short board of the two-hand watch. However, if the wearer of a three-hand watch is compared to the fact that every second counts, then the person who wears the two-hand watch will be a time-conscious and informal person. Know well.

   Conversely, because of the loss of seconds, the accuracy of minutes is especially important. Therefore, the brand that makes two-hand watches, although occasionally does not use the seconds function, but its own requirements on accuracy have never given up. This gives the two-handed watch a unique life, which is the embodiment of a truly simple but not simple style.

Summary: The two-hand watch interprets life with its mature and refined style, and presents the different connotations of mechanical timepieces in a simple but not simple style. Although the ‘beat’ of the second hand was lost, the low-key, modest, and calm feeling spread from the inside to the outside of the wrist was exchanged. It is this kind of moving spirit that makes it a unique classic design in today’s watch industry. From this point of view, the two-hand watch is not only ‘boring’, but also full of charm, allowing people to taste its quiet beauty.

Breitling Launches Three New Colt Marine Series Watches

The appearance is tough, sturdy and reliable, which is the first impression of Breitling’s new Colt marine series watches. This time, the new Colt Marine series launched a total of three new watches, including a chronograph watch, a junior watch and a junior watch for ladies. All three watches are equipped with SuperQuartz TM movements.

Colt Chronograph II is water resistant to 300 meters. Its features are up to 1 / 10th of a second timing accuracy, a segmented timing function with a two-second tracking hand, and a fast-changing time zone system without affecting the timing accuracy. The watch has a diameter of 44 mm and a thick bezel, which highlights the power and momentum of the new marine chronograph. The case is alternately polished and satin-brushed, and the bezel is engraved with Breitling’s exclusive digital scale.

The Colt 44 Marine 44 watch is alternately polished and satin-brushed, highlighting the unique shape of the case and bezel. This sturdy watch has a screw-down crown and a thick, double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, which makes it water-resistant to 500 meters.

The Colt 33 Marine 33 is designed for women. The case diameter is 33 mm and is fully polished to contrast with the satin-brushed bezel. Optional diamond bezel. The dial is available in a variety of chic colors. The stainless steel case is water-resistant to 500 meters and is a unique watch for women.

Louis Vuitton Launches New Escale Time Zone Watch

[2015 Basel] Continuing the brand’s ‘travel’ tradition, at this year’s Basel watch fair, Louis Vuitton will launch a new Escale Time Zone watch, presenting a unique and colorful dial world. At Baselworld last year, the Escale Worldtime watch released by Louis Vuitton has attracted much attention because of its design without hands. At 12 o’clock on the dial, there are yellow arrows, combined with three concentric discs marked with 24 time zones and corresponding cities, you can easily read the synchronized world time.
   There is no doubt about the unique design of the dial, but the work behind the scenes of the colorful dial cannot be ignored. For such miniature painting works of art, just a photo or a video is not enough to fully interpret the master craftsmanship. Only by visiting the Louis Vuitton Watchmaking Workshop (completed in 2014) in Geneva can you truly appreciate the beauty. Each time zone represents a city (name abbreviation), the living symbols of each companion city, and every detail of hand-painted painting are meticulous. The drawing of a dial pattern requires more than 40 hours of hard work. This is also the platinum Escale The main reason for the scarcity of Worldtime watch production.
   At the Baselworld 2015, Louis Vuitton continued the tradition of the ‘travel’ theme, and the Escale Time Zone watch also presented a new look. Stainless steel case, improved movement, most of Louis Vuitton’s 460 stores around the world will display the new Escale Time Zone watch.

   The new Escale Time Zone watch is based on the traditional GMT function mode. Unlike the 2014 model, the 2015 model uses a dual concentric disc design, and the wearer can use the crown on the right to set the time zone time of a specific city. The two outer rings of the dial are decorated with 24 time zones corresponding to representative cities and colorful symbol logos, but unlike the 2014 model, which is painted separately, the 2015 dial pattern is printed as a whole.
   In the center of the 2015 dial, there is an hour and minute hand indicating the local time. The hour and minute hands are covered by a disc, which is decorated with black stripes and printed with the brand logo and watch name, which is consistent with the 2014 model. The LV 87 self-winding movement carried by the Escale Time Zone was created by the workshop of La Fabrique du Temps of Louis Vuitton. It is smaller and thinner than the LV 106 movement built in Escale Worldtime. The combination of parts is simpler. The power reserve is increased to 42 hours. The 39 mm case diameter has also been reduced by 1.5 mm compared to the latter.

   Despite many differences, Escale Worldtime and Escale Time Zone both have unique and distinctive identity signs that are easily recognizable symbolic symbols. Just as Louis Vuitton is pinned on modern fine watchmaking, the passion for traveling the world.

Elegance Is A Flying Wing Hourglass On Longines, And Also A Small Flower On Zhao Liying’s Back

In the entertainment circle of beauties like clouds, Zhao Liying is a unique existence. Compared with the net red face with awl face and sharp chin, Zhao Liying’s small round face may only be called cute. But also with this highly recognizable face with baby fat, Zhao Liying became a well-deserved ‘Flower Flower’. Sometimes the trend is not necessarily right, what is different may be more outstanding.

Zhao Liying’s ‘Do you know if you know it should be green fat red skinny’ stills

   2018 will be a bumper year for Zhao Liying, and in this year she has released a number of plays. In addition to ‘The Journey to the West’, which has already been released on New Year’s Day, two dramas, ‘You and My Time’ and ‘Do you know if it should be green fat, red and thin?’ ‘Love in Deep Rain’ has entered the stage of investment promotion, and several dramas such as ‘Legend of the Bright Moon’ and ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ are rumored to be aired in 2018. In 2018, it was probably screened by Zhao Liying.

   Zhao Liying, who is affectionately called ‘Yingbao’ by fans, has the nickname ‘Desperate Mother’ in the entertainment industry. She plays one after another and spends most of the year in the crew. Unlike some small flowers, after becoming famous with several works with traffic, participating in some reality shows can always maintain high popularity. Zhao Liying is a special girl. In addition to publicity photos of new dramas or advertisements on Weibo, she rarely takes selfies. As a ‘traffic floret’,

   Her acting skills are also quite online, which has been recognized by thousands of fans. In a way, Zhao Liying is also a guarantee of ratings.

  I’m not a person who likes to chase stars, and I don’t pay special attention to the Weibo of a certain star. It seems that Zhao Liying is the first star I follow. I flipped her Weibo and was a little disappointed. People’s idols have all kinds of selfies and all kinds of beautiful photos. Zhao Liying’s Weibo only has advertisements and endorsements. No wonder everyone is said to live in someone’s Weibo forever. However, I like this Yingbao very much. It is really not artificial. The thin and thin body contains infinite power. In 2016, Zhao Liying created a record of hundreds of billions of webcasts of her work; in 2017, Zhao Liying ascended to Forbes and ranked fourth on the list of celebrities; in 2018, with the broadcast of multiple dramas, what will Zhao Liying create? What a miracle I will wait and see.

Zhao Liying’s promotional video for Tiffany

Zhao Liying’s promotional video for Chow Tai Fook

   In addition to bringing huge traffic, Zhao Liying’s business value has also been recognized. In September, he became the brand ambassador for Dior in China, and successively won the endorsements of Tiffany and Chow Tai Fook. Zhao Liying rose in the fashion circle with a sweeping trend. On the evening of November 16, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, celebrated its 185th anniversary. On the evening of the event, Longines also announced that Zhao Liying had become an elegant ambassador. Zhao Liying also showed everyone the other side of her. She can be not only a girl next door, but also an elegant princess and Gao Leng’s royal sister.

  I have always thought that when choosing a spokesperson for a brand, it must take into account the similarities between the two. So what are the similarities between Zhao Liying and Longines?

   Zhao Liying wears Longines watch
   As a global brand, Longines has always followed its inherent traditional values ​​since its inception, faithfully fulfilling its firm commitment to excellence in watchmaking in more than 130 countries. Elegance is the basic value of the brand. To this day, this is still the long-standing guideline for Longines’ global business. The elegance of Longines is reflected in the exquisite balance between exquisite elegance and classic design. The inspiration of each watch is closely related to the rich history of the Longines family, showing its unique elegance and scientific bold technical innovation.
 Zhao Liying wears Longines Pioneer series ladies watch

   Zhao Liying once fell from the scene while filming. Because he fell too heavily, there was a protruding bone on his back. Therefore, when wearing a backless dress, he stuck a small flower on the wound. Zhao Liying, who is not a science class student, has taken every step very hard. Now she is a proper front-line florist. She still maintains an affinity and indifferent attitude, which is also an elegance. Zhao Liying told us that an ordinary girl can counterattack. This is the power of idols. In the same way, Longines has always adhered to its own elegant principles in its more than 180 years of history. This craftsmanship is also a role model. In Zhao Liying and Longines, we see a spirit that does not forget the original heart, which is the best interpretation of elegance.

Table Knight Roger Dubuis 2015 Excalibur Knights Of The Round Table

Roger Dubuis launched a rare masterpiece in 2013: Excalibur Knights of the Round
The Table Round Knights watch is inspired by the legend of King Arthur. Today, the brand new interpretation of the Knights of the Round Table is proud to debut in 2015, Roger
With this superb watch, Dubuis reproduces the invaluable value of this timeless legend.

   The new watch shows amazing miniature craftsmanship and precision. The 12 round table knights with sharp swords shape a perfect circle to replace the traditional time scale.

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