Guo Degang, Who Donated 2.8 Million Generously, In Fact, Buying A Watch Is Not Easy.

A few days ago, Guo Degang donated 2.8 million directly for charity. Although charity is good, there is no need to go higher and lower, but I still can’t help but sigh about Mr. Guo’s generosity. In recent years, Guo Degang has not only managed his own Deyun Club more and more well, he has been the host, guest, and various advertising endorsements of the show, and his popularity and wallet are rising. Therefore, not only is he very generous in charity, but Mr. Guo is not softhearted in treating his watch hobby. Although he did not include his hobby in his crosstalk, Cartier, Richard Mill, Famouran and other brands have already worn it on his left wrist in a low-key manner.

Guo Degang Dai Rolex Green Water Ghost

Guo Degang Dai Rolex Green Water Ghost

   How many watch lovers haven’t been to Rolex? Teacher Guo is very fond of Green Water Ghosts, and has worn it twice on the show recently. Guo Degang used to make a bald appearance on the show. When he took the photo, he also exposed the big gold watch on his hand, making netizens shout, ‘The taste of local tyrants is too heavy!’ (This may just be for the effect of the show)
Figure ↓

   Now it seems that the classic hard-to-find green water ghosts are more suitable for Guo Degang. Pride is still there, but it’s obviously not the style of ‘one night rich coal boss’.

Guo Degang wears Richard Mill watch

   Many people know that Guo Degang likes Cartier, but it is estimated that few people have seen him. This Richard Mille Guo Degang really seldom wore it out, and I only found one of the photos I ‘catched’. Its reputation as ‘Rich Admission Ticket’ presumably has been heard by Mr. Guo, because Mr. Guo usually loves to wear clothes such as Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana, which will show a little extravagance. Fancy Richard Mill is actually a matter of course.

Guo Degang Daifa Mulan (similar)

Guo Degang wears Famulan watch

   In addition to Richard Mill, the top watch, Guo Degang also has a Franck Muller diamond-shaped watch. The price of this brand’s diamond-studded models is almost above 200,000, let alone Mr. Guo’s case is full. But to be honest, I think Mr. Guo is really suitable to wear this watch. The diamond-studded model is more convergent than the Jin Chancan watch, but there is no shortage of feel in the money.

Guo Degang Dai Jijia Super Thin Master Series

   Not only do I like more luxurious watch brands, Guo Degang’s watches also have relatively elegant styles. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Ultra-Thin Master Series is one of them. He once wore this watch to travel when he participated in the reality show ‘Fantasia of Boys’. The simple dial is elegant and the tourbillon design at the six o’clock position of the dial gives the wearer a rich connotation. Of course, the price of 480,000 also shows Mr. Guo’s ‘billion dollars’ style.
As mentioned earlier, Guo Degang likes Cartier’s watches very much. Let’s take a look at which styles he has in his pocket.

Guo Degang Di Cartier Blue Balloon Series

Guo Degang Di Cartier Blue Balloon Series

Guo Degang Di Cartier Blue Balloon Series

Guo Degang Di Cartier Blue Balloon Series

   Guo Degang’s Cartier watch looks more than other brands’ watches. He had two of Cartier’s blue balloon series that he had been mirrored. These are also models with a dial diameter of 40 mm or more, one with a leather strap and one with a rose gold bracelet. Anyway, after looking at the photo of Dai Daijin just now, I think Mr. Guo wears other watches quite well.

Guo Degang Di Cartier Tank Series (similar models)

Guo Degang Di Cartier Watch

   Guo Degang also loved Cartier’s square watches, such as tanks and Santos series. Many people inevitably have the idea of ​​’local tyrants’ when they see Mr. Guo wearing a watch. In fact, when I look at it this way, my view of him slowly changes. In fact, the watch is an essential accessory for some men, and it is also true for him. And looking at his many watches, I feel that the taste of Mr. Guo’s watch selection is not as exaggerated as it is imagined. Do you agree?

Jaquet Droz’s Unique Craft

In the age of Enlightenment, the time bird made by Jaquet Droz made the European court amazing. Today, the Jaquet Droz watch factory has carried forward this precious historical heritage with carefully preserved unique handicrafts, and launched three watches, which are new masterpieces of decorative arts.
  Antique gold is carved with embossed pictographs in simple geometric lines, which are derived from ancient traditions, and Jaquet Droz bestows this artistic masterpiece on Petite Heure Minute Relief watches. The eccentric hour and minute dials provide more creative space: a group of birds flutter on the black onyx dial. The contrasting colors are eye-catching, and the handmade relief patterns come to life.
  From pure naturalism to magical abstract patterns, from European palaces to contemporary metropolises, these unique models continue to tell the legend of Jaquet Droz, each limited to 8 pieces.
Petite Heure Minute Relief J005023571
White mother-of-pearl dial
18K Gold Bird
18K Red Gold Case
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
41 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 Petite Heure Minute Relief J005023570
Black Onyx Dial
18K Gold Bird
18K Red Gold Case
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
41 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces
Model: J005023570 / J005023571
Movement: Jaquet Droz 2653, automatic movement
Double barrel, 22K white gold gravity pendulum
Time scale: Off-centre hour and minute display
Number of jewels 28
Power reserve: 68 hours
Vibration frequency: 28,800 v. P. H
Case: 18K red gold
Diameter: 41 mm
Water resistance: 30 meters
Dial: White mother-of-pearl or black onyx 18K gold bird
Pointer: 18K red gold
Strap: brown or black satin strap
Buckle: 18K red gold
Market price: RMB 493,500

Cousin’ In Foreign Politics: Putin’s 11 Famous Watches Exposed

According to a report by the British ‘Daily Mail’ recently, for notable politicians and celebrities, watches can not only show status, but also show personality and taste … Such a passage recently spread on the Internet: Mona Lisa has been telling us a secret. When you want to laugh, be sure to cover your watch with your right hand. Netizens used a humorous way to ridicule ‘Smile Director’ wearing a watch at the scene of the accident.
In the past, men would borrow cars to show off their status and status, but cars were only parked in garages and could not be seen by everyone at any time. Watches undoubtedly replaced cars as men’s show-offs. Often, politicians care most about images. In Western society, politicians wear tabs even more taboo. But there are also political figures who ‘do the opposite.’
In fact, it is not uncommon in international politics to like to wear watches. Many national leaders have become the subject of attention. A recent living example is Russian President Putin-the Russian opposition even published a report listing One of the ‘guilts’ of Putin’s luxury life is to own 11 valuable watches.
Putin is a ‘watch control’
If the villas used for vacations and the planes used for travel are ‘welfare’ provided by the Russian government to the president, then the source of personal items such as watches is incredible. As early as June of this year, the Russian opposition produced a short film about Putin’s own watches and pointed out that their total value is six times that of Putin’s annual salary, ironic that they are illegal sources and evidence of government corruption. According to the short film, Putin has at least 11 world’s top watches, the most expensive of which is the US $ 500,000 German brand Lange’s crown gemstone watch.
Putin’s watch caused concern because of the story of ‘watches for civilians.’ In August 2009, he gave a Blancpain watch worth about $ 10,500 as a gift to a shepherd’s son while he was on the bank of the Hemchico River. A month later, while inspecting the arsenal, he gave his Blancpain watch to a worker who asked for a commemorative gift. Media reports said that since Putin put on the watch, the same series of watches sold in Moscow were snapped up overnight. The habit of wearing a watch on his right hand has also led a wave in Russian politics.
Spanish King Carlos loves ‘Hublot’
Spanish King Juan Carlos is passionate about sports. He is proficient in swimming, skiing, judo, and rowing. This free-spirited personality has contributed to his love of sports watches. At the age of 71, he loved Hublot for less than 30 years. He is often seen wearing a Big Bang Palma Royal Sailing Club watch. In addition to wearing a Hublot watch, he also assigned Hublot the official timing of the King’s Cup sailing race, and personally awarded a Hublot watch to the winners of various events.
‘Jin Cancan’ Sarkozy’s favorite ‘Dai Jinlao’
Like marrying former model Bruni, the life of former French President Sarkozy has always been high-profile and luxurious. Sarkozy also has a nickname ‘President Chan Chan Chan’ because he likes gold watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Ray-Ban sunglasses very much.
When Sarkozy was still president, the remarks of his close friends about watches had made him stand on the cusp. Advertising mogul Jacques Segura defended Sarkozy’s luxury-loving behavior in a television interview: ‘What about he owns a Rolex? We can’t blame him. If you are 50 years old and don’t have a Rolex watch, then you His life was obviously a failure. ‘This high-profile’ show off rich ‘speech puts Sarkozy, who has been questioned by the public for coping with the economic downturn, into an embarrassment.
前 Former US President Kennedy favorite ‘Omega’
It is undeniable that all previous presidents of the United States are watch enthusiasts. From President Kennedy to Obama, they have their favorite watch brands. Watches are now more than just a time tool, it also symbolizes a person’s identity. Because of their low prices and novel styles, after their ‘marketing’, these watches became fashionable items for young people for a while, but is this really the case of the President’s watch?
In 2005, at the Guernsey auction in New York, a John F. Kennedy private collection of Omega watches attracted much attention. This is a watch that has witnessed Kennedy’s glorious journey from entering the political arena to becoming the president of the United States. It is a gift from Ken Stokedal (Kennedy’s best friend and ally who helped Kennedy successfully run for president).
Kennedy loves this watch very much. Every time he sees Stockdale, he must show him the Omega watch on his wrist. It was even renamed by Kennedy, nicknamed ‘Stockdale Watch’. . Later, the watch was auctioned for $ 350,000.
Obama’s taste ‘falls straight’ after becoming president
当 Since being elected president, when he signed the first presidential decree, Obama exposed the black dial on the sleeve of his left hand, which aroused media and public interest. According to investigations, this JorgGray6500 series watch was a 46th birthday gift given to him by his colleagues in the Federal Economic Intelligence Agency when Obama served as Senator of Illinois in 2007. With the celebrity Obama as a salesman, this watch became famous overnight. It is reported that this watch retails for $ 325.
However, some media broke the news that in the mid-1990s to the end of 2007, Obama had always been in love with the Swiss TAG Heuer 1500 series two-color diving watch, the price is unknown. This multi-functional diving watch also makes people see Obama’s character: he is an adventurous and active person.
What’s even more funny is that, in recognition of Obama’s ‘merit’, the wax figures of Obama in Madame Tussauds in New York and Washington were even worn by watch manufacturers with the same watches worn by Obama’s real people.
However, when he became president, Obama’s personal taste “slumped”, and he replaced the Swiss watch with a battery-powered, leather strap quartz watch, which is impressive. The changes are more intriguing.
布什 Bush Jr. wears $ 50 watch after becoming president
Among the leaders of the world, the watch of former US President George W. Bush is probably the cheapest: Among the leaders of the same period, when Russian President Putin wore a Patek Philippe perpetual calendar gold watch worth US $ 60,000, former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi When wearing a Vacheron Constantin watch with a value of up to $ 540,000, Bush Jr. wore only a Timosh watch worth $ 50, a cheap quartz watch made in the United States.
Coincidentally, in the 2000 US presidential election, Bush Jr. and his competitor Gore invariably wore Timex watches. This led to Timex Watch launching an ad copy during the US presidential campaign ‘whoever wins, the last four years of Timex.’
However, it is said that George W. Bush’s Timex watch has a special emotional meaning to him: because the back of the watch is engraved with his name-President George W. Bush, and the date he was sworn in at the White House-2001 On the 20th, the front of the watch is decorated with the American Stars and Stripes pattern.
布什 When Bush Jr. was in office, the media greatly encouraged him when he wore a Tianmei watch.
In fact, the media ignored that when Bush Jr. was still in Texas, he wore a Rolex gold watch, but only later changed to cheap beauty after becoming president.
In addition to Bush Jr., it is said that Clinton also likes cheap watches, and Tian Mei Shi is also his favorite brand.

2015 Sihh Parmigiani Tribute To Bugatti Decade

Parmigiani and Bugatti in 2001 met. At that time, the famous Molsheim company was looking for a close partnership with a watch company, but the watch company had to meet extremely precise standards. This brand needs to have the enthusiasm to climb the peak of craftsmanship without losing its keen artistic appreciation. It must attach great importance to the elegance of design and appearance. The brand also needs an independent watch factory, which can produce freely and realize unlimited creative potential.

The design of BUGATTI Mythe is based on the iconic 57 grille, which is another reflection of its source of inspiration

In the end, Bugatti chose to link his destiny to Parmigiani, as the brand met and exceeded all its expectations. The two sides formally established a cooperative relationship in 2004. Since then, the Fleurier-based watchmaker has been creating watches for the BUGATTI collection, and these works are not just watches with the car brand logo-they are more like watches The form rejuvenates the car.
Bugatti’s Birthday — three watches pay tribute to ten years
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their relationship, Parmigiani launched three limited edition Bugatti watches. The brand decided to use the signature Bugatti 370 model and its horizontal tubular movement as the basis. This watch, which marked the relationship between the two parties in 2004, shows Parmigiani’s top creativity and the pursuit of the peak of craftsmanship, and it is for this reason that BUGATTI 370 can be born. The Anniversary Limited Edition includes three new watches: BUGATTI Mythe, BUGATTI Victoire and BUGATTI Révélation. Each watch showcases different highlights of this collaboration, or a unique aspect of the automotive world that plays a significant role in the creation of the watch.

The BUGATTI Mythe watch is equipped with a PF370 movement, the case number is engraved with a unique number, ‘2004-2014’ MODÈLE UNIQUE ‘

BUGATTI Mythe is the perfect combination of industry and craftsmanship in the automotive field; BUGATTI Révélation finds the connection between cars and watches, and it is this connection that guides the entire cooperation. Finally, BUGATTI Victoire conveys Bugatti’s consistent speed and Motivation concept. In 2004, the birth of BUGATTI 370 caused a sensation in the watchmaking industry. To commemorate the first crystallization of the cooperation between the two parties, all three tenth anniversary edition watches use the same tubular structure. They symbolize the return of the first “wrist engine” watch. The three watches, named BUGATTI Mythe, BUGATTI Révélation, and BUGATTI Victoire, show the different highlights of the cooperation between the two parties.
The appearance of BUGATTI Mythe reflects the combination of industry and craftsmanship in the automotive world. The main case is composed of two unique surfaces, two colors are beaded together, perfectly conveying the fusion of industry and craftsmanship. The first surface is mottled gray, which represents the ‘original’ side of the automotive industry’s manufacturing; the second surface is polished gold, demonstrating the superb craftsmanship of master craftsmen adding color to the entire watch. This fusion of industry and craftsmanship is reflected in both Parmigiani and Bugatti. The potential of these two worlds is integrated in each watch or car, thereby strengthening the strength of the two brands and their partnership.

BUGATTI Révélation watch dial faithfully copied the car grille, reproducing the honeycomb grid structure

BUGATTI Mythe’s exterior design is based on the iconic 57 grille, which is another reflection of its source of inspiration. This iconic grille appeared on the first Bugatti car. Unlike the classic grille that appeared later, it was composed of multiple lines instead of a grid. The dial of the watch reproduces these lines, which extend down to the oval edge of the BUGATTI watch. The dial returns to the Art Deco style of Bugatti’s first car, ensuring that the watch faithfully reproduces the legendary racing car of this Molsheim factory.
The design of BUGATTI Révélation embodies a diligent principle in the cooperation between the two parties-to make the car look new in the form of a watch. The design of this watch is based on the grille of the Bugatti Veyron, and its honeycomb structure is composed of pavé diamond-shaped patterns. This decorative pattern is prominent on the watch’s dial, above the movement’s mirror and on the strap, and each has a different meaning.

The BUGATTI Révélation watch is equipped with a PF370 movement, with a unique number engraved on the case back, ‘2004-2014’ MODÈLE UNIQUE ‘

The dial faithfully reproduces the car grill. Previously, the dial of the BUGATTI watch was inspired by the car grille, but the honeycomb grid structure has never been reproduced so clearly. This scaled-down grid ratio is extremely delicate and must be achieved with ultra-precise laser cutting technology.

BUGATTI Victoire watch is composed of concentric ‘V’, which seems to symbolize ‘Velocity’ speed and ‘Victory’ victory

The diamond pattern is detachably hinged above the tubular movement, making the ‘engine block’ of the watch loosing and unforgettable. This protective cover maps the car’s hood and perfectly reproduces the relationship between the car body and its engine. It is hand-made by master jewellery artisans-a traditional contrast to the laser cutting of the microgrid. Finally, after the diamond pattern is greatly enlarged, it is engraved longitudinally on the strap. BUGATTI Révélation’s strap uses a tanning process called ‘debossing’ (ie, intaglio), which reproduces the tufted decoration on the car seat cover.
BUGATTI Victoire’s motif is rich in meaning and timeless. It consists of the concentric ‘V’, which seems to symbolize ‘Velocity’ (speed) and ‘Victory’ (victory)-these two words are synonymous with the Bugatti factory since its inception. This pattern is also reminiscent of the glide marks left on the track by a car chasing victory. Thanks to the concentric structure, this pattern can attract attention to the movement part located in the center of the watch-the ‘engine set’ that made this watch famous.

BUGATTI Victoire watch with PF370 movement, engraved with a unique number on the case back, ‘2004-2014’ MODÈLE UNIQUE ‘

This extremely pure geometry is reproduced in the case with superb engraving. The engraving craftsman of this watch is also one of the first episodes of this series of watches in 2004-the craftsmen of BUGATTI Centenaire, with constant patience and exquisite skills, engraved every detail of the pattern. The front side is also set with diamonds, forming a striking contrast with the almost black gold-like engraving that is neither polished nor rhodium plated. The satin finish brings out the original appearance of the material, which forms a more sharp contrast with the decorative features of the theme pattern. The leather strap is also engraved with the same ‘V’ pattern and surrounds the entire wrist. Because laser cutting can cause irreparable burn marks on leather, this unique watch uses a waterjet cutting process.

Boll Launched The New Railway Chief Series Standard Time Watch

In commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the creation of ‘standard time’ in the United States, Ball Watch has solemnly announced the launch of a new timeless classic watch-Trainmaster Standard Time. Before the creation of Standard Time in 1883, since the time was based on the position of the sun, each city had its own time zone, which made the scheduling of railway timetables quite complicated. Since 1883, major American railway companies have switched to a new system that divides the country into four time zones. This change eliminated more than 70 different time zones and has since developed into a widely adopted ‘standard time system’.

 In 1883, the founder of Ball Watch, Webster Clay Ball, was the first jewellery manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio to use the U.S. Navy Observatory to issue time signals in Washington, DC, bringing accuracy to Cleveland residents time. Since he displayed the city’s first precision timepiece in the shop window, people have inertia adjusted their pocket watch time based on it, which led to the emergence of ‘Ball’s Time’ and ‘Accurate as a Ball’ ( on the Ball) to represent absolutely precise time in northern Ohio. In 1891, Mr. Ball was appointed Chief Time Prosecutor by the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Railroad personnel wearing unreliable timepieces is enough to make train travel a dangerous thing. In view of this, the introduction of a comprehensive monitoring system became the most urgent task at the time. Mr. Ball sets strict standards for the quality, accuracy and design of all railway timepieces. In order to ensure the best accuracy of the timepieces worn by each railroad employee, he develops a list of approved timepieces for employees, and conducts regular checks every two weeks to make employees’ timepieces consistent with Washington Standard Time. Proofreading.

 The design of the Trainmaster Standard Time model is inspired by pocket watches of the 19th century. Its retro style crosses ancient and modern fashions and is still new. This new model combines the classic, simple and reliable elements of the past. It is a watch that fully meets the ‘railway standards’ set by Mr. Ball for American Railways. The Trainmaster Standard Time model embodies the subtle combination of the retro style of the 19th century railway with the cutting-edge technology of contemporary watchmaking. The case is crafted from 18K rose gold with a crocodile leather strap, highlighting the luxury and elegance of this watch. The diameter of the 39.5 mm case is relatively medium, but its low-key design, materials, and wide dial make the watch’s legibility unparalleled. In order to confirm the accuracy of this watch, the dial is engraved with the words ‘Automatic Chronometer’, which proves that the watch’s precise movement has been certified by the Swiss Observatory (COSC). In addition, all the features of this model, including the Arabic numerals, the white enamel dial, the specially cut hands, and the small dial at the six o’clock position, are inspired by the brand’s first short watch and pocket watch worn by railway personnel . And the dial on the dial ‘7’ is composed of the brand name ‘Ball & Co.’, which is very interesting.

 In order to ensure clear and accurate reading in a completely dark environment, this watch, like other Ball Watch models, is equipped with revolutionary self-luminous miniature gas light technology. This model is inlaid with 14 Swiss 3H self-illuminating miniature gas lamps with hour, minute and hour markers on the dial. These miniature gas lamps do not need to rely on any external light or energy and can provide up to 100 times the brightness of traditional luminous paint. The watch has a sapphire crystal back so that the wearer can appreciate the operation of the Swiss mechanical movement Ball RR1105-C. The unique design and features of this model make it an indispensable classic watch.

 Today, Ball Watch continues to follow the brand’s established route, once again being identified as the leader in the history of watchmaking and the modern adventure timepiece.