Cartier’s Reprinted Jewelry Appears In ‘the Princess Of Monaco’

The world-renowned blockbuster ‘Prince of Monaco’ has premiered in China on June 20th. This film is directed by French genius director Olivier Dahan and is an internationally renowned movie star Nicole · The film starring Nicole Kidman tells the story of Grace Kelly’s splendid princess life, which has already received many expectations before it is released. The five pieces of jewelry that Cartier has engraved in the royal family of Monaco have become a highlight of the film. The audience will enjoy the rare treasures created by Cartier for the legendary princess Grace Kelly through the movie and experience the brand’s Extraordinary historical heritage and extreme craftsmanship aesthetics, as well as the inextricable connection between the fine brand and the royal family, as well as the inexhaustible relationship with the film art.

 In the movie ‘The Princess of Monaco’, Grace Kelly, as a loyal fan of Cartier, owns many Cartier rare jewelry works. Among them, an emerald-cut engagement diamond ring weighing 10.47 carats tailored for Grace Kelly not only accompanied her legendary life, but also accompanied her in the film’s ending film ‘High Society’, which witnessed her The last glory in film. At the century wedding with Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Princess Grace received many Cartierian jewelry gifts, including a ruby ​​and diamond inlaid in her official portrait of the royal family. Crown and a three-string diamond necklace.

Left: Cartier Engraved Princess Grace Engagement Ring Right: Cartier Engraved Princess Dog Pin

Left: Cartier engraved hen shape brooch Right: Cartier engraved three-string diamond necklace

Cartier reprinted ruby ​​and diamond crown, can be worn as a brooch

 In the film, Princess Grace, wearing a pink hat, was wearing Cartier’s custom jewelry. Standing in front of the boutique of 13 Heping Street in Paris, she announced to the media that she would give up her Hollywood acting career and devote herself to the family and the royal family. The obligation to push the film to a climax.

 In order to better restore the graceful and elegant image of Grace Kelly and the grace of the royal family, the director of the film, Oliver Daon, especially found Cartier, which has endless intersection with it, and engraved the collection for the film. Five classics from the Royal Collection of Monaco’s Royal Jewels, which recreate the classic image. In addition to the historical re-enactments worn by Nicole Kidman in the film, Spanish actress Paz Vega, who plays Maria Callas, is also exquisitely striking Cartier high jewelry necklace Elegant appearance. The main actors in the show, including Tim Roth as Prince Rainier III and Robert Lindsay as Aristotle Onassis, are also included in the film Wear Cartier watches and accessories.

Stills, Nicole Kidman, who plays Princess Grace, and Spanish actress Paz Vega, who plays Maria Callas, star in Cartier high jewelry

Conversation: Interpreting The Legend Of Patek Philippe Professional

If Patek Philippe is a legend in the watch industry, the exclusive watchmaker of Patek Philippe is the creator of the legend. And Mr. Philippe Barat is an important veteran of watchmaking. Philippe Barat has worked at Patek Philippe for 20 years, leading the development of a number of landmark watches, such as the 5mm thickness ‘single-hand’ Regulator 5235, and this year’s appearance at the Basel Watch Show and sparked Chinese media excitement Ref. 5204.
In addition to superb watchmaking, Patek Philippe prides itself on their precise and meticulous service, and Ms. Jasmina Steele, also the marketing director of Patek Philippe, who also has a wealth of 16 years of experience, has also created countless perfect displays for us. Learn about each model in simple terms, and receive the most thoughtful and considerate service.
Interpretation of Patek Philippe professional legend
Sina Shangpin was fortunate to talk to the two legends and listen to their interpretation of the story behind the miracle …
Dialogue with Patek Philippe watchmaker Mr. Philippe BARAT
Sina Shangpin: The watch industry pays close attention to Patek Philippe’s breakthroughs in complex functions every year. The appearance of Ref. 5204 at the Basel Watch Fair this year caused the exclaimed Chinese watchmakers— ‘This movement will be closed as soon as it is released. Sound, the world is overshadowed. ‘Can you share with us the design story behind this movement?
Philippe: First of all, I would like to thank the Chinese media for their beautiful words. The story of 5204 began in 2009. It is a trilogy. We launched the version of the 5204 tracking hand timer in 2012, the version of the perpetual calendar and timer in 2011, the manual-winding timer version in 2010, the male model in 2010, and the female model in 2009. It was developed step by step.
The history of this timer is relatively long. We hope to use this movement to replace our basic Lémania movement. Since the Lémania movement was discontinued at the end of 2009, we have this new movement CH at the end of 2009. 29-535 PS. Regarding the story behind it, we hope that this timer is very reliable and very accurate, so we increased the vibration frequency of this movement, increased the frame frequency to 4 Hz, and the power reserve to 65 hours, that is, Say you can leave it alone for a weekend and ignore it. In addition, this movement has 6 patents on the mechanical part of the chronograph. We are committed to designing it to be the most beautiful and reliable at the same time throughout the design and development process.
Sina Shangpin: Mr. Philippe, as a watchmaker with more than 20 years of experience in Patek Philippe, can you share your experiences and stories in research and development?
Philippe: As the production and R & D director of Patek Philippe watches, I have a management team of 80 people, including development, design, drawing of the movement, making samples, and then conducting a series of debugging, certification, and providing everything for different samples. Details and information about production. There are young people and experienced employees in my team. Like myself, I have worked at Patek Philippe for more than 20 years, so we have a very long development history and very rich development experience. Most of our design inspiration comes from already Developed historical models, but we must know that our Patek Philippe tradition also includes continuous innovation, so every new development project is a great challenge for us, we must make it for every movement. It’s different, we need to bring something new to everyone, we will never stop at the origin.
Sina Shangpin: Philippe, what is the soul of Patek Philippe in your eyes?
Philippe: I think the soul of a watch lies in the combination of tradition and innovation. Whenever we are making a new watch, a word from our honorable chairman, Mr. Philipston, emerges in our mind: ‘Our watch To be as flat as possible, we have to create the thinnest movement in the world. ‘Every new watch and every new item is a huge challenge for us. We want to inject soul into the Patek Philippe watch, it Not only contains our past history and tradition, but also accompanied by innovation. This innovation is reflected in the patent application for each new movement we launch. I think this is the soul of our movement.
Every time our watchmakers work together to complete a work, the entire team will be overwhelmed by great satisfaction and joy.
Sina Shangpin: Patek Philippe uses silicon, zirconium and other materials in watches. What do you think of the balance between the application of traditional timing and new materials? Some brands have increased the application content of new materials this year, or even made of carbon crystal materials. In your opinion, this will be the future development trend of watches and clocks?
Philippe: As I said before, Patek Philippe is a combination of innovation and traditional history. We are also using new materials to make our watches better. For example, we have combined silicon with traditional materials to make a hairspring, and we also introduced a silicon escape wheel device. We pay attention to new materials in the electronics, surgery, and instrument industries, but we have always respected two principles to judge new materials. Whether it is really useful: whether it can make our movement thinner, and whether it can make our watches more accurate.
Patek Philippe Yuandi settled in 33 Bund Yuan, Shanghai
Talk to Ms. Jasmina STEELE, Patek Philippe Marketing Director
Sina Shangpin: Not only the watch itself, Patek Philippe’s professionalism in public relations and marketing is also the industry benchmark. How did Patek Philippe build this professionalism? What is the standard?
Jasmina: As far as Patek Philippe is concerned, public relations is a tool for communicating with the outside world. We hope to share our professional knowledge with the majority of reporters. Our professionalism mainly comes from years of work experience, such as the Basel Watch Fair in Geneva. Our team The staff have 10 or 15 years, even 16 years of work experience like me, so we have accumulated a lot of expertise in such a long job, can share information about our product details with you, and put these Knowledge information is passed to the public in a simple and understandable way. At Baselworld we are dedicated to giving the best hospitality to all visitors.
越来越 In the past few years, more and more friends have visited, especially Chinese journalists. I am very glad to get everyone’s attention to Patek Philippe. We also hope to provide you with the best service.
Sina Shangpin: The Internet is becoming more and more important in modern communication. Does Patek Philippe share experience in new media promotion? Will Patek Philippe be on social networking sites?
Jasmina: Like other brands, we also regard the Internet as an important tool for publicity and communication. First of all, our starting point is the official website of Patek Philippe ( We have done a lot of hard work for this website. Development work, not only the page looks beautiful, but also the content should be very substantial. It also contains a lot of technical content, including our news, brand activities, brand culture, and new products.
We are also currently focusing on using the Internet to promote our new ads. These ads are published externally by topic. We have made several themes. Last year we made a theme around three questions. The content is very rich. Online advertising was launched for the first time in conjunction with the print version. The theme we recently launched is about services. Service is a crucial point for Patek Philippe and our commitment to the future, because our customers will treasure Patek Philippe’s watches throughout their lives and pass them on to the next generation. So we are now And the future must promise to launch very good services to our customers, these are things we hope to share with netizens.
We have n’t officially entered the social networking site yet. Our main focus is on people-to-people communication, such as events organized in the store or on-site, like today’s opening of Patek Philippe Residence. We can directly contact our Guests communicate face to face.
Sina Shangpin: Many brands will specifically add Chinese elements to their watches for the Chinese market. Will Patek Philippe do the same?
Jasmina: In fact, we have launched zodiac pocket watches that meet the needs of the Chinese market in the past. Although we have no plans to launch a special watch for the Chinese market, we will adjust the product plan according to the needs of our customers. The market has established a long-term relationship, and we will actively ask what kind of watches they want Patek Philippe to make in the future.