Glasutti Original Collaborates With The 65th Berlin International Film Festival To Foster A New Force For Film. Emerging Director Oscar Soroschi Wins The ‘made In Germany Perspective Award’

As the official partner of the Berlin International Film Festival, German top watchmaker Glashütte Original has sponsored the ‘Made in Germany Perspective’ in the ‘Perspektive Deutsches Kino’ unit for 4 consecutive years (Made in Germany-Perspektive Fellowship), set up a prize of 15,000 euros for this award, to support young talented directors to try more new projects, new themes and scripts.

 In this award, judge writer and director Angelina Maccarone, actor Jenny Schily and producer Jochen Laube will award the award Awarded to the film ‘Rosebuds’ directed by Oskar Sulowski. It is worth mentioning that all directors who were shortlisted in the ‘German Films in Perspective’ category last year are eligible for this award. Oscar Soroski was shortlisted for the unit last year with the film ‘The Innocents.’ The director who won the ‘Made in Germany Perspective Award’ will receive a huge prize and a trophy customized by the Glashütte Original Watchmaking School. In addition, in the creation of Oscar Soroski’s future new works, he will also receive more mature guidance from film masters.

 Senior film expert Knut Elstermann kicked off the awards ceremony, and hosted a subsequent press conference. Linda Zeffk, the person in charge of the ‘Perspective German Film Unit’ Soffker), members of the jury and this talented and emerging winner have a unique dialogue with the media. Mr. Dieter Kosslick, President of the Berlin International Film Festival, and Mr. Dieter Pachner, Glashütte Original Global Vice President, personally congratulated and awarded honors to Oskar Soroschi. Oscar Soroski thanked Glashütte for his generous bonus and also thanked the jury and the Berlin International Film Festival.

Rising director Oscar Soroschi
Jury’s award for Rosebuds
 Brothers Maschek and Eric,
One is micro-crime, and the other is a drug addict, who faces themselves and their lives in extreme ways. By chance, they met the young Catholic Katrina. This simple scenario sounds like
The cliché is a deep and interesting comedy. Rosebuds touches on the most common problem in life, that is, the meaning of life, death, and death. Oscar Soroschi uses unconventional methods for
We told such a story, seemingly lazy but indifferent to watching the fire from the side, showing us his subtle grasp of the emotional display in the movie.