Panerai The Special Element 791 In The Panerai Radiomir Series With The Nostalgic Soul Of The Bracelet Movement.

PANERAI 2019 will be a strong watch for diving watches, and also introduced a lot of new material technology, but Xiao Pei’s design was laid down before the middle of the 20th century, so their home Watches often have a retro style that is difficult to explain. Of course, this style is more hidden in professional diving watches this year. If you want to pursue a more specific and nostalgic atmosphere, then the second half of 2018 The newly launched Radiomir 1940 3 Days Acciaio (Panerai 791) may meet your appetite.

On the face of the simple two-handed pattern, the hour markers use charming Art Deco font, and are surrounded by a track-type minute scale outer ring and a thinner inner ring. new ambience

Feature 1: Use the pendulum clock of the Italian specialty store as design inspiration
Before Panerai made the first watch for the Royal Navy of Italy, the Orologeria Svizzera (Swiss Watch Shop) store, founded in 1860, was already selling pocket watches, watches, table clocks and gorgeous watches made by fine watchmakers. Pendulum clock and other works. This specialty store facing the Florence Baptistry is still standing today. The first floor of the store has previously displayed an impressive collection of pendulum clocks. The Panerai 791 is inspired by one of the dials of the pendulum clock. This newly designed Panerai watch has an ivory white surface of the 791 and a 790 black dial, but if you want to highlight the classic style Sven’s temperament, in general, the light-colored face plate will be more interesting than the black face plate.

In order to highlight the classic style of the watch, the brand uses Plexiglas® resin glass mirror instead of sapphire crystal.

Feature two: clues to vintage design
Although the Panerai 791 looks so gentle, its Radiomir 1940 case has a large size (stainless steel) with a diameter of 47 mm and a water resistance of 100 meters. 791 The entire watch surface is polished. The bezel surrounds the slightly arched Plexiglas┬« Plexiglas mirror, not the mainstream sapphire mirror of modern watches. This is to echo the design of some Panerai classic models. The original leather strap of the model contrasts with beige stitching, and the strap is also embossed with the OP logo. The 791’s dial pattern is simple and imbued with a nostalgic atmosphere, including charming timepieces in the Art Deco font, surrounded by a track-type minute scale outer ring and a thinner inner ring. The minute hand, which makes the 791 different from most Panerai watches online, looks very unique.

Panerai 791 is equipped with the brand’s homemade P.3000 manual-winding movement. The movement frequency is 21,600vph, and it uses a dual barrel to output three-day kinetic energy.

Feature 3: Panerai often uses a manual 3-day chain movement
Regardless of whether the Panerai 791 or 790 is equipped with a P.3000 manual winding movement, this movement features a three-day power reserve from two barrels. The base plate of the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back. Its surface is brushed. The most eye-catching thing is the double-supported bridge, which firmly fixes the balance wheel with a diameter of 13.2 mm. In addition, the P.3000 movement has a quick adjustment mechanism, which can move the hour hand back and forth in units of one hour each time without affecting the operation of the minute hand or watch, making the time adjustment process easier and happier.

Radiomir 1940 3 Days Acciaio

PAM00791 / Stainless steel material / P.3000 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / Plexiglas® Plexiglas mirror surface, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 100 meters / diameter 47mm / limited 300 pieces / reference price: 62,000 RMB

Radar Rado Tang Wei Perfect Spokesperson-news Rado

For a long time, Miss Tang Wei has been deeply rooted in the people with her beautiful image, outstanding creativity, outstanding talent and unique talents. RADO is proud to have this award-winning and well-known Chinese actress join the global brand spokesperson lineup, and recently started a new collaboration with Tang Wei, the shooting of the latest commercial.

RADO’s new set of commercials was released worldwide in July 2014

At the launch of the Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches held in Shanghai by RADO, Rado announced that Miss Tang Wei has become its global brand spokesperson. After that, Swiss Rado kept on selecting Hong Kong for the shooting of the ad, aiming to create a beautiful advertising picture and store image with international standards and attracting consumers’ attention.

Extreme style, extreme charm, RADO global brand spokesperson Tang Wei perfectly performs the new advertising film

With the compact, lively, dynamic and noisy urban life as the background, Ms. Tang Wei freely travels through a series of life scenes that she is familiar with, demonstrating the ultimate design and extreme craftsmanship of Rado. Whether it’s the state of engagement when wearing a gorgeous dress preparing for close-up shooting; or the glorious and enviable temperament on the red carpet; or the cozy minimalist style behind the screen, each group of close-ups Show Miss Tang Wei’s natural beauty to the fullest.

Rado’s distinctive new watch perfectly reflects Miss Tang Wei’s unique personal style

Appearing in front of the camera with Miss Tang Wei are the exquisite yet distinctive 2014 new watches of the RADO radar watch: HyperChrome series, DiaMaster series and Esenza tactile watches. They are not only anti-allergic, not easy to wear, and light in texture, but also provide the ultimate comfortable wearing experience. While interpreting Tang Wei’s dress style, they are not noisy, and perfectly show Miss Tang Wei’s unique personal style and innate natural charm.