Tissot Carson Women’s Automatic Watch

Bright and novel design, highlighting the purity of women. Tissot Carson Women’s Automatic Watch, whether it is a grand wedding or a stroll in the park on a sunny morning, this Carson Women’s Automatic watch is the perfect choice for you. Bright and innovative design, showing the purity of women. This watch inherits the old style in the shape of the case, but the smoothness is better, which makes the wearer look younger and more beautiful. The 18K gold case, the golden hands that rotate around the dial, resemble the earth around the sun, and the diamond-set scale further highlights the ‘purity-free’ design concept. Under the light, the deep mother-of-pearl dial can produce a dazzling effect. Coupled with the perfect match of pure white leather strap, the wearer shines in the sun even more.
Through its transparent case back, the complex and exquisite automatic movement can be seen at a glance, showing the beauty and elegance of the core parts of the women’s automatic mechanical watch. This not only adds to the extraordinary charm of the watch, but also ensures accurate timing so that the wearer can enjoy a good time. This watch will accompany you easily and elegantly to enjoy happy hours every minute.
【Technical data】
Movement: Swiss-made, mechanical self-winding movement
Case: scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
18K gold case with transparent case back
Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
Strap: leather strap with butterfly clasp