Roger Dubuis New 2015, Astral Skeleton Interstellar Hollow Era

Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is the only brand in the world that bears the Geneva mark on all timepieces, symbolizing the extreme quality and diverse guarantees of watchmaking: extraordinary creativity, genuine origin, superb craftsmanship, perfect performance and durability durable. All the outstanding qualities contained in this certification mark are fully demonstrated in Roger Dubuis’s superb hollowing skills.
   Roger Dubuis has set a precedent in the field of contemporary hollow movement technology, and is also a watchmaking expert who is good at showing architectural beauty and superb machinery. The brand launched the Excalibur King Series in 2015, opening a remarkable “hollow out era” with a unique watch series.
   Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis also introduced new timepieces with infinite pioneering spirit in other representative fields-miniature rotor and flying tourbillon, presenting the Astral Skeleton interstellar hollow concept in a dazzling variety of styles.
   Its unconventional and extraordinary design style makes outdoor enthusiasts to watch players who are obsessed with superb skills and innovative design, and women who love jewelry masterpieces on their wrists, can not resist the unique charm of their timepieces.

Excalibur Spider

Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon
   A new masterpiece of the exquisite craftsmanship of the Kings of the Excalibur series, debuted under the name of the Excalibur Spider, Roger Dubuis not only hollowed out the cases, rings and bezels of these timepieces At the same time, through the world’s first Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon with a jewelry-inlaid rubber bezel, the world’s first hollow-out flying tourbillon watch is cleverly combined with incompatible materials and once again climbs the limit in the hollow-out field.

Excalibur Automatic Skeleton
   Roger Dubuis’ new Excalibur Automatic Skeleton self-winding skeletonized watch offers a new generation of skeletonized movements for those who are keen to show the watchmaking tradition in a modern way: this is also the first timepiece of its kind with a miniature pendulum Tuo, and also the movement of the classic shape of this series.

Creative Skeleton Brocéliande
   Not only that, women’s demands are also one of the focuses of Roger Dubuis. The brand always strives to create jewellery timepieces that combine exceptional design, precious stones and extraordinary creative skeleton movements. A glamorous and dazzling Creative Skeleton Brocéliande Brosselaander’s extraordinary creative skeletonized watch, carrying the magic of King Arthur’s legend and the mysterious Brosselaander Forest, as one of the poetic trilogy, interweaving the special Your own unique curse.
   Roger Dubuis at the 2015 SIHH Geneva International High-level Watch and Clock Exhibition with the utmost ingenuity, the perfect integration of perspective painting methods, with a bold design beyond imagination to create a stunning view of the exhibition hall, in order to welcome one sincerely An annual watch and clock event.
   Roger Dubuis’s inspirational design of the pavilion’s pavilion also includes comprehensive consideration of many fields such as fashion, architecture, painting, sculpture, and film production methods. It presents Roger Dubuis 2015 in a fantastic and strange mechanical world. The creative theme of the year: Hollow beauty and its diverse interpretations perfectly presented in the fields of nature, art and watchmaking. Roger Dubuis has carefully created an extraordinary world for the 2015 SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show. Visitors are invited to come and see its unrivalled architectural aesthetics and superb mechanical craftsmanship.
   On the way to the SIHH 2015 Geneva International Horological Exhibition, Roger Dubuis’s exquisite skills and new brand planning meet again. Following on from last year’s exhibition experience, Roger Dubuis is now launching a brand new online countdown event. The online event ‘Goodbyecuckoo # Helloextraordinary’ (ukugur goodbye # extraordinary extraordinary hello) launched before the opening of the SIHH 2014 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie has become a research case for the ‘Limitless Creativity’ film in YouTube Brandcast Paris, Won the third place in the “Brand Content” category of the 2014 “Grand Prix Stratégies / Amaury Médias du luxe” in France; in response, it was the 2014 watch and miracle— — Watches & Wonders 2014 Asia’s online countdown event has also become a popular research case on Facebook in Hong Kong.
    However, despite all the way in the fields of technology, aesthetics and online promotion, Roger Dubuis has never been complacent with the glory he has acquired, and this year launched a new set of online games called ‘The Gate of the Stars’. Contains seven thrilling short films and one ‘Ultimate Unveil’ film. 7 + 1 = 8, 8 This widely used symbolic number often appears in Roger Dubuis limited edition watch series.
   The theme of this series of films extends from the brand’s Astral Skeleton interstellar hollow concept, focusing on a group of people looking for lucky stars. A plot will be launched daily during the week from January 12th to 18th, gradually leading people to this year’s SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie.
   Each episode opens a door for the next … All progressive passageways will finally kick off the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis at the exhibition site on the opening day of January 19. An unexpected surprise will be waiting there for visitors, and invite people to wear Oculus virtual reality glasses and embark on a three-dimensional ‘Astral Skeleton openwork sensory journey’.
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