Omega Launches 1948 Limited Edition Watches With High Profile

OMEGA has launched the world’s first limited edition watch Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal® made of ceramic and Liquidmetal®. Swatch Group ‘> The Swatch Group and the product development team of OMEGA have developed a ceramic diving outer ring. The Liquidmetal® flowing gold figures on the outer ring are silver in contrast to the black ceramic background and are striking. The color of the ceramic surface matches the color of the outer ring. In just a few innovative processes, an aesthetic miracle was born.
   To commemorate the launch of OMEGA’s popular Seamaster watch series, they launched 1948 limited edition watches, which attracted much attention.

Watch industry redefines life
   The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal® limited edition watch with stainless steel case and stainless steel strap is driven by OMEGA’s new 2500 coaxial movement. Ceramic and Liquidmetal® alloy parts with strong corrosion and abrasion resistance make these movements foreseen to be perfect for a long time. Pure Omega was born like this: a pioneering design that maintains its appearance incorporates new Co-Axial coaxial technology.

Tough Guy Exclusive Adventure Equipped With Richard Mille Rm 25-01 Strom Limited Edition

Adventure is not a moment of bravery, but it is fully prepared to achieve the goal. Hollywood star and RICHARD MILLE’s best friend Sylvester Stallone, who used to be the perfect interpreter of John Rambo, the owner of the film ‘The First Blood,’ has long been an action hero. He also wore a RM 032 diving watch with a red strap in his self-directed ‘Blood Mission 3’, which once again impressed the fans-the compass is an essential and essential equipment for explorers.

The RM 25-01 is equipped with a 24-hour scale and direction-marking lines, which are conducive to survival in the jungle wilderness.

In addition to the big screen image, Stallone’s artistic talents are more vividly displayed in the paintings. The bold and unrestrained rhythmic sense deeply attracts the viewers, and also attracts RICHARD MILLE, especially the ‘RICHARD’ developed in collaboration with Silvestro. MILLE RM 25-01 Adventurer Strom Tourbillon Chronograph. ‘ Following the design of its own watch RM 032, it adopts a round dial suitable for accurately displaying time and installing a compass. The ultra-wild large diameter of 50.85mm is equipped with a RM 25-01 tourbillon movement, which should be provided for every warrior. ‘Ready for action’ survival tool.

Richard Mille collaborates with Sylvester Stallone to launch RM 25-01 (from left)

RM 25-01 Adventurer Tourbillon chronograph limited to 20 pieces worldwide, with 5th grade titanium buckle, the ergonomic curve design of the case bottom and the wrist fit perfectly on the wearer’s wrist, all RICHARD MILLE The iconic elements, as always, present their exclusive quality and style. The round case has a perfect combination of titanium alloy and TPT® carbon fiber to form an indestructible composite material. Its unique corrugated surface has become the brand logo and significantly reduces the overall weight of the watch. The bottom plate and bridge plate are made of five grade titanium alloy, which perfectly combines the tourbillon and the new race chronograph movement. The brand’s engineers spent months optimizing the movement, reducing the weight of the movement, and relatively improving the accuracy and reliability of long-term precision timing. The overall inertia is reduced, and the energy consumption is also reduced by 50%. It can reach a power reserve of 70 hours, and supports a 24-hour ultra-long display, which can distinguish between day and night even in a dark environment.

The crown is equipped with a titanium alloy sealed container for water purification tablets at 2 o’clock. The spirit level at 4 o’clock helps the direction to be more accurate.

The RM 25-01 is water resistant to 100 meters and comes with two sets of interchangeable bezels. The first group is a grade 5 titanium alloy compass bezel treated with DLC, with one fixed and one rotatable bezel. The dial is equipped with a tongue and groove, which can be quickly and easily fixed to the case. The TPT® carbon fiber cover is mirrored on the reverse side and has a groove at 12 o’clock to improve the accuracy of the compass’s aiming. Its sapphire crystal uses a multi-layer anti-reflection process and an anti-magnetic coating to prevent the movement and the compass from interfering with each other. The spirit level at 4 o’clock can check whether the watch is perfectly level, making direction finding more accurate. The compass can be removed from the watch and mounted on a TPT® carbon fiber board. This configuration provides many useful features, such as ruled lines dedicated to indicating directions, which is ideal for orientation when using map navigation. The second group is a two-way day bezel made of TPT® carbon fiber and titanium alloy. It is equipped with a 24-hour scale, a 360 ° dial and basic direction indicators. No calculation is required, as long as the hour hand is facing the sun and the bezel is turned, the local time is displayed on the 24-hour dial, which is completely unaffected by the northern and southern hemispheres, and you can easily distinguish between the east and the west from the north and south.

The case is made of titanium alloy and TPT® carbon fiber. It has a weight-reduced tourbillon RM 25-01.

In keeping with its adventurous spirit, the strap is made of camouflage-printed natural rubber. What’s different is that the RM 25-01 crown has a five-level titanium alloy sealed container at 2 o’clock. Storage of water purification tablets, according to the degree of water pollution, can make one liter of water reach a safe drinking level within 30 to 120 minutes, which is very suitable for the needs of survival in the wild.

Sapphire crystal with multi-layer anti-reflection treatment and anti-magnetic coating to avoid mutual interference between the movement and the compass

Titanium alloy, TPT® carbon fiber material / RM 25-01 manual winding movement / hour, minute, second display / compass bezel / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 50.85mm / limited to 20 pieces

Fashionable New Watchmaking Lafranui’s Story (On)

Lavaro, a cutting-edge watchmaking brand, was established in the 1990s and was founded by Mario, a family of watchmakers. It is a young designer brand. The ‘ABACUS’ steel ball watch series is Lavalo’s representative watch series. Because of this series, Lavaro has attracted wide attention and became the darling of the younger generation in Europe. In 2006, Lavaro was taken over by German watchmaker laco Lang Kun.

   The name ‘Lavaro’ is derived from the birthplace of founder Mario’s great grandfather Jüngen Schultz in Switzerland. It is the name of a small town. Born to a family of watchmakers, Mario was inspired by his great-grandfather Jüngen Schultz. The great-grandfather, who dedicated his life to the watch industry, lived in exile from Switzerland to Hamburg, Germany in the early years, and began his life with watches in a small watch shop on the river Elbe. Elbe is the second hometown of his great-grandfather, where he harvested love and career, and raised his grandchildren to inherit his ideals. However, due to various reasons such as World War II, his grandfather, who was unable to return to the Swiss town, died in 1932 with regret.
   The Elbe, the third largest river in Germany known for the victory of the WWII Allies and the Soviet Union, although not as gorgeous as the Rhine and Danube, chose its own unique tranquility. Mario Schultz, like other young but highly talented German designers, practiced his design dreams in Hamburg, the artistic capital of the Elbe, and enjoyed a quiet, elegant life in North Germany.
   The establishment of the Lavaro watch brand not only shows the young family’s love for watches and the vitality of innovation, but also commemorates the lifetime of the great-grandfather generation of watchmakers who dedicated their lives to watches, telling people about peace and reunion Thirst. ‘Lavaro lavranui’ also has the meaning of ‘water’ in Latin. Water is pure, just as Mario, Nordic’s design style is always simple and clean. Mario has traveled in many countries, and travel has become the biggest source of inspiration for his design, and he often can successfully integrate the characteristics of different countries into his minimalist works.
   In 1999, the Liechtenstein designer ROY SCHAEFER, who lived in the small town of Pforzheim, Germany, designed an ‘ABACUS’ series for the Lavaro watch brand. The original meaning of ‘ABACUS’ refers to the ancient Chinese ‘abacus’. In the eyes of Westerners, anything that is bead-like or related to ‘authentic’ and ‘precise’ will be associated with ABACUS. This ‘ABACUS’ series watch that breaks the traditional three-hand watch’s chronograph form is called ‘steel ball watch’ by the Chinese.