Extremely Beautiful Wings Of The Flying Bird Tourbillon

Tourbillon, a complex function of high-end watches, is a watershed test of watchmaking technology. With so many tourbillons in the watch market, who is the ‘advanced player’ of the tourbillon? Which tourbillon is called the most beautiful tourbillon by watchmakers? Before knowing these answers, let us first understand: what is a tourbillon?

Blancpain Tourbillon Twelve Days Long Chain 66240 Red Gold Watch

   The tourbillon is one of the most outstanding innovations in watchmaking in the 18th century. This complex function has no fear of the effect of gravity on the watch in different positions. The structure of the tourbillon balances the effect of gravity on the watch in different orientations, keeping the watch moving accurately. In a classic tourbillon, its frame rotates once a minute. The entire frame continuously passes through all vertical positions in this dynamic manner, so that the effect of gravity on the watch can be balanced, ensuring the watch’s normal running time.

Blancpain Tourbillon Twelve-Day Chain Long Power 66240 Watch (picture from the Internet)

   There are many types of tourbillons: including flying tourbillons, spherical tourbillons, and so on. Among these different types of tourbillons, flying tourbillons (also known as floating tourbillons) have made many watchmaking brands out of reach for their iconic design and production difficulty. Take the Bird Tourbillon Twelve-day Chain Long Power 66240 watch launched by Blancpain in 2014 as an example. The case is made of precious metals such as red gold and platinum. The delicate watch is equipped with a bird tourbillon device.

Bird’s Tourbillon Twelve-Day Chain Long Power 66240 Watch

   At the 12 o’clock position, the ultra-open circular cut-out window of the Blancpain Tourbillon Twelve-day Chain Long Power 66240 watch can enjoy the exquisite flying tourbillon device. Equipped with the brand’s self-made Cal.242 movement, with a power reserve of up to 12 days, it is powered by a barrel only. It is arrogant and superbly superb. The Cal.242 movement consists of 243 parts, with a diameter of only 30.60 mm and a thickness of only 6.10 mm.

The left is an ordinary tourbillon device, and the right is a Blancpain tourbillon device.
   The common traditional tourbillon device uses the coaxial structure mechanism, but Blancpain has no fear of challenge, and with its consistent innovative spirit, it has broken the imprisonment of the traditional tourbillon. Blancpain uses an eccentric floating tourbillon design. The traditional tourbillon frame structure uses two upper and lower gem holes as double fixing points. The Blancpain tourbillon is supported by a cantilever ball bearing with a single fixed point structure. This makes the watchmaker significantly more difficult when making.

   In the history of Blancpain, the bird tourbillon device on the 66240 watch is the second-generation tourbillon device launched by the brand. Compared with the first-generation tourbillon device, the second-generation tourbillon will more completely “the bird” Interpretation: its size is larger, after the hollow processing of the lower splint, the suspension feeling is stronger, just like a bird flying in the sky with wings, more ornamental.

Blancpain Tourbillon 6025

   Blancpain’s tourbillon has a brand’s unique DNA since its birth: the watchmaker has subtly transformed the tourbillon into a flying bird, soaring above the dial. In the fields of art and technology, watchmakers need extraordinary aesthetics and superb watchmaking skills. Today, Blancpain’s flying bird tourbillon has become one of the brand’s iconic designs. When it comes to Blancpain tourbillon, the image of this flying bird jumps into the heart. This is one of the reasons why Blancpain’s tourbillon has been called the most beautiful tourbillon by a senior watch collector and watch critic.

Blancpain flying bird tourbillon device
   The technical difficulty of the Blancpain tourbillon is that the structure of the upper splint is eliminated, which means that the entire tourbillon frame must be completely fixed to the base above the main splint. Therefore, the sturdiness of the base is related to the operation, durability and accuracy of the entire tourbillon. Therefore, Blancpain’s flying tourbillon pioneered the ball bearing base, and then placed the entire tourbillon frame above.

Blancpain Tourbillon Retrograde Minute Watch 66260 Red Gold
   I mentioned the beginning of the Blancpain Tourbillon, which continues to the present day. In the history of Blancpain watchmaking, many different designs of the Tourbillon have been introduced. In the Blancpain Tourbillon Time-Reverse Minute Watch 66260 launched in 2018, Blancpain has given the Bird Tourbillon a more special design: like all Blancpain movements, this Bird Tourbillon movement is also 100% self-produced, this practice has become an integral part of Blancpain’s traditional watchmaking process. By removing the upper splint in the traditional tourbillon design, the transparent structure allows you to fully appreciate the tourbillon and its core components, with unparalleled visual effects. At the same time, Blancpain went one step further and even removed the original lower splint of the tourbillon device, and replaced it with transparent sapphire glass. In this way, the tourbillon outer frame, balance wheel and escapement system connected to it seem to float in the air, so the bird tourbillon breaks away from the restraint of the watch frame and has the beauty of agile flight.
   In addition to a single tourbillon device, Blancpain is good at combining complex functions. This is reflected in a Blancpain Tourbillon Carrousel watch 2322, which has two ultra-complex devices at the same time. As can be seen in the figure, the 12 o’clock position Corresponding to the iconic design of the flying bird tourbillon, and the 6-point-like tourbillon is the legendary Caruso device. From this point of view, Blancpain superimposed the two to give different charms to the two super-complex functions, while also creating a harmonious beauty.

Blancpain tourbillon caruso 2322 red gold watch

It is indeed a Blancpain with nearly 300 years of watchmaking history. If it is said that it gives the tourbillon new life, the Blancpain watch with the bird tourbillon is also given a more distinctive charm. Who says the tourbillon can only be installed on the elegant classic series? Blancpain brought us even more surprises.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series Bringing the Tourbillon into the Deep
Eight Day Power Reserve Bird Tourbillon 5025

   The installation of complex functions on sports watches has become the choice of more and more watchmaking brands, and everyone knows that Blancpain is already in front of everyone. The bird’s tourbillon is installed in the brand’s well-known Fifty Fathoms series, which makes the watch models equipped with more elegant temperament and distinguishes the simple sports watch style. This is also the first and only watch brand to bring the tourbillon device into the deep sea.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series Eight Day Power Reserve Bird Tourbillon 5025 Diamond Set
  At 12 o’clock, the Blancpain Tourbillon and the 6 o’clock power reserve display echo each other. It is worth mentioning that this 5025 is also a long-powered watch with a dynamic reserve time of 192 hours. In other words, Blancpain will first ensure the basic functions of moving and storing time when implementing complex functions. On this basis, it will improve and consider more complex functions to ensure the quality of the watch. The 5025 also has a choice of diamond-studded models. The bezel is set with a row of super large and shining diamonds, which are luxurious and luxurious.

Blancpain Tourbillon 2925
This bird tourbillon 2925, we can see from the figure, not only has a bird tourbillon device, but also a new element of the weekly calendar display device. On the dial, the power reserve and the wonderfully smart bird tourbillon are located at 12 o’clock, which can display not only the day of the week, the date, but also the number of weekly calendars throughout the year. The weekly calendar information points to the number of weeks located around the dial through a central pointer.

Blancpain Big Date Meteor Rain Diamond Tourbillon 2825 Watch and Blancpain Tourbillon Twelve-Day Chain Long Power Watch

   When the super-complex watchmaking benchmarking tourbillon device meets a diamond with eternal spirit, what kind of sparks will collide? The bird flying above the diamond is no longer a complicated function at this time. It is also a signature design similar to elements such as the Blancpain double bezel and classic hollow willow leaf pointer. It is part of the soul of Blancpain, it is the interpretation and reflection of beauty.

Blancpain flying bird tourbillon device

   Blancpain’s design of the tourbillon as a flying bird is related to Blancpain’s watchmaking philosophy and the goal pursued by the genes at the beginning of the brand’s birth-innovation is tradition. Blancpain organically combines the tourbillon with the image of the bird. The tourbillon device from Blancpain presented in front of us has a delicate and clear-cut image of the bird. Persistence, endurance and determination.

   Blancpain knows this, and puts art into technology. It completes people’s imagination of watches at a higher level, like a flying bird breaking free of constraints, soaring freely in the field of watches and art.

Jaeger-lecoultre And Squadra Win 2008 Triple Crown Season

Reverso has returned to the world of polo and has won in 2006 and 2007. Reverso Squadra has once again declared himself the ‘winner’ of the Argentina polo season.

New ambassador Juan Martin Nero and his team Ellerstina won the Tortugas Open Open last month.
Eduardo Novillo Astrada, a member of the La Aguada team, participated in and won the Hurlingham Open. In the 2008 ‘Triple Crown’ season, the best players acted as brand ambassadors, and its Reverso Squadra series is more closely integrated with the values ​​of polo.

Eduardo Novillo Astrada is celebrating

In 2007, the brand determined that it participated in the Argentine Polo Championship as one of the ‘TripleCrown Triple Crowns’ as a partner of the famous La Dolfina team. After Reverso returned to the world of polo and won it in 2006, Adolfo Cambiaso, together with his four top teammates, formed La Dolfina JaegerLeCoultre and won the Argentine Open Argentina Open.

Captain Adolfo Cambiaso is considered the best polo player in the world. He has appeared in the latest Reverso Squadra ad, symbolizing that LeCoultre has a stronger relationship with the polo world than ever before.
The polo century legend is passed on more strongly than ever by the bold shapes and colors of Reverso Squadra. The new Squadra evokes Reverso’s original value by praising the special relationship between Haute Horlogerie haute horlogerie and polo.
Source: Jaeger-LeCoultre