Apologies For Being Late Baume & Mercier 1830 Red Gold Watch

To be honest, I did n’t really like the brand Baume & Mercier before. There are two reasons for this. One is because it uses ETA, and the other is that it always gives me one. It’s a feeling of being high or low. Since I don’t like it, I naturally don’t pay much attention to it. Even if there is something new in it, I always hold a blind attitude. And this attitude has always accompanied me to the moment before the launch of the Baume & Mercier new product launch …

Often this is the case, the less you care about it, the more it will surprise you. So when I saw this Clifton 1830, I was completely stunned, and even a celebrity could make such a beautiful watch. Until this time, I still held the attitude of not seeing the Yellow River and still questioned the strength of the celebrity. I still thought darkly that the good watch made this time was definitely crooked, but after thinking about it, this watch was Looking at the details, it’s not like a whim. what on earth is this kind of happenings? This problem tangled me for a day.

Back at the hotel, I began to carefully read the history of Baume & Mercier for the first time. After reading it, I found the answer and untied the knot. The only thing I want to say is that I was wrong with the famous person, I had misunderstood you too much. It turns out that Baume & Mercier has such a splendid and glorious history. Since the founding of the brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume in 1830, Baume & Mercier has always adhered to the concept of balanced and harmonious design. It takes the manufacture of excellent watches as its mission and brings high-quality movements At the same time of luxurious experience, it is even more precious to present a unique affinity. The founder’s motto emphasizes this point even more, which is ‘aestheticism, only making watches of the highest quality.’ In 1918, the addition of Paul Mercier injected new vitality into the brand. This far-sighted businessman with a unique aesthetic not only established a world-oriented philosophical value for the brand, but also committed to promoting the popularity of Swiss watches and clocks to more people. . In 1919, Baume & Mercier received the ‘Geneva Seal’, the highest standard of watchmaking. After reading its history, I have deeply reflected on the behavior of my wrong subjective consciousness that I have persisted for so many years. How can one say that a celebrity can also make such a beautiful watch, and it is clearly the responsibility of a celebrity to make a beautiful watch.

The Clifton collection is inspired by a historical watch from the Baume & Mercier Museum in the 1950s, recreating the glorious moments of the ‘Golden Fifties’. In the 1950s, timeless and elegant watch designs continued to emerge, so it was regarded as the golden decade of watches. In order to continue the essence of this era, its styling design and details embody a strong urban style and retro charm. Each watch in this series is equipped with a Swiss mechanical movement known for its excellent quality, condensing the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship inherited from 183 years ago. It is an ideal companion for elegant gentlemen. It not only condenses every precious time in life, but also witnesses the urban elite.的 Every important moment in the workplace. On the other hand, the affordable price makes it an example of an entry-level luxury watch and a big advantage favored by the public. The Clayton series is designed for those who seek the art and elegance of life. Although inspired by the historical models in the Baume & Mercier Museum, they perfectly meet the needs of the modern urban elite in terms of case size and functional configuration.

My favorite Clifton 1830 is definitely the pinnacle of this series. I even rated it as the most beautiful little pin of this exhibition (I firmly believe that my subjective consciousness is correct this time) . An 18K red gold case with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 8.85 mm, not only embodies the efforts of watchmakers dedicated to inheriting traditional craftsmanship, but also reaches the highest standards of contemporary craftsmanship, and it also meets the size requirements of formal watchmaking in this era. (The age of 38 mm is over).

The dial is curved to match the contour of the curved sapphire crystal. This shape is designed to be in line with the acrylic glass mirror used in the past.

The arc-shaped milky silver-plated dial is dotted with small seconds at 6 o’clock in the sky blue, and the dial is equipped with Arabic numerals and rivet scales. If we are more careful, we will also find that on the outside of the scale, there is a circle of numbers indicating the minute hand. These small blue numbers and the small blue second hand complement each other. It is also this touch of blue that adds endless imagination to the entire dial design. I personally think that the cool beauty of blue steel and the warmth of red gold are a natural match. If the red and gold watch is missing so little blue will become lifeless.

Since it is a wristwatch, it is intended to be worn, even if the watch looks good and is uncomfortable, it is useless. We have to know that there are 4 factors that determine the wearing comfort of a watch. The first is the angle of the lugs, the second is the thickness of the case (the thinner the more comfortable), and then the material of the strap (the softer the more comfortable). The last is the form of the buckle (the pin buckle is the most comfortable). To our surprise, these four standards fully complied with this watch. Of these 4 standards, the most difficult thing to do is the thickness of the watch. As we all know, making ultra-thin watches is not the look of a celebrity, but we can see from this watch that the celebrity will continue to surpass itself. Say that the thickness of this watch has really reached the physical limit it can withstand! So when I took this watch in my hand, I couldn’t help expressing my admiration from the bottom of my heart: Master, you are great! The feel is just right; the thickness is just right; the weight is just right; everything is just right! This feeling is like if you pick up the iphone5, you will immediately feel that the iphone4 is a ‘dead fat’, who said that it has just been lengthened, it is completely two levels.

Finally, let’s take a look at the movement of this watch. All the movements of Baume & Mercier are assembled by hand by professional watchmakers in the watchmaking workshop of Les Brenets. And this 1830 movement is specially made by La Joux-Perret movement factory. The power reserve of the winding movement of this double barrel is amazing 90 hours. It can be said under the lens The polishing is impeccable, whether it is the radial sunburst on the large and small steel wheels, or the chamfers and Geneva stripes on the splint are handled in place, and it is definitely not lost to any top brand.

When I finished admiring this watch, I specifically asked the Swiss beauty who was teaching for us the price in China. She gave me an answer of 104000. Although the price has reached 6 digits, it is indeed not expensive for a red gold watch with such a fine movement, at least twice as expensive as those brands that are ‘small and thick’. It’s so much!