Bryce Launches The New Br 03-51 Gmt Dual Time Watch

Bell & Ross is a very young watch brand. Its predecessor is also a military watch background, which has almost similar experience with most brands. Since officially entering the watch industry in 1992, the brand has performed well in various watch areas.

 Recently, according to the watch house, Bell & Ross also introduced the new BR 03-51 GMT two-time watch, which is still a classic square case design. The screws at the corners of the four cases have become its best endorsement. The 42 mm diameter steel case is covered with a black PVD coating.

 And this watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. The surface of the dial is matt black, which is in sharp contrast with the Arabic numerals and pointers in color, and there is an oversized calendar display window at twelve o’clock. The GMT marked orange at three o’clock also reflects the function of this watch most intuitively.

 The second time zone display at six o’clock makes it easy for the wearer to know the time in another time zone.

 The new BR 03-51 GMT new dual time watch uses the Soprod TT651 automatic winding movement. At present his price is 3,500 euros. In fact, the price is not very cheap.

Tough Guy Brings To The End: Putting On A Military Watch And Traveling Through The Guns Of The Guns To Smoke

Every man has a military complex. Military products represent that all indicators are produced in strict accordance with strict rules. The models are generally more precise and have military characteristics. The models are sturdy and suitable for wearing in various environments. At the same time, the military watch’s design is rugged, and men’s wear is more tough.
    The military watches mentioned in this article are military style watches, some are modified versions based on the standard military watch, some are cooperation models of the watch factory and the army, and some are replica designs specially designed by the watch factory based on previous models. .
Bell & Ross BR01 COMPASS Military Watch
    For urban white-collar workers who want to dress themselves tougher, the Bell & Ross Compass Limited Military Watch is the best choice. This dial, inspired by the navigation compass, shows the sense of technology and war. , Even a very handsome man wearing it is domineering and exposed.
Hublot Big Bang Commando Bang
    The watch case and strap are made of Nomex’s professional man-made fibers and ceramic materials, which are fire and temperature resistant. Huber President Biver boldly accepted the design inspiration of netizens and developed a new battlefield watch. The white camouflage strap, white, green, and black camouflage dial and the same tone adjustable strap fully demonstrate its wild temperament. Most people can’t hold it.
Panerai LUMINOR 1950 47mm 3-Day Power Reserve Watch
    In the 1930s and 1940s, Radiomir and Luminor were the names of two different luminous materials. In watches specially designed for Italian Navy commandos, Panerai uses these luminous materials to improve the watch’s readability at night and underwater. This watch first adopted the design that evolved from the Radiomir to the Luminor case that year. 47mm diameter polished stainless steel case, but with the signature round pillow-shaped lines that Radiomir still has today.
Breitling Aviation Chronograph Astronaut Watch
    Designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this legendary, this new aerospace chronograph astronaut watch, limited to 1962 pieces, is both elegant and tough. The black dial is paired with a small silver dial. The dial pattern is created on a sterling silver chassis using extremely fine enamel technology, which shines brightly, showing unmatched brightness and legibility. The bottom of the case is exquisitely engraved with the ‘Aurora No. 7’ mission medal, and it is especially engraved with the Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion scale to pay tribute to the classic design of the Breitling Aviation Chronograph.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Dive Master Series
    This watch cooperates with the SEAL unit, the elite underwater combat unit of the US military. After exceptionally rigorous testing by SEAL forces, superior performance and durability are the goals of this watch. Whether it’s underwater or on land, it’s a watch that showcases superb craftsmanship. It is the best choice for the man who pursues the ultimate.
Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer
    The previous naval chronometer showed extremely high accuracy, and was praised by the Naval Observatory as ‘the perfect timer with zero error’. This Navy Pioneer Limited Edition continues the glorious tradition, is reliable and practical, and pays tribute to the brand’s 120th anniversary.