What Does A Watch Mean To You?

Remember when I first stepped into the bezel, the mechanical timepiece was a vague concept for me. An extravagant thing mainly based on ‘Hao’ is beyond the reach of college students who have just entered the society. And I usually see only smart, quartz-type watches, and the impression is only the rich and rich local richness (please forgive my imagination of poverty restrictions). After working, especially after meeting many watch lovers, I feel that small mechanical watches can also play many different roles in our lives, focusing on how to view the magical accessories above the wrist. I believe that the self-portraits of various types of watch owners released by Watch House a few days ago make watch friends fresh. Then, on the contrary, what kind of existence does the love watch on the wrists of your friends have in your heart? Let’s explore it together!

Daily watch tool?

   To share with you a personal experience, when I first started, one of my seniors once said to me, ‘If you want to know something, you must get it. After the actual experience, you can have insights, as well as watches. This is much more useful than the hard-set advertising information! ‘(This senior is a watch-lover, if he goes out one day and forgets to wear a watch, then when he remembers, he will definitely go back to get it, otherwise he will not wear the watch. Makes him uncomfortable all day.)
   Immediately, I had the first watch. Due to the habit of not wearing a watch, I initially felt that it was a troublesome thing to wear it every morning, so I forgot to wear a watch, especially for ‘throwing and losing.’ I have been in love for so many years. But gradually, the charm of watches and clocks has gradually entered my life, affecting the habits of weekdays. As you watch your wrists more often instead of pulling out your phone, sometimes you may feel uncomfortable forgetting to wear a watch. Haha, presumably it has become one with me.
Matching accessories?
   In the classic light comedy ‘Dating Expert’, the protagonist Pu Jiu specially designed a series of plans to pursue his goddess Liu Lin in order to win advertising contracts. When discussing the dress, such a bridge had appeared. Even a very hard brand watch with the wrong occasion will greatly reduce the image. Explain the importance of accessories for overall dress and image, especially for attending formal occasions or dating.

   Nowadays, a watch is not a simple timing tool, but a wrist companion who wears everyday to show his taste. So choose to choose different styles of watches to match on different occasions, let’s take a look at these models together … If I write the beginning of daily recommendations, I will apply this phrase. (Haha, editor-in-chief, please don’t hit me -_- ||) But it is true. It is as big as a business dinner and as small as a friend meeting. A watch that can cover it is definitely a good plus. So some watch friends, especially watch enthusiasts with more than one watch, will wear the watch with them, showing their most unique and perfect side.


   With the development of watches and clocks, more and more ‘poisons’ (excellent watches with a desire to buy) came into being, and as a result, a group of watch and clock players for the purpose of play emerged. They either buy multiple watches for fun, or buy a single watch, and buy the next watch that has been admired for a long time to help them detoxify. Although different people have different ways of playing, and the way they play are different, they all regard watches as advanced toys in the adult world, which are similar in meaning to today’s video games.

   In the minds of players, their price is not as important as it is important, it is more about whether the watch itself is worth the time to get it. Such watches often have the following advantages: popular models, high cost performance, distinctive features, are more outstanding in the same class of watches, showing a higher ‘play reward’. The experience of playing with these watches is the most authentic and dry information.

Sky-high ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona watch

   This type of watch is often associated with collectors, mostly antique or star watches. For example, the “Paul Newman” Daytona watch, which was sold for RMB 117.8 million, and the Patek Philippe watches that are often on the auction floor belong to the category of collectibles. Therefore, compared with ordinary watch players, collectors who own such high-value watches are considered to be advanced players.

Patek Philippe Reference 1518 Stainless Steel Watch

   Contrary to the case of ‘toys’, most of the value of collectible watches is reflected in the price, which can be concluded from previous Christie’s or Sotheby’s auctions. Therefore, collectors can imagine the care of these models. In their collections, there is sometimes a layer of investment significance.

   In terms of price, high-end watches can be considered luxury. Although a bit cheesy and negative energy, most luxury goods in China are not used for identification, but for identification. Therefore, it is required to wear a wrist watch, which must have a highly recognizable effect, so that everyone around you can recognize and see it. So it’s about a brand and a noble design that sets off the wearer’s fullness.
Summary: Just as ‘a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people’, for each person, the status of the watch in their own hearts is different. So among the five images described by the author today, are you looking at the image of love watches on your wrist? Let’s discuss it together!

2013 Valentine’s Day Audemars Piguet Praises Love In A Pure Name

In the time of lotus, the glory fades away and the classics last forever. True love is the ordinary companionship of the twilight, and there is no need to die vigorously. Just like the purity and eternity of the Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch and Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS series small seconds watch, it turns into the most persistent and firm praise for love. In the emotional moment, Audemars Piguet’s 2013 Valentine’s Day gift will bring tenderness and honey to your wrists, remembering the twilight and staying in gentleness.
Audemars Piguet Ultraslim Perpetual Calendar Watch
   The Audemars Piguet Audemars ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch fully incorporates the mysteries of celestial movement into the square inch. The elegant and slim ultra-thin case is fascinating; in such a thin case, it is possible to incorporate many functions such as the day, date, month, moon phase, leap year display and so on into the perpetual calendar machine with a thickness of only 4 mm. The installation, admiration for the master’s ingenuity and superb craftsmanship can not help but be born from the heart. The dial features a matte finish like the sun’s shadow and delicate rose gold hour markers. The slim bezel keeps the surface spacious, and the time display and various calendar messages are particularly eye-catching and easy to read. The perpetual calendar device uses ingenious mechanical principles to accurately and reliably reproduce all calendar messages. The rule of changing the length of the month is ‘recorded’ on a cam. The bulge on the rim represents a month of 31 days, and the groove represents a month of 30 days. On the same axis, there is another gear and a distinction between February and February. It is connected to the other cams in February and makes one revolution every four years to show the leap year cycle. The meticulous decoration of this movement further reflects Audemars Piguet’s pursuit of excellence in detail: the bridges are all manually chamfered and polished, especially the sharp edges and concave corners are carefully polished, making watch connoisseurs Amazing. Even the components hidden in the case are carefully decorated: the bridge is not only decorated with Geneva waves on the front, but also the covered back is polished with pearl dots. The pearl dots on the board are even polished in 5 different sizes, creating an extremely delicate effect. Bringing timeless classics to a lifetime appointment, time is at your fingertips, true love lasts forever.
Audemars Piguet Small Seconds Watch
   The classic style of the Audemars Piguet Audemars collection fits well with women who seek subtle beauty. They are not envious of dazzling stars, but win by their inner temperament, naturally exuding an admirable elegance and charm. The Audemars Piguet Audemars small seconds watch is like a white snow-covered ground or clear sky, retaining a peaceful space for women to breathe freely. Set against a very slim bezel, the round case of the Jules Audemars small seconds watch is extraordinarily light and exudes a sense of extraordinary elegance; the slim bezel also maintains a spacious surface. The matte-polished silver dial is elegant and elegant, making the rose gold bar-shaped hour markers and delicate rose gold hour and minute hands on the dial exceptional. Audemars Piguet watch factory selects the simple design for this watch, but also equipped it with carefully selected movements. The Jules Audemars small seconds watch is equipped with a cal. 3090 hand-wound movement entirely designed, manufactured, assembled and polished by Le Brassus. Since noble women no longer use ‘external beauty’ as the sole criterion for selecting watches, they also value the ‘inner beauty’ of mechanical movements, so the core component of this movement uses an adjustable weight that vibrates 21,600 times per hour. The balance wheel, eight small weights keep the movement of the movement continuously stable, and is equipped with a flat balance spring. The horizontal and horizontal balance wheel bridge plate is fixed on both sides of the machine plate instead of one side, and the shockproof effect is better. However, the most exciting part of the Cal.3090 movement lies in its meticulous workmanship and its pleasing and subtle details are worth slowly savoring. The charm of the Jules Audemars small seconds watch can stand the test of time, like a collection of beloved poems, with new insights every time you read it. . Classic and noble, with subtle elegance, is not only an interpretation of the timeless beauty of the watch, but also the most unswerving testimony of firm love.