Piaget’s New Four Seasons Watch-news Piaget

On the ‘Spring Idea’ watch of the Four Seasons series, the polished gold butterfly has a light figure and gracefully dances on the mother-of-pearl dial with pink and green floral motifs, proclaiming Spring is coming and everything is recovering.

On the ‘Summer Italy’ watch of the Four Seasons series, the center of the dial inlaid with diamonds dazzles like the sun, blooming in a warm summer style. A golden bee hovering under the sky-blue mother-of-pearl sky flew to the corn poppy hidden among the wheat ears to collect pollen.

On the Four Seasons Series ‘Autumn Idea’ watch, polished or diamond-studded autumn leaves take a lively waltz step on the pink mother-of-pearl dial, together with the fallen leaves resting on the dial, forming a A beautiful picture flashing with rose gold, gold and platinum, full of enthusiasm.

On the ‘Winter Ideas’ watch of the Four Seasons series, winter is ending the colorful year. Polished or diamond-studded gold snowflakes are light and dancing, as if to rest quietly on the surface of this never-melting blue pearl ice. Several luminous snowflakes make the winter night full of magic and fantasy. The cold colors of winter and the warmth brought by the dazzling light of the beautiful diamonds constitute a beautiful picture with a long artistic conception, which makes women with romantic feelings deeply intoxicated.
Piaget inspired four seasons to introduce the elegant and pretty new four seasons watch of the Limelight Dancing Light series. This series of watches are designed with originality. Piaget has transformed the exquisite craftsmanship into dazzling magic without revealing it. Rhyme. The case is 39 mm in diameter and comes with a white satin strap. These exquisite works are full of meaning, and the traces left by time are only expressed in the elegant temperament of beautiful women’s hands.
Original source: Piaget