Walter Lange (1924-2017)

Retired, but still choose to come forward and build a company-very few people have such determination. In 1990, Walter Lange did not hesitate to seize the opportunity to revive the watch factory left by his ancestors-its operation was interrupted under the baptism of the Cold War and the split of Germany and Germany. Walter Lange was 66 years old. At the time of the reunification of Germany and Germany, the great-grandson of Ferdinand Adolph Lange, the founder of Saxony watchmaking brand Ferdinand Adolph Lange-also known as Walter Lange-took the historic opportunity. Forty years after the brand was forced out of business, Walter Lange brings life to the long-standing Lange legend.

Walter Lange in front of a bust of Ferdinando Adolf Lange
   Walter Lange and his partner Günter Blümlein, together with highly skilled engineers and watchmakers, have a small team and firm ambitions, successfully showing the development of Lange watches to the end of the 20th century. . They worked closely and knew how to persuade their peers to achieve the ambitious goal of making the world’s top watch again in Glashütte. The experience of Walter Lange’s ancestors made him understand that even if the situation is difficult, there is still the possibility of entrepreneurship and success. He also understands that everything cares about carrying out a comprehensive plan to the end and employing people without doubt. Walter Lange believes in this philosophy and passes it on.
   Walter Lange was trained as a watchmaker. At the end of the Second World War, the situation was difficult. He tried to rebuild the family business-until the company was forcibly acquired, ending the Lange family’s desire. Instead of feeling a bit of resentment about this experience, he grew out of it. In the mid-1970s, Walter Lange frequently traveled to and from the Erzgebirge Mountains to maintain contact with his hometown residents. Determined to secure the livelihoods of the local population, he began to conceive how to revive Lange.
   Walter Lange’s vision of quality is accurate, and he maintains that traditional craftsmanship is retained and new technologies are developed from it. Created with the support of Walter Lange, the timepieces are elegant and original, with cutting-edge technology. At that time, the world was regaining their love for mechanical watches; Lange was back at this time with success. Lange 1 is proof-since the Lange first introduced the watch series, it has been the representative of the brand. The large calendar display and eccentric dial layout were epoch-making designs when they came out.
   Since then, Lange has repeatedly innovated and ranked among the top watchmaking brands with a reputation in more than 60 countries. The small team that started the new world has now expanded to 770 employees, and the first series of only four watches has now developed into five large families with distinctive styles. The extraordinary quality and design of Lange watches has won more than 250 international awards to date-such impressive results are inseparable from Walter Lange’s pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial achievements. Walter Lange was awarded the Order of Merit of the Free State of Saxony in 1998, and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2015. Its outstanding contribution.
   After Walter Lange stepped down from management, he still actively works for the company he founded as a brand ambassador and consultant. He has a very famous saying: ‘I am the bridge to Lange’s past.’ And his accomplishments go far beyond that. He boldly tried, foresighted, demanding rigor, and treat people with sincerity, not only a symbol of Lange’s inheritance of ancient and modern times, but also a model person admired by all. The watch factory revived under his hands has long been independent and flourishing, far beyond imagination, and embodying the real great achievements. The loving elder died on January 17, 2017, at the age of 92. However, the model he set still shapes the cultural heritage of Lange to this day.

Certina Ds Furious Latest Watch

The vibrant and precise feel, the pursuit of perfect sports watches. The name Certina has been permanently equated with extremely precise timing. This fearless spirit and creative motivation is back in DS Furious, a new collection of watches that reflects the extreme sportsmanship of a brave man. No matter from which angle you admire, the modern design and bold lines make this dial-back chronograph fully creative and unique. The travel time is extremely accurate, and the power is constantly flowing, showing its strength and freedom at all times.
Motivation is inspired by new challenges and the desire for perfect sports, making it easy for you to take control of a thriving modern life. Human life is limited, let it pass you the excitement of every moment in the never-ending beat! Certina’s creative impulse follows this extremely dynamic pace, and its original intention of dedicating high-quality outstanding timepieces to the public has remained unchanged, which is its unchanged purpose.
This is the design motivation behind the new DS Furious series. This classic men’s chronograph has attracted countless eyes with its young avant-garde shape. The new series DS Furious is aimed at alternative extreme sports. Its design is eye-catching and the new technology is used inside. The sharp combination of texture and appearance is particularly noticeable. It perfectly interprets a high level of modernity. The glazed case is equipped with a black PVD bezel, the carbon fiber dial is engraved with a geometric composition showing heroism, and the background is covered with lines similar to the dashboard of a racing cockpit. The chronograph hands can move in the opposite direction, appearing unique, and can be reset after a lap. The 30-second indicator can travel 180 degrees counterclockwise, while the 5-minute indicator travels along its own 120-degree semicircle. The 60-minute timer runs clockwise along a 144-degree scale to complete the mission of this masterpiece of technology and art. Two solid protrusions on the case can protect the crown, and a small and beautiful orange rubber knob on the end of the crown stands out. The two buttons of the timer system have a delicate black PVD coating on the side, which balances the visual effect.
The hour and minute hands clearly express DS Furious’s uncompromising sports characteristics, of course, thanks to their imaginative vertical slotting and bright orange seconds hand. Equipped with a black rubber strap, this eye-catching timepiece is specially designed for young people or young athletes who like extreme sports lifestyle, and can easily meet any type of challenge. DS Furious is available in a variety of styles to meet the needs of all wearers: black or silver dial, blue timer, and optional stainless steel bracelet. It also has a three-handed style.
Technical data
Movement: ETA G15.261, 10 ½’’’quartz movement, Swiss made
Hour, minute, second, date
Dial-back chronograph with 30-second timer in the center of the dial,
5-minute and 60-minute timers with cumulative timing (ADD) and simultaneous segment timing (SPLIT) functions
Three-hand model: ETA F06.111, 11 ½’’’quartz movement, Swiss made
Hour, minute, second, date
Case: 316L stainless steel and black PVD coating
Water resistance: 100 m / 10 ATM
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Bracelet: rubber strap with folding clasp
Polished stainless steel bracelet with folding safety clasp
Various dials: silver dial with blue timer
Silver dial with orange timer
Specifications: DS (Double Insurance System)
Stock reference number: C011.417.27.202.00, black / orange dial, rubber strap
011 C011.417.21.202.01, black / blue dial, stainless steel bracelet
Retail price: 2750.- to 4500.- RMB

Reproduction Of Panerai’s Historical Prototype – Pam00685

It seems that Panerai is said every year. With the increase of experience, the views on Pei are gradually changing. In September 2018, there was major news in the watch industry: Macau’s first watch museum was opened next to the Macau Grand Prix Bus, the Macau Watch Museum. There is a large collection of Panerai watches in the collection. I believe that Peipei is undoubtedly a punching resort. The poisoner also visited it before the end of 18 years. The East Timepiece Museum is made up of five areas: antique watch area, modern watch area, Panerai area, famous collector’s collection display area and watch fan interaction area. Among them, the number displayed in the Panerai area accounts for one-third of the collection. Here you can see many classic limited edition models of Panerai, 3646,5218 of the early Rolex movement; 072,080,098,100,127,147,163,189 of the limited-term brilliant outsourcing movements In the later period, various heyday classics were 341,507,519,532,606,662,672,784,785,911. In addition to the large collection of Panerai, if you are lucky enough to enter the exhibition hall, you will definitely see this huge diver (FROGMAN). As the focus of the pavilion, in response to the naval background of Panerai, the frogman commando diving suit used by the Royal Italian Navy of World War II was specially displayed. In the early underwater operations, without sophisticated equipment, we could only rely on this diving suit to ensure the safety of divers. If you have watched the movie ‘The Angry Sea Divers’, I believe that I will feel kind. The large window copper helmet, plastic fiber body, load pendant, belt and diving knife, and load shoes. The full set of equipment weighs 270-300 kg for divers to perform underwater operations at a depth of 100 meters. In addition to the Panerai display, the second floor of the museum is also a collection of antique watches. In order to avoid article digression, it is only a small part of the museum. Interested friends may go to Macau to experience it for free (permanent and free). Giovanni Panerai founded the watch shop at the Thanksgiving Bridge in Florence in 1860, and is still the headquarters of Panerai’s Florence. In order to tell Panerai thoroughly, it is still necessary to understand his product line: Luminor with a large crown and bridge protection is RADIOMIR. These two names are derived from the luminous light provided by Panerai to the Italian military material. In the twentieth century, Panerai, a military supplier, had long been responsible for the munitions supply business in Italy and Egypt. It was not until 1993 that it withdrew from military cooperation and began to turn into a civilian enterprise. In 1916, ‘RADIOMIR’ was a radium-based luminous material, used as a luminous coating for instruments and dials, and was welcomed by the Italian Navy. Since then Panerai launched this patented name in 1936 as a watch series name. However, due to the high radioactivity of radium which will affect the human body, in the late 1949, it was gradually replaced with ‘Luminor’, which is a fluorene-based compound, and Panerai once again named this luminous material as a new series. Subsequent new series are also based on this two. To get started, you only need to know the difference between ‘RADIOMIR’ and ‘Luminor’. As we all know, Panerai likes to play all kinds of limited editions. The limited editions are divided into the current editions and once-limited editions. Each one is unique, which greatly reduces the possibility of “hitting the watch” with others, and at the same time, a wave of speculation can arise. Hundreds of styles evolved from the elements on the disk. They all seem to have known each other, but they are almost the same at first glance, but for P Party: the difference is literally thousands of miles away. A small change often hides the surging price. difference. Today, Panerai’s evaluation is just such a special style, model PAM00685, this model is also the earliest replica of Panerai’s 3646typeA experimental prototype. In the late 1930s, Panerai produced several very special Radiomir watches, which were equipped with 12-sided bezels and engraved with the words ‘OFFICINE PANERAI-BREVETTATO’. This inscription refers to the patented luminous substance used on the dial of the Radiomir watch, and also states that these watches are intended for the Royal Italian Navy. And PAM00685 is a reproduction of this unique outer ring shape, and released a limited edition of 1,000 in 2017. Although Pei has performed poorly in recent years, 685 has taken the lead and stands firm. This peculiar shape actually means that this watch has a cap ring on both the front and the back. The difference is that the front material is an arched acrylic mirror, and the back is flat sapphire glass. At the same time, an additional plastic lens will be equipped in the watch box to facilitate damage replacement. It is worth noting that the modern models basically do not use the rubber lens configuration, except for the one-off limit of historical re-engraving; this is also an important sign to distinguish the true limit or the annual limit. When the watch was delivered to me, it was immediately stunned, the huge box weighed more than six pounds. The first time I saw such a box with blood books. Open the beautiful wooden box and see that it also comes with an introduction manual. This handbook records the Silent a Lenta Corsa (meaning slow torpedo) specially made by the Royal Navy of 1940 because the Italian used in the atlas did not understand what it said, but the pictures show that ‘ ‘Torpedo’ is actually a water downloader tool, and this tool is relatively cumbersome to operate. People call it ‘PIG’, so the frogman riding a pig attacked British submarines and merchant ships in this way-in service During the six years, 33 ships were destroyed. Look at this Panerai’s 12-sided retaining ring when you get it, it really looks like a Bulgari ring, and it also has a circle of exclusive marks on the side. The dial still retains the style of the time, with a simple large scale and a two-pin display, which can most directly view the time. The sandwich plate can save more luminous energy, which can make the plate shine permanently in the dark. Double gold needles combined with beige luminous powder against the black sand grained disc surface, full of charm, it must be said that the Italians really have artistic talent, historical and cultural heritage has always made it stand upright. The multi-sided pillow design 685 uses the WLS hidden lug design, which is fixed and disassembled by screws on the back. Although the manual movement, the onion handle is also designed as a lock handle. Looking at the back, the P3000 movement is used. Developed by Panerai Watch Factory, the frosted plywood and rounded edges are still very good. The P.3000 movement is also equipped with a quick time adjustment device: similar to the Omega 8500. The gear is set for quick adjustment of the hour hand and the second gear for the minute hand. The super large watch with a diameter of 47MM is placed in my small hand. In fact, it is not unthinkable, especially the contraction of the lugs is suitable for people with small hands. Saying that Pei’s design style is rough and does not require much decoration to match, looks comfortable and has a highly recognizable appearance, and for Panerai, after choosing the favorite watch, it really started to toss time. The strap is the essence of Panerai. How can Panerai play without the trouble of the strap? The huge watch head, quick replacement method, and simple style can maximize the advantages of the strap. Therefore, Peimei will have a special box to store different styles of straps. 685 was originally a leather belt, here has been replaced by a crocodile belt. Beginners like poison division can only buy some cheap Chenhui straps, advanced ones can choose Ray, Wotan, Corrigia. As soon as Peimen entered the sea, the wallet was a passerby; he loved and hated Pei, but if only one Pei was chosen, this 685 is indeed a very good choice. Model: Panerai PAM00685, Size: 47MM Movement: Manual P3000, Price: 69700.