2015 Sihh Parmigiani Tribute To Bugatti Decade

Parmigiani and Bugatti in 2001 met. At that time, the famous Molsheim company was looking for a close partnership with a watch company, but the watch company had to meet extremely precise standards. This brand needs to have the enthusiasm to climb the peak of craftsmanship without losing its keen artistic appreciation. It must attach great importance to the elegance of design and appearance. The brand also needs an independent watch factory, which can produce freely and realize unlimited creative potential.

The design of BUGATTI Mythe is based on the iconic 57 grille, which is another reflection of its source of inspiration

In the end, Bugatti chose to link his destiny to Parmigiani, as the brand met and exceeded all its expectations. The two sides formally established a cooperative relationship in 2004. Since then, the Fleurier-based watchmaker has been creating watches for the BUGATTI collection, and these works are not just watches with the car brand logo-they are more like watches The form rejuvenates the car.
Bugatti’s Birthday — three watches pay tribute to ten years
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their relationship, Parmigiani launched three limited edition Bugatti watches. The brand decided to use the signature Bugatti 370 model and its horizontal tubular movement as the basis. This watch, which marked the relationship between the two parties in 2004, shows Parmigiani’s top creativity and the pursuit of the peak of craftsmanship, and it is for this reason that BUGATTI 370 can be born. The Anniversary Limited Edition includes three new watches: BUGATTI Mythe, BUGATTI Victoire and BUGATTI Révélation. Each watch showcases different highlights of this collaboration, or a unique aspect of the automotive world that plays a significant role in the creation of the watch.

The BUGATTI Mythe watch is equipped with a PF370 movement, the case number is engraved with a unique number, ‘2004-2014’ MODÈLE UNIQUE ‘

BUGATTI Mythe is the perfect combination of industry and craftsmanship in the automotive field; BUGATTI Révélation finds the connection between cars and watches, and it is this connection that guides the entire cooperation. Finally, BUGATTI Victoire conveys Bugatti’s consistent speed and Motivation concept. In 2004, the birth of BUGATTI 370 caused a sensation in the watchmaking industry. To commemorate the first crystallization of the cooperation between the two parties, all three tenth anniversary edition watches use the same tubular structure. They symbolize the return of the first “wrist engine” watch. The three watches, named BUGATTI Mythe, BUGATTI Révélation, and BUGATTI Victoire, show the different highlights of the cooperation between the two parties.
The appearance of BUGATTI Mythe reflects the combination of industry and craftsmanship in the automotive world. The main case is composed of two unique surfaces, two colors are beaded together, perfectly conveying the fusion of industry and craftsmanship. The first surface is mottled gray, which represents the ‘original’ side of the automotive industry’s manufacturing; the second surface is polished gold, demonstrating the superb craftsmanship of master craftsmen adding color to the entire watch. This fusion of industry and craftsmanship is reflected in both Parmigiani and Bugatti. The potential of these two worlds is integrated in each watch or car, thereby strengthening the strength of the two brands and their partnership.

BUGATTI Révélation watch dial faithfully copied the car grille, reproducing the honeycomb grid structure

BUGATTI Mythe’s exterior design is based on the iconic 57 grille, which is another reflection of its source of inspiration. This iconic grille appeared on the first Bugatti car. Unlike the classic grille that appeared later, it was composed of multiple lines instead of a grid. The dial of the watch reproduces these lines, which extend down to the oval edge of the BUGATTI watch. The dial returns to the Art Deco style of Bugatti’s first car, ensuring that the watch faithfully reproduces the legendary racing car of this Molsheim factory.
The design of BUGATTI Révélation embodies a diligent principle in the cooperation between the two parties-to make the car look new in the form of a watch. The design of this watch is based on the grille of the Bugatti Veyron, and its honeycomb structure is composed of pavé diamond-shaped patterns. This decorative pattern is prominent on the watch’s dial, above the movement’s mirror and on the strap, and each has a different meaning.

The BUGATTI Révélation watch is equipped with a PF370 movement, with a unique number engraved on the case back, ‘2004-2014’ MODÈLE UNIQUE ‘

The dial faithfully reproduces the car grill. Previously, the dial of the BUGATTI watch was inspired by the car grille, but the honeycomb grid structure has never been reproduced so clearly. This scaled-down grid ratio is extremely delicate and must be achieved with ultra-precise laser cutting technology.

BUGATTI Victoire watch is composed of concentric ‘V’, which seems to symbolize ‘Velocity’ speed and ‘Victory’ victory

The diamond pattern is detachably hinged above the tubular movement, making the ‘engine block’ of the watch loosing and unforgettable. This protective cover maps the car’s hood and perfectly reproduces the relationship between the car body and its engine. It is hand-made by master jewellery artisans-a traditional contrast to the laser cutting of the microgrid. Finally, after the diamond pattern is greatly enlarged, it is engraved longitudinally on the strap. BUGATTI Révélation’s strap uses a tanning process called ‘debossing’ (ie, intaglio), which reproduces the tufted decoration on the car seat cover.
BUGATTI Victoire’s motif is rich in meaning and timeless. It consists of the concentric ‘V’, which seems to symbolize ‘Velocity’ (speed) and ‘Victory’ (victory)-these two words are synonymous with the Bugatti factory since its inception. This pattern is also reminiscent of the glide marks left on the track by a car chasing victory. Thanks to the concentric structure, this pattern can attract attention to the movement part located in the center of the watch-the ‘engine set’ that made this watch famous.

BUGATTI Victoire watch with PF370 movement, engraved with a unique number on the case back, ‘2004-2014’ MODÈLE UNIQUE ‘

This extremely pure geometry is reproduced in the case with superb engraving. The engraving craftsman of this watch is also one of the first episodes of this series of watches in 2004-the craftsmen of BUGATTI Centenaire, with constant patience and exquisite skills, engraved every detail of the pattern. The front side is also set with diamonds, forming a striking contrast with the almost black gold-like engraving that is neither polished nor rhodium plated. The satin finish brings out the original appearance of the material, which forms a more sharp contrast with the decorative features of the theme pattern. The leather strap is also engraved with the same ‘V’ pattern and surrounds the entire wrist. Because laser cutting can cause irreparable burn marks on leather, this unique watch uses a waterjet cutting process.