Baoper Supports Philanthropy Worldwide

‘Love makes life beautiful. Artists of the China Disabled People’s Art Troupe show us the most beautiful beauty in the world by virtue of their extraordinary understanding and persistent pursuit of art. I hope that the participation of Blancpain will help More charitable voices are translated into practical actions, passing Zhen Ai to more people who need help. ‘On November 21, 2012, love made life beautiful in Shanghai. Blancpain at the’ The Unique ‘launch dinner Says Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China.
As a long-term practitioner of social welfare, Blancpain has spared no effort in charity and care not only in China but also globally. Carrying a long history of 277 years, Blancpain has a profound and unique understanding of ‘heritance of great love’, with great enthusiasm to fulfill its inescapable social responsibility in all fields.
Big Love and Gratitude
As a pioneer of global watch technology innovation, Blancpain has always given the warmest and strongest support to social welfare. At the launch dinner, Blancpain presented the “The Unique” new haute couture watch as a lot. All the proceeds were donated to the China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation to support the future discovery of the China Disabled Arts Troupe. To cultivate more members with artistic potential, and to open a new chapter of Blancpain’s charity and care in China with practical measures.
Founded in 1987, the China Disabled People’s Art Troupe has created many art classics with unique artistic charm and deep spiritual connotation, and stands in the forest of world culture with the perfect fusion of art and soul. The large-scale dance ‘My Dream’ and ‘A Thousand Hands Avalokitesvara’ independently arranged by members of the art troupe have achieved great success and wide recognition all over the world. They have visited more than 60 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania, and performed many times. More than 150 shows were awarded the title of ‘UNESCO Peace Artist’. The artist infused sincere emotions into the stage, impressed countless audiences with infectious works of art, and won many world-class awards, including the International Lions’ Outstanding Art Award. In recognition of the outstanding spirit of the art troupe, the Washington State government has decided to set May 18, 2006 as the Chinese Disabled Art Troupe Day.
The actors of the Art Troupe gave back to the society with gratitude and supported themselves. At the same time, they also carried out a large number of charity performances and cultural exchanges, and set up a ‘My Dream’ harmonious fund with thrifty performance income. In just four years since its establishment, members have accumulated donations of more than 10 million yuan for domestic and foreign public welfare undertakings based on thrifty incomes. They have delivered optimistic spirit and warm love to all corners of society with practical actions.
I was touched by the members of the art troupe in their pursuit of excellence. Blancpain and the China Disabled Art Troupe jointly composed a caring song. Blancpain sponsors this cultural and arts group in the form of charity bazaar. It is hoped that through its own appeal and appeal with the Chinese Disabled People’s Art Troupe, it will affect people of insight to devote themselves to charity and provide more artistic talents. Artists with disabilities create a platform for self-worth. Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China, said, ‘The actors of the China Disabled Art Troupe, with their extraordinary artistic understanding, have shown the beauty of art admired by the world. These artists have set a positive example for society. Through their interpretation of the true feelings, we feel the peace and inspiration of the soul. Blancpain hopes to do its part to help the China Disabled People’s Arts Troupe to discover and cultivate more members with artistic potential, and create good for these aspiring young people The atmosphere of art inspires them and encourages them to bravely pursue their dreams of life. ‘
Da Daxing is good for practice for ten years
In fact, Blancpain has a long history of charity. In 2001, Blancpain was the first of all watch manufacturers to make a full commitment to support the charity auction of ‘ONLY ONE’, and none of them were absent in the subsequent auctions. In 2005, after ‘ONLY ONE’ was renamed ‘ONLY WATCH’ charity auction, the watch auction company Antiquorum and more than 30 world-renowned watch factories were invited to participate. The Blancpain team brings together love to create a unique watch that always stands out from the best: from the innovatively designed red gold automatic watch, to the new sports watch modern diving watch 500 噚, to Villeret. Decorative watches, each one can be called a classic. Blancpain supports philanthropy worldwide
Blancpain President and CEO Donates Car-2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 GT3
In 2012, Blancpain President and CEO Marc A. Hayek donated his car, the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 GT3, and donated 155,000 euros to the Monaco Muscular Atrophy Association (AMM). For the prevention and research of Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy syndrome. The Monaco Muscular Dystrophy Association, established by His Royal Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, has been working for many years to treat and prevent Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy syndrome. Ten years ago, Blancpain began a long-term cooperation with this institution. Through the provision of funds and other support, it has now helped 250,000 patients receive treatment. For Blancpain, the ten-year long insistence is no longer an empty and abstract slogan, but also the firmest and warmest expression of charity.
Big blame for supporting environmental protection
In 2012, on the basis of continuing to adhere to the original charity, Blancpain announced that it officially joined the ‘National Geographic · Primitive Marine Protection Plan’ to expand the brand’s philanthropic care business scope with a firm and strong step.
Within the framework of the three-year agreement, Blancpain will fund sponsorships including the Pitcairn Islands (British Atlantic Ocean Territory), the Franz Josef Islands (Russia) in the northern part of the Barents Sea, and the Winterte Islands (Chile) The original ecological marine protection activities including the three sea areas have stimulated people’s infinite yearning and love for the blue sea, so they took the cause of environmental protection as their own heart. In order to better promote the importance of ocean protection, Blancpain sponsored the first World Economic Ocean Summit held from February 22nd to 24th, 2012. This environmental conference in Singapore aims to explore how increasing human activities can affect marine ecology and actively explore the management and operation of sustainable environmental protection undertakings, demonstrating Blancpain’s determination to support marine environmental protection.

At the same time, in order to allow more people to feel the goodwill and sincerity of Blancpain in the protection of the primitive marine, in August 2012, Blancpain President and CEO Marc A. Hayek also personally went to the sea to inspect and experience for himself. This pioneering expedition, initiated by the National Geographic Society, supports this public interest environmental protection activity with the help of scientific research and media promotion to protect the last wild area in the world through scientific research and media.
Looking at the worldwide charitable actions of this top watchmaking pioneer, it clearly shows Blancpain’s philanthropy process from point to surface, from small to large. I believe that Blancpain, which regards social responsibility as a long-term mission, will express more emotions for us in the future, extend the bit of warmth infinitely, and light up the miracle of a beautiful life with love.

Franck-muller-infinity-dragon Series Watch

‘Tornado’ has a large scope of influence, which has begun to appear from the second half of the Year of the Rabbit. It has killed a domineering road of image design in various fields and industries; its instantaneous explosive power is strong From the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, we can see that the earth of China is full of joy and encouragement. At the same time, the dragon is shaking the world. The watch and clock industry is not giving up between square inches, and the major brands share the Chinese Dragon Year. As the saying goes, ‘Nine dragons are born differently.’ The bright fire enamels, carved paintings, handmade dragon-patterned dragon ornaments, and jewelry inlays, each of the dragon watches are inspiring. We invite 5 professionals in the art world to sit still Let’s see if it is Jackie Chan or Jackie Chan.

Franck-Muller-Infinity-Dragon Watch
Franck Muller
Infinity Dragon watch
Movement: quartz movement
Dial: Set with 143 diamonds, 0.9 carat
Case: stainless steel case with 424 diamonds, weighing 3.75 carats
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Wang Gang: The dragon pattern of this watch extends from the dial to the bezel. It has a strong modern sense, but it still has elegant patterns and craftsmanship. The dial and bezel full of diamonds ‘supported’ the three-colored dragon, as if it were about to come out, very distinctive. The square dial and curved dragon pattern are also very comfortable. Very bright and collectible work.
Lawrence. Xu: Chinese red, green dragon, starry dial, red strap, the whole watch shows youthful vitality, youth and fashion, giving people a pleasing look.
Ren Jin: This watch is a very fashionable and beautiful work. For the wearer, it has both the men’s British spirit and the female’s color. It is matched with red and green and has white diamonds. The free movement of the shape and the color of the dial and strap are very innovative. If the red color of the dragon is more consistent with the red color of the strap, this design concept may be more obvious.
Xi Huangfujiang: Vulgar, glamorous, and chaotic. If it is a female watch and it is okay, it is a male watch. In all fairness, the design fails and the FM level is lost.
延 Li Yansheng: The square dial, the red dragon meanders. Red is auspicious color, which is in line with Chinese appreciation habits. Elegant and beautiful, Geely is festive. However, the head of the dragon is black and gray, which is not in harmony with the dragon body.