Timeless Classics Jacques Dro Watch Real Shot

In the fierce progress of Baselworld 2014, new watches from many brands have once again become the focus of much attention. Choosing a chronograph watch is not only a simple consumption, but also a cultural influence and a historical influence. Jacques de Lo shows to the world with practical actions that the watch is definitely a high-level masterpiece.

  The metallic luster of this watch complements the silver-white dial, with a touch of elegance in luxury. Still using the classic 8-character dial design, the 8 symbolizes infinity and perfection, which is Jacques Dro’s lucky number.

  Since its inception, the Grande Second has been the eternal source of inspiration for the brand and a symbol of its immortality. Viewed from the side, this watch is not very thick, the lug radian and the strap are perfectly combined, and the curve is smooth and smooth.

  The bottom of the table is clearly engraved with Jaquet Droz’s mark. Through the bottom of the table, you can see the movement at a glance.

  The watch team’s special report team has also rushed to the watch exhibition site to bring you the most fresh and up-to-date watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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Speed ​​and Passion, Precision And Innovation 2015 Oris Audi Motorsport Limited Edition Watch Released On Shanghai

On November 1, 2015, the World Championship of Automotive Endurance (WEC) China, which was on par with F1, competed at the Shanghai International Circuit. Oris assisted the Audi team to win the third place again. The 2015 Oris Audi Motorsport Limited Edition watch jointly developed by the two parties was also officially released on the day of the race. The famous driver Cheng Congfu became the first wearer of the new watch.

2015 Oris Audi Motorsport Limited Edition

   Since its birth in 1904, Oris has always insisted on using industrial technology to create high-performance, cost-effective mechanical timepieces. It is one of the few Swiss independent brands specializing in mechanical watches. In 2013, Oris signed a global cooperation agreement with Audi, becoming the official timer partner of the Audi racing team in the World Car Endurance (WEC), German Touring Car Master (DTM) and other events.
Race against time, the inextricable connection between precision watches and the track
   In 1970, Chronoris, the first professional racing watch from Oris, entered the racing track. For more than 40 years, Oris has been active in motorsports. The 2015 Oris Audi Motorsport Limited Edition unveiled at this event is a watch with multiple functions such as chronograph, patented unformatted second hand display, etc. It has a strong sports style and radiates the uniqueness of racing watches everywhere Precision and dynamic.

1970 Chronoris, Oris’ first racing watch

   Car racing is the fastest race on the surface. Every 0.1 second performance improvement requires unimaginable effort. It is this demand that motivates Oris to continuously accumulate experience, steadily improve the accuracy and stability of the watch, and incorporate many ideas and design aesthetics derived from racing. Oris watches not only have the outstanding performance to meet professional motorsports, but also become a symbol of professionalism and personality in the eyes of fans and watch lovers.

Mr. Yan Minhui, General Manager of Oris China, awarded Oris Audi Motorsport limited edition watches to Cheng Congfu, in recognition of his outstanding second place in the Audi R8 LMS Cup.

   Mr. Yan Minhui, General Manager of Oris China, said in the event: ‘The Motorsport series is one of Oris’ four watch series today, which best reflects the vitality and personality of the brand. The car has given Oris a lot of valuable watchmaking. Experience, whether in the design of the design, or in the basic work of function development and performance improvement, racing has deeply affected the brand and consumers. ‘
Join hands to strengthen the value of Oris and Audi
   Machinery, precision, passion, and innovation are the common values ​​of watches and racing cars, bringing long-lasting surprises and joy to consumers. This has also prompted Oris and Audi brands to join hands and start an in-depth cooperation. At the end of 2013, the two parties signed a global cooperation agreement. Oris became the official timer partner of the Audi Racing Team in the World Car Endurance Race (WEC), the German Touring Car Master (DTM) and other events, and decided to jointly develop a new watch series. The Oris Audi Motorsport series was born. After launching the Audi Motorsport Limited Edition Automatic Chronograph for the first time in 2014, Oris has also created a number of new racing watches such as GMT and the calendar of the week.
Innovative design, racing spirit reborn on the wrist
   2015 second-generation Oris Audi Motorsport limited edition watch, just like Audi high-tech racing car, is the crystallization of innovative technology and dynamic design.

Oris Motorsport watches are the product of Swiss watchmaking and the spirit of racing

   The new watch is driven by the Oris778 self-winding mechanical movement and has a chronograph function. The outer ring of the dial is the iconic racing speedometer scale. A 10-minute countdown display was added to the 30-minute chronograph small dial at 12 o’clock on the dial, allowing the rider to accurately grasp the preparation time before the gun fires. The 9 o’clock position of the dial is Oris’ patented small format second hand. This unique feature is inspired by the racing tachometer. The second hand is no longer a traditional circular motion, but displays the time in a linear manner. The prominent red gradually fills the black display slot, and then changes back to full black after 60 seconds, and then starts again.

Audi racing team has repeatedly achieved good results in the WEC endurance race, Oris and Audi signed a global cooperation agreement in 2013

   The second-generation Oris Audi Motorsport Limited Edition watch has a cool black look full of power, the case is made of light titanium alloy, and the whole body is covered with black DLC (steel-like steel) coating, which is strong and wear-resistant. The high-tech ceramic bi-directional rotating dial is marked with minute scales and is surrounded by rubber for easy operation. On the black watch, the important scales and hands are red used by Audi and Oris, expressing the speed and passion of racing watches. The black cowhide watch with titanium buckle and perforated surface reflects a strong racing style. The back of the watch is engraved with the new Audi R18 e-tron quattro racing car and a limited number, which is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide.
   Mr. Yan Minhui, General Manager of Oris China, awarded the first Oris Audi limited edition watch to Cheng Congfu, who won the second place driver of the Audi R8 LMS Cup the previous day in recognition of his enterprising spirit. Mr. Cheng Congfu said that the Oris Audi Motorsports watch means a lot to an Audi driver, and hopes that Oris watches will help him to go further in the next year’s race.

product features
Oris Audi Motorsport Limited Edition 2nd Generation
Product number: 778 7661 7784 LS, table diameter: 44.00mm
Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide
Oris778 self-winding chronograph movement, calendar week display at 3 o’clock, 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock, and 10-minute countdown
Titanium case, screw-in stainless steel crown and buttons, black DLC (diamond-like) coating, 100m water resistance
Two-way rotating ceramic bezel with minute scale and rubber-wrapped outer edge
Double-sided arched sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating on the inside
The back cover is engraved with the new Audi R18 e-tron quattro racing pattern and watch limited number
Black matte dial with tachymeter scale on the outer ring
Arabic numerals and hour and minute hands with black luminous material
Dial at 9 o’clock is Oris patented ‘back format’ second hand
Black perforated leather strap with black DLC-plated titanium alloy buckle