Jeanrichard Ian Wright Limited Carbon Fashion

Swiss luxury watch brand JEANRICHARD launched the latest Terrascope series at the Salon QP Watch Show, this is the first limited edition watch with a black carbon fiber dial in this series, paying tribute to JEANRICHARD and Assen In cooperation with the football club. But for watch lovers, it will not be limited to this, this one by Ian. The third timepiece endorsed by Ian Wright was released at the famous London Watch and Jewellery Exhibition and presented in a ‘set’ with a wall clock, bringing the philosophy of JEANRICHARD from the wrist to the Arsenal club and watches Lovers’ living room.

 JEANRICHARD launches third timepiece for Arsenal, Terrascope Chrono carbon fiber chronograph endorsed by Arsenal player Ian Wright

JEANRICHARD Terrascope Chrono Carbon Arsenal is the first limited-edition model in the series with a black carbon fiber dial

This all-black Terrascope watch stands out with its multi-layer black carbon fiber case and black carbon fiber bezel. This fiber rotation mode makes the timepiece stronger. The red mark on the dial symbolizes the Arsenal Club, and it also highlights the iconic all-black ‘artillery’ pattern of the Arsenal Club on the small dial. This elegant sports watch is paired with a black ‘rubber crocodile’ strap that looks like crocodile leather and a titanium folding clasp. At the heart of the watch is a mechanical self-winding chronograph movement.

 New limited edition Arsenal carbon fiber chronograph with JR60 automatic movement

Arsenal carbon fiber chronograph is presented only in the form of a “set”, with a stylish brown gift box, a built-in JEANRICHARD 30 cm diameter wall clock, and a certificate of authenticity signed by three Arsenal club players

This new limited edition ‘Terrascope Chrono Carbon Arsenal’ Arsenal carbon fiber chronograph is only presented in the ‘set’ format, with a stylish brown gift box, built-in JEANRICHARD 30 cm diameter wall clock, and a signature by three Arsenal club players Certificate of Authenticity. This special limited edition timepiece is issued 50 pieces worldwide. Now, fans and watch enthusiasts of Arsenal Club can enjoy this comprehensive timekeeping service on the road or at home. Bruno Grande, General Manager of JEANRICHARD, said: ‘With a special limited edition carbon fiber watch, we not only wish to pay tribute to our successful cooperation with the Arsenal Club and the main elements of the Terrascope series. Philosophy is delivered to people’s living rooms. The best way is to be at the headquarters of Arsenal. From the star players of the 90s, they have successfully transformed into the prestigious TV and radio celebrity Ian Wright.

 The eye-catching Arsenal carbon fiber chronograph limited edition, the red mark on the dial symbolizes the Arsenal Club, and it also highlights the Arsenal Club’s iconic all-black “artillery” pattern on the small seconds dial —- ** *

Budget Launches New Hampton Hampton Series

At 6 pm on Friday, the fast pace of workdays slowed down as the weekend approached. People living in New York finally have time to leave the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and set off for the legendary place on the coast, the Hamptons, to meet up with friends, exercise, and party. Living on the other side of Long Island, Hamilton is the ideal place to relax and unwind over the weekend. After just a few hours’ drive across the Brooklyn Bridge, the traditional wooden hut that stretches across the beach will be in sight. Here, time flows in a peculiar way, playing with the changing light of kissing sea level day after day.
新款 Every action of every day, every moment is accompanied by the new Hampton series. These chic and dynamic models combine the traditional essence of classic watchmaking with a modern design.
Even if you return to the city, the Humberton watch on your wrist will still remind you of the pleasant leisure time, the leisurely weekend on the waterfront.
Humberton Series (1994-2009)
In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the birth of the Baume & Mercier star watch series, Humberton launched a new series of watches in 2009. The Humberton series was born in 1994. Its design subverted the trend of watchmaking at that time. With a rectangular stainless steel case, it became a hot-selling model as soon as it was launched. In addition to the rectangular rose gold watch launched by Baume & Mercier in 1960, the Humberton series has added many innovative designs. Whether curved or square, the Humberton collection has always succeeded in following its characteristics: the perfect combination of traditional watchmaking essence and modern design.
Innovative design
The new Humberton has three series: the Hampton Classic, the Hampton Manchette and the Hampton magnum. The Hampton Classic design continues the timeless elegance of the first Hampton watch, reshaping the rectangular case with smooth and stylish lines. This series of watches has a variety of men’s and women’s watches, with more new sizes to choose from. The Hampton Manchette is a jewellery watch that interprets the essence of the Humberton, perfectly displaying the gentleness and charm of women. Finally, the Hampton magnum, a collection with a dynamic and exquisite variety, is reproduced with larger models and white women models than before.
Hampton Hampton Classic XL Large Visual Balance Watch
商务 ‘Business Series’ suitable for weekday wear: masterpieces of high-end watches, showing the elegant atmosphere of the city, a new design with an enlarged case, and a hollow window to showcase advanced watchmaking technology.

Hampton Hampton Classic XL Large Chronograph
Chic Weekend Chronograph: Pure black appearance, enlarged case, improved multi-function buttons, solid black crocodile strap with adjustable triple folding buckle.

Hampton Hampton Classic L Large Jewelry Watch
Hampton Hampton Classic S Small Jewelry Watch
Feminine comfort and elegance: Large watches with leather straps and small watches with stainless steel bracelets are all refined and luxurious with natural mother-of-pearl dials, as well as special marks for ladies’ watches ——The crown is set with a centrifugal diamond.

Hampton Hampton Classic S Small
Hampton Hampton Classic S Small
Classic and long-lasting simple style: carved small case, simple and low-key design, stitched chestnut brown calfskin strap. Charismatic but approachable, a diamond is set on the crown, shining.
Polished stainless steel case with 28 diamonds and crown with 1 diamond.

Hamilton Hampton Manchette Two-Tone
Brilliant, long-lasting shine: a jewellery watch that combines gold, mother-of-pearl and diamonds. Small design, stainless steel and 18K yellow gold bracelet with 28 diamonds on the bezel and a centrifugal diamond on the crown.

Hampton Hampton magnum XL
With a dynamic and exquisite design, showing a strong personality, the Hampton magnum enjoys a unique position in all of its collections. A multi-function chronograph with black PVD-coated steel and red gold for him, an extra-large case, and a ‘soft-touch’ crocodile strap. The women’s watch designed for her has a pure white appearance, an enlarged case, a mechanical automatic movement, a large date display function, a bezel set with 52 diamonds, and a rubber strap.