Certina Himalaya Double Calendar Automatic Watch

The new DS-1 Himalayan series self-winding dual calendar allows modern people with busy schedules to know the schedule accurately and maintain good connections. Timeless design, a touch of retro, perfectly complements the wearer’s casual, business or formal wear. Accurate calendar functions add beauty to this already famous model.
     The DS-1 Himalayan self-winding dual calendar has a wide and clear surface. The elegant 39 mm diameter case is made of stainless steel with a beautiful outline and a transparent rear case. Watch connoisseurs can appreciate the well-crafted internal movement. Under the small round-cornered sapphire glass with anti-glare coating, the black dial, nickel-plated hour markers, and luminous coating hands indicate the time measured with a precise second scale. In addition, the luminous brightness scale divides the outer scale into 5 minutes. It can be clearly read under any lighting conditions. Swiss-made ETA 2834-2 self-winding movement adopts Certina’s famous DS concept. The Certina logo on the crown of DS-1 proves that the watch is waterproof to 10 bar (100 meters), ensuring the worst performance Realize impeccable timing.
     The new DS-1 Himalayan series stands out with striking day-to-day indicator windows, which are arranged along the vertical axis of the dial and are divided by elegant crosshairs. The week window is a large semi-circular window above the CERTINA brand name; the date window is steadily arranged at 6 o’clock, under the word ‘DS-1 Automatic’. The five-row stainless steel bracelet uses brushed and polished surfaces alternately, perfectly locking the harmonious design of the DS-1 Himalayan series, and the foldable safety buckle guarantees that the DS-1 Himalayan series is safe and reliable at all times and under any conditions. The DS-1 Himalayan series can also use a charcoal black sunburst dial and luminous nickel hour-marked hands. The case also has a beautiful outline, but with a brown leather strap and a folding buckle with two buttons. The other model features a silver, sunburst decorative dial, a five-row stainless steel bracelet, and a folding safety clasp. This classic watch is undoubtedly appealing to both men and women, because both men and women will love the beautiful and slightly retro style, but there is no lack of fashion characteristics of automatic winding models.
Technical data
Movement / function: self-winding movement, ETA 2834-2, Swiss made
Hour hand, minute hand, central second hand, day of the week, date
Case: 316L stainless steel case / 39 mm diameter
Transparent back cover
Dial: black dial,
Hour hand, minute hand, 12 hour markers on the circumference of the dial are all coated with luminous coating
Crown: Crown tip with classic old CERTINA logo
Water resistance: Water resistance up to 10 bar (100 meters)
Glass: Beveled sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
Bracelet: Five-row polished / brushed stainless steel bracelet with folding safety clasp
Features: DS (Double Insurance)
Reference: C006.430.11.051.00-Black Dial, Polished / Brushed Bracelet
C006.430.16.081.00-Charcoal dial, brown leather strap
Retail Price: 6,200.-RMB * / Black Dial
5,950.-RMB * / Charcoal black dial

Cartier Blue Balloon Dual Time Zone Double Jumper Tourbillon Watch Real Shot Appreciation

The Ballon Bleu de Cartier dual time zone dual-jump tourbillon watch is equipped with a central minute hand and two small hour-dial dials, which show the local time and the departure time, respectively. It is an innovation in the field of travel timepieces. . The eternal ‘golden ratio’ rule emphasizes that beauty must be derived from the harmony of the overall ratio. The Ballon Bleude Cartier dual time zone double jumper tourbillon watch is ingeniously designed in the baht scale to create a conflict in the overall harmony, further highlighting the symmetric shape and the perfect proportion. The purpose is to direct the visual focus to certain predetermined parts, such as the hour dial, to read the time information displayed by the two dials more intuitively, which is also the original intention of this watch.

 In addition to reading the time indicated by two independently running blue hour hands, the magnificent atmosphere of this timepiece is also amazing. Inspired by pocket watches, its exquisite shape design seems to have a certain magic, let people unconsciously ignore the case diameter of 46 mm, and instead focus on the case curve that fits the wrist perfectly. Ballon Bleu deCartier dual time zone double jumper tourbillon watch with crocodile leather strap, rose gold and white gold models each limited to 50 pieces worldwide, enough to make love for rare masterpieces, global travel and precision mechanical watches Lovers are passionate.

 Place the Ballon Bleu de Cartier dual time zone double jumper tourbillon watch in the palm of your hand, and observe the front and back sides, a real three-dimensional ‘dynamic sculpture’ appears. The movement, engraved with the Geneva imprint, is perfectly balanced and is the result of close collaboration between engineers and watchmakers. This Cartier Workshop refined manual-winding mechanical movement (9456 MC) is adjusted by a floating tourbillon. Its design is inspired by the shape of the Cartier brand’s initial letter “C”, and in order to connect with the dual time zone jumping device, the tourbillon The frame is slightly elevated.
The movement has an independent number and a carefully constructed symmetrical structure. Through the carved hollow dial, you can appreciate the exquisite time jump mechanism, which allows two separately adjustable jump-type hour hands to indicate the time information in full synchronization. The first hand is adjusted by a winding crown on the side of the case, and the pointer of the blue steel hands indicates the departure time on a larger dial with Roman numerals. The second hour hand is adjusted by the button embedded in the case at ten o’clock, indicating the time at the location.

Minimalist appearance comes from complex inner

 This ingenious, modular and complex device is not only extremely practical for aestheticians who like to travel long distances, but also has a rare and charming temperament. Fans of precision machinery can watch the slow movement of the internal lever and jump the clock at the end through the carved dial and spend a whole number of hours. In 60 minutes, the movement of these levers is almost imperceptible, so the required energy consumption is minimal, so that it does not affect the accuracy of the adjustment mechanism.

 Admittedly, every precision mechanism requires some magic. And in this original work, magical magic happens in an instant-the short and crisp click at the end of each hour is enough to fascinate precision machinery enthusiasts. In fact, each of the two levers is connected to a helical spring and releases itself once it reaches the end. Under the action of the spring, both levers can instantly return to the starting position and restart the operation. During this operation, the retractable pawl on the lever can catch one of the meshing gear teeth of the 12-tooth star gear associated with the lever. Between the fingers, the movement of the two levers can cause the two gears to rotate at the same time by a twelfth circle, and the rotation of the gears drives the two hour hands to point to the next time mark on their respective small dials-one shows the local time , The other shows the departure time.

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