Glasuti Watch With Fine Craftsmanship And Modification Procedures

As one of the representatives of German watches, Glashütte has always followed the most rigorous watchmaking principles. Each watch is the result of fine manual and grooming procedures. Glashütte inherits the traditional philosophy of timepiece art and is meticulous in detail. This watch is equipped with a self-winding cal. 39-34, equipped with Glashütte features: three-quarter splint, gooseneck trim, Glashütte solar radiation engraving, etc., and a 21K gold skeleton automatic rotor , Every detail can not be scrutinized.

Glashütte Senator Chronograph XL
 The anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare treatment on both the inside and outside makes the face plate look even bigger. Like the spear-shaped hands that outline the contours, simple, polished, and luminous, they are very careful in the details. The chronograph laps are located at 3 and 9 o’clock, allowing the chronograph second hand and 30-minute chronograph to be seen on the dial at a glance. The dial also has a speedometer, and users can easily start and stop the chronograph with the side button. The clear dial has a diameter of 44mm. For the comfort of the watch, the lugs are carefully crafted. The black louisiana crocodile leather strap is wrapped around the wrist comfortably.

Rado Swiss Master Diamaster Series High-tech Ceramic Automatic Mechanical Chronograph Watch

Men in the modern workplace always need accurate time concepts and fashion trends. The RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical chronograph XXL not only perfectly blends the two, but also presents its masculine charm in five different watches. Even if you don’t arrive on time, this stunner will definitely make your lateness fashionable and fun.

RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster Series Plasma Hi-Tech Ceramic Automatic Chronograph Watch_Dark Brown Leather Strap
  This epic watch collection not only contains black matte high-tech ceramics, but also polished classics. Three plasma high-tech ceramic watches further highlight the status of the material master of RADO Swiss radar watch-never compromise on the exploration of high-tech materials.
  The sparkling metallic high-tech plasma high-tech ceramics are made of 100% (100%) high-tech ceramics, and the manufacturing process has been patented. The experts of RADO have made arduous research and succeeded in maintaining the lightness of high-tech ceramics while giving the watch a dazzling metallic luster. During the production of plasma high-tech ceramics, the high-temperature activated gas changes the molecular structure of high-tech ceramics. Plasma high-tech ceramics magically exhibits a warm gray metallic luster without adding any metal elements. Excellent and extraordinary technology, unique style, this 100% (100%) innovative special material is 100% (100%) high-tech ceramics and 100% (100%) belongs to Rado Swiss radar.
Material Master

RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster Series Plasma Hi-Tech Ceramic Automatic Chronograph Watch_Dark Brown Leather Strap
  The five-row high-tech ceramic bracelet specially created for the RADO DiaMaster Diamond Master series combines high-tech materials with complex and precise structures, once again bringing the extraordinary skills of RADO Swiss Radar to the fullest. Using up to 100 individual links in a single bracelet is the ultimate in Swiss radars. Swiss radar DiaMaster Diamond Master series high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical chronograph XXL perfectly combines materials and design to create unparalleled comfort, and its bracelet can be closely fitted to the wrist of the wearer. This unique high-tech construction can fit a variety of wrist sizes, and a bold breakthrough lies behind the low-key and simple watch.

RADO Swiss Radar DiaMaster Series Black Matt High-tech Ceramic Automatic Chronograph
  Two plasma high-tech ceramic watches are paired with leather straps. The design of the straps is inspired by traditional Italian handmade leather shoes and is essential for gentlemen who love vintage style. The gray or brown leather strap shows a natural gradation of luster, which is in perfect contrast with the dazzling technological charm of a modern plasma high-tech ceramic case.
  Time is fleeting and fleeting. Whether you want to stop it, fight against it every second, or see it as a treasure, catch up, or sigh unfortunately, these light and difficult to wear high-tech ceramic watches will not let You increase stress or feel restrained. The simple and clear dial design makes time reading easier.
  Fear of the test of time, walk at the forefront of the trend.
RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical chronograph watch
All models
Movement: 12 ½ ETA 2894-2, automatic chronograph, 37 jewels, 6 hands, calendar display at 4:30, 42-hour power reserve, small seconds, 12-hour, 30-minute and 60-second chronograph hands, black Automatic rotor, polished decorative movement
Water resistance: 10 bar (100 m)
Dimensions: 45.0 x 54.2 x 12.6 (width x length x thickness, unit: mm)
Ref: 650.0090.3.019
Case: Black matte high-tech ceramic
Press-in titanium case back with sapphire crystal
Black matte high-tech ceramic crown with chronograph button
Double-sided anti-glare curved sapphire crystal
Bracelet: Five-row matte black high-tech ceramic
Ref: 650.0075.3.018
Case: black polished high-tech ceramic
Press-in titanium case back with sapphire crystal
Black high-tech ceramic crown with chronograph button
Double-sided anti-glare curved sapphire crystal
Bracelet: Five-row black high-tech ceramic with brushed links
Ref: 650.0076.3.011/ 650.0076.3.311/ 650.0076.3.410
Case: High-tech plasma ceramic
Press-in titanium case back with sapphire crystal
Plasma high-tech ceramic crown with chronograph button
Double-sided anti-glare curved sapphire crystal
Bracelet 011: Polished plasma high-tech ceramic with brushed links
Strap 111: Grey leather strap
Strap 410: Dark brown leather strap
Rado, a pioneering watch brand with design and high-tech materials
  RADO was born in 1957 and is an important brand under the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch group. As a global leader in watch design and innovative materials, Swiss Radar first introduced high-tech ceramic materials to the watchmaking industry in 1986, setting a precedent for ceramic watches. Swiss radar is also one of the earliest luxury watch brands entering China, with unique understanding and special feelings for the Chinese market and Chinese consumers. Adhering to the core spirit of Visionary, Innovative and Iconic, Swiss radars continue to make breakthroughs in materials and technology, and are committed to innovation, creating a future history with a pioneering spirit.

Multi-zone Time Zone Watch For Business Flying People Running Around The Earth

Time and space are chaotic? Without a multi-time time zone table, will the business trapeze encounter psychedelic moments like this picture? Multi-location time zone tables can display the time of two places, multiple places at the same time, and even world time watches that can display the time of 24 time zones around the world at the same time, the most common of which is the two places time table and the world time table.
     There are two main ways to achieve timekeeping in two places: by adding a small time zone dial on the main dial or adding another hour hand to display the second time zone. It is simple and convenient, and can be adjusted by a crown. It is a very popular single-function watch. By adding a small time zone dial, it can be easily changed to a three-time or even a four-time. The dial of the world time is marked with the name of a world-famous city. Just rotate the dial to the corresponding city, and the hands will automatically adjust to the local time, which is more complicated than the time of the two places.
How to adjust the time zone
     Regardless of whether it is a chronograph with two places or multiple time zones, whether it is a window type, center pointer or independent dial type, the time zone must be adjusted through the crown and buttons.
     Crown adjustment: After the crown is pulled out, the chronograph hands in different time zones can be adjusted in different gears or the time zone dial in the rotating window can be adjusted.
     Button adjustment: Press the button on the side of the case, and the position of the pointer on the dial will be adjusted to different time zones. Some watches are designed with two buttons, which can make the hands rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, can quickly adjust to the corresponding time zone, and can also avoid affecting the accuracy of timing.
     Pay attention to the international date change line: the date will change after passing the international date change line, the date from east to west passing the international date change line will be reduced by one day, and the date from west to east passing the international date change line will be added by one day.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra dual time zone chronograph
$ 97,000
     The Reverso series is specially designed for playing polo. Just push it outwards. The case can be easily turned to protect the surface from damage. This watch is the only automatic chronograph in the Reverso series. It’s sporty, but it’s also suitable and good for formal watches. The second time zone display is at 6 o’clock. With a luminous coating, the time can be read accurately in the dark.
Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu
$ 27.14 million
     Piaget watched the new concept of a two-time watch with the ultra-thin technology that it is best at. It used two completely independent ultra-thin movements to record the time in two places. Although it is equivalent to two watches, it is only the thickness of a normal watch. Its double-layer dial is a two-handed minimalist design, and the 24-hour clock on the lower dial is very convenient.
Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL GMT
$ 53,000
     Mille Miglia is an extremely different car race. The car is a classic car, and most of the drivers are white-haired old people. The course covers more than half of the Italian peninsula, with a total length of 1,000 miles. Chopard watches have been supporting this event since 1988, launching watches of the same name every year. The oversized numbers 12 and 6 are its hallmarks.
Chanel J12 GMT GMT
$ 57,100
     If you don’t like serious leather straps and are allergic to steel straps, try ceramic watches. J12 is Chanel’s most classic model. It uses high-tech precision ceramics, its hardness is second only to diamonds, and has the characteristics of scratch resistance, stain resistance, and stable structure. The outer bezel has a 24-hour time scale with red hands indicating the original time and day and night. Available in black and white.
Jacques de Les Deux Fuseaux
¥ 242,000
     Jacques Dro’s unique dial design aesthetics are reflected in this watch. The ivory enamel dial with Roman numerals is very classic. The practical time function of the two places, the central hour hand can be adjusted back and forth at any time zone, and the date is also synchronized.
Vacheron Constantin Malta Tonneau Two Time Watch
¥ 242,000
     Malta is Vacheron Constantin’s most famous collection, marked by a classic barrel-shaped case. The small dial at 6 o’clock shows the second time zone, and there is a small day and night dial next to it. The case is moderately curved to better fit the wrist.
World’s most easily adjusted time zone table
Patek Philippe Ref. 5130 World Time Watch
$ 35.48 million
     Ref. 5130 is probably the most convenient world time watch in the world. When adjusting the time, you only need to push the adjustment button at 10 o’clock, and the hour hand will move forward by one space immediately. The ring moves back one square, completing a time zone crossing.
Three places time zone watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Greenwich II
$ 60,000
     Tailored for professional pilots and long-distance travellers, it has a 24-hour bezel and 24-hour hands that can rotate in both directions to synchronize time in two different time zones. The 12-hour hand that can be adjusted independently is easily adjusted to switch to the new time zone, and it still maintains accurate timing during the adjustment process, and it is not bad. The rotatable outer ring displays the time in the third time zone at the same time.
Frank Mueller Banker Series
$ 328,000
     The financial elite’s dual use seems to be insufficient. To be in New York, remotely control Tokyo, and be at home in Beijing, Frank Muller displays a concise three-zone time zone watch. With a single crown, you can control the time in three time zones It is rare that the minute hand of the second and third time zone displays can be adjusted in half-hour units. For example, the time difference between Geneva and New Delhi is four and a half hours, and the half-hour unit adjustment function becomes very important.
‘Red Dot’ Most Outstanding Design Award
When Le Méridien Bentao series is eccentric
$ 53,100
     With its unique double eccentric design, this watch has won the most outstanding design award from the ‘red dot’ award known as the ‘Oscar of the design world’. It not only uses the eccentric faceplate design for the time zones of the two places, but also displays the hours, minutes, and seconds of the local time in an eccentric manner. Even more surprising is the sun and moon dial, which can clearly show the day and night in the second time zone. On the sun and moon dial, the sun and the moon are designed at the same time. The special day and night display mode is separated by a matte and bright sapphire crystal.
Dual time zone tourbillon
Tiffany Tourbillon to Greenwich Normal Time Watch
CN ¥ 337.26 million
     The highlight of this watch’s design is first of all the separate movement. Its unique integrated movement organically integrates 3 independent movements into one watch. It pioneered the use of double-sided hinge technology, pressing the protrusions between 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock on the watch, and the double-sided case can be rotated 360 degrees sideways. It has two sides. One side is for timing. At this time, the button at 9 o’clock can start the local time signal device. The other side has the GMT function. The second time zone time is set by the 1 o’clock adjustment device.
Hublot dual time zone tourbillon to golden king
$ 1.3365 million
     The dual time zone tourbillon to the golden king is Hublot’s first dual time zone tourbillon watch. The 2 o’clock position is the second time zone dial, and the 9 o’clock position is the retrograde date display. This watch uses a very rare alloy named ‘King Gold’ and it adds 5% platinum during the refining process. Very strong, durable and almost never fades.