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About Hermes
  Hermes, a famous French fashion and luxury brand. In the early years, he was famous for manufacturing high-quality harnesses in Paris, France, and later introduced bags, clothing, scarves, perfumes, enamel jewelry and household items, which made the brand more comprehensive and diversified. Hermès head office is located in Paris, France, with branches all over the world. After more than 160 years of ups and downs, the Hermes family has made its brand famous by the joint efforts of several generations. As early as the 20th century, Hermes has become a typical representative of French-style luxury consumer goods. Hermès has always been adhering to the extraordinary and superb design concept, creating a traditional model of elegance. Hermes is also the ancient Greek name for Mercury.
  It is Hermes’s mission to make all products perfect and impeccable. At present Hermes has 14 series products, including leather goods, bags, scarves, men’s and women’s clothing series, perfumes, watches, etc. Most of the products are hand-made, no wonder some people call Hermes’ products as ideas Deep, noble taste, rich connotation and exquisite workmanship. These Hermes boutiques are integrated into the fast-paced modern life through its more than 200 specialty stores scattered in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, returning the world to the traditional and elegant embrace.
  After more than 160 years of ups and downs, the Hermes family has made its brand famous by the joint efforts of several generations. As early as the 20th century, Hermes has become a typical representative of French-style luxury consumer goods. In the 1920s, Emile, the grandson of founder Thierry Hermes, once described the Hermès brand as: ‘Leather products make the tradition of extreme sports and elegance.’
  At first, Hermes was just a horse shop in Paris that specializes in the manufacture of a variety of matching and exquisite decorations for horse-drawn carriages (the history can be seen from Hermes’ Logo). At the Paris Exhibition in 1885, Hermes won the first prize for such products. Since then, Hermes’ son, Emile Charles, has built a specialty store to produce and sell saddles and other items, and started retail business.
  With the emergence and development of vehicles and other vehicles, Hermes began to switch to production and applied its superb manufacturing techniques to the production of other products, such as wallets, travel bags, handbags, watch straps, and some sports Such as golf, polo, hunting and other auxiliary equipment, also designed to produce high-end sports clothing. All Hermes brand products are made of the finest high-quality materials, focusing on craftsmanship and exquisite details. They have won a good reputation for their excellent quality.
  In the history of Hermes, another sensational news event was its zipper golf jacket designed for Prince of Wales in 1920, which became the earliest successful design of leather clothing in the 20th century. The fourth-generation successors of Hermès Jean Galén and Robert Dima, on the basis of their leather products, have developed new categories such as perfumes and headgear. Fashion and perfume products.
  In 1970, Hermes was still a purely handicraft family factory, but 15 years later, the Hermes brand has developed into a super multinational company that produces high-quality products, and its turnover has increased fivefold. Today, the scale of Hermes It is still expanding.
  In 1992, the turnover reached 2.5 billion francs (approximately RMB 3.72525 billion), and the net profit was 176 million francs.
  ‘There is no fixed dressing pattern in this world, only the naturally enlightened personality shows the true nature of men created by Hermès.’ Hermes menswear designer veronique
Nichanian said so.
  Hermes has been adhering to the design concept of extraordinary excellence and extreme gorgeousness, serving those confident, determined, and chic men. They demand rigorous, insist on enjoying the best things given by life, appreciate high-quality leather, superior materials, and perfect cutting. Trousers. Comfort and originality, not in line with the trend, and not expressing themselves deliberately are Hermes’ pursuit.
  Hermès is French, but many Hermès fans often mispronounce it. Correct pronunciation: Air-mez, pay attention to the first letter H is not pronounced, do not read ‘Hai Ma Shi’. It is still different from English ‘Hermes’.
  The current Hermès Group is headquartered at the famous No. 24 Fubao Avenue, and its principal is Jean-Louis
Dumas-HERMES? The chief designer of women’s clothing is Martin
Margiela (resigned), a Belgian designer who has joined the Hermès family since autumn and winter of 1998, has always been a low-key style and pursues refined and perfect creativity, so that Hermès womenswear retains the Hermès Group. Elegance, with no excess design, shows the temperament of clothing, and at the same time demonstrates the functionality and high comfort of clothes, and is an important figure that continues to win Hermès today.
How about Hermes watches
  Netizens’ comment is certainly good. It belongs to a better watch. However, it is worse than a pure Swiss brand. After all, it is not a professional watch. At the same price, Omega, Panerai, Rolex and IWC are all very good choices (the prices of these brands range from 10,000 to 200,000)
Well, Hermes is still the best bag.
  Netizen evaluation two: general fashion watches, just take clothes and bags. However, if it is a watch, it is better to choose a watch brand that specializes in watches.
  Comments from netizens 3: Hermes watches and Anita, the famous Swiss enamel art master
The collaboration between Porchet perfectly combines the extreme craftsmanship of the big fire enamel with the artistic demands of Hermès. Each precious enamel watch has passed Anita
Porchet’s hands are presented to everyone. Every year, Hermès enamel watches are watch collections and loved by watch lovers and professional collectors.
  Netizen evaluation four: watch? !! Personally I think it’s normal ~~ In fact, you can completely remove this watch, and just bring leather jewelry of the same brand. I personally think that buying Hermès watches is really unnecessary. The price is equivalent to the price of many famous watch brands, but the quality and design are not as good as others. I personally feel that rich people show off their wealth. There is no need to buy their watch. If you have to buy it, I think it is better to buy chanel. After all, their J12 series ceramic watch is still a patent.
  Netizen evaluation 5: Compared with her bags of the same brand, it is too cheap, generally 10,000 or 20,000, fashion watches, mainly brand prices, the table itself has no meaning ~
  Netizen evaluation 6: First of all, there is absolutely no problem with the quality and design of Hermès watches. If you just want to buy a fashion watch, Hermes is a good choice. If the requirements for the accuracy and functionality of the watch are extremely high, then buy a professional watch ~
Recommended Hermes Watches
Hermès tgm 035184WW00 watch

Number: 035184WW00
Series: Time Pause
Style: Quartz, 41 mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap material: leather
Buckle type: pin buckle
Buckle material: stainless steel
Back through: dense bottom

Hermes HH1.210.260 / VBA1 watch

Number: HH1.210.260 / VBA1
Style: Ladies
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Material: Leather
Buckle type: pin buckle
Buckle material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
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