Patek Philippe Golden Bell Xianshi Beijing

Patek Philippe officially commemorates the opening of the Beijing specialty store and service center in May 2008. It is specially created with three world-renowned Beijing historic sites, including the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace, as well as Patek Philippe’s clever silk enamel Craftsmanship, made three 18K gold ball heads made of silk enamel with extraordinary significance and Chinese characteristics. They are named “Longxing Forbidden”, “Lanyu Temple of Heaven” and “Fu Shouyi” according to their beautiful appearance. with’.
Longxing Forbidden 18K Gold Dome Clock Filament Enamel
The topped Philippe dome clock is the most precious of all filigree enamels. Each clock is unique and usually designed to meet the requirements of future owners. The gold outline separates every detail outlined by opaque or translucent enamel. It takes 18 to 20 meters to make a complete clock like this.
Lanyu Temple of Heaven 18K Gold Dome Clock Filigree Enamel
绘画 Painting and firing enamel on an arc is an extremely difficult task. Only a handful of enamel artisans have mastered this technique. In spite of the difficulty, Patek Philippe’s enamel artists can still use the larger curved dome surface decorated with filigree enamel.
Fushou Yihe 18K Gold Dome Clock Filigree Enamel

Enamel Watch Concentration Of Baroque Art

When history reaches the eighteenth century, when China’s feudal dynasty begins to face the end of its decline, when German Baroque architecture has become a wonderful work in European architectural history, and when Switzerland begins to break the UK and France in the watchmaking industry The monopoly status of the entire watch industry has gradually entered the track. While we were still excited about the tourbillon device invented by Louis Breguet that could counterbalance the attractiveness, the Glashütte watch, known as the ‘Concentration of Baroque Art Style’, had already been launched as the capital of Baroque. Germany started building its watch kingdom in eastern Germany; at the same time, Cartier was trying to install a mechanical female watch on a diamond-studded gold bracelet; the gold-pinned Patek Philippe pocket watch with 13 diamonds was in London At the World Expo, the empress of the time was favored by the emperor at that time-the aesthetic qualities of watches began to gradually reveal the important position that is inseparable from the high complexity, and the baroque art value was continuously explored and perfected during the search for watchmakers With more breathtaking artistic possibilities.
religious culture
Whether it is the Church of San Carlo in Rome or the Cathedral of Santiago in Spain, you can always find the complex and varied building structures and the magnificent inner part under their towering quaint appearance. And these religious artistic features derived from Baroque are also reflected in those ingenious watches.

Kunlun Golden Bridge Enamel Watch
Kunlun enamel watch
The images of Adam and Eve are carved on the dial with enamel technology, and the golden bridge carrying all the gears of the movement cleverly runs through the center of the dial, creating a visual effect between the two. The antique paintings with religious colors echo the Kunlun logo on the crown, while the rose gold material used in the case completes the mysterious color for the overall look.
Glashütte Mason ceramic dial enamel watch

Mason ceramic dial enamel watch
Made by Mason porcelain factory specializing in white porcelain enamel dials. The paintings on the dial are the works of the famous Venetian painter Canaletto from the 17th century. In this gongbi landscape painting, the magnificence and splendor of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Dresden in the ‘Baroque Capital’ are delicately reproduced.
Longines Beja Series

It may be difficult to see the mystery at a glance, but if you notice those pointers, the problem may be solved-the slender pointers are outlined by European style church spires with short horizontal lines and sharp diamonds on the top. It is the classic ‘church pin’. You usually find it on those watches that are elegant and quaint.
Comprehensive element
Glimmering inspiration that you can imagine, from any field of art, can be reflected on the watch, just like the 17th century Baroque artists did. They can come from the ancient country of civilization, from the deep and mysterious night sky, and even from some fresh and timeless notes.
Oris Sudoku Limited Watch

Fun watch specially designed to commemorate the famous mathematical genius Leonhard Euler
A fun watch specially designed to commemorate the famous mathematical genius Leonhard Euler. Maybe you already think of Sudoku when you see the dial, which is enough to prove that you have a certain observation ability, but if you continue to observe, you will find that there is actually another mystery in the game: as a function of recording time , You will find corresponding numbers around all its time scales. For example, at 12 o’clock you will find 5 and 7, continue to reason in this way, or try to solve this Sudoku problem in your spare time. .
Van Cleef & Arpels Fantasy Wonderland Women’s Watch

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Féerie Women’s Watch
Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Féerie series fantasy wonderland women’s watch, creative from the Shakespeare masterpiece ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ fairy image. The face set with round diamond-set wings and pear-shaped diamonds vividly depicts the ritual of the fairy. On the deep blue dial, the fairy’s right hand looks like a magic wand that can be turned into gold, while the minute hand is the longest one in the wings. At that moment, the minute hand and minute hand jumped backwards, as if the fairy was dancing under the stars. At this time, the watch seemed to become an integral part of the beautiful story.