Permanent Perfection: Breguet Marine8828 Timing Female Watch

Automatic 550 movement, 18K rose gold case, bezel and lugs set with 74 diamonds (about 1.16 carats), crown with a domed sapphire, white rubber watch Strap with 18K Gold MARINE Folding Buckle and Double Bracelet

    In the history of Breguet, women have always been the protagonists of those legendary stories: such as Queen Antoinette, Queen Queen of France, Queen Josephine, and Carolina Mullah-that is, The well-known Queen of Naples. They are so obsessed with this brand, so even in this tough Marine series, we can find a special charm that belongs to women: as the star product of 2008, the Marine8828 chronograph is the smallest in the world. Self-winding chronograph movement-Breguet 1050 movement found its home. The dial glowing rainbow-like highlights the function of the chronograph display. After being carefully cut and carved, the natural mother-of-pearl placed on the gold base plate oscillates into a delicate and wavy pattern. This technique of hand-engraving the mother-of-pearl reflects the designer’s grasp of details and dexterity . The graduated circle is engraved with Breguet Arabic numerals, this calligraphy style brings a timeless perfection to the watch.

Modern Father’s Effective Assistant: Lange Lange 1 Time Zone

It is not easy to be the head of the family! While dealing with busy business, I also want to care for my family at all times. Dads who need to travel abroad to work overseas must also plan for everything, know the place of departure and local time clearly, avoid time and space and regional separation, and keep close contact with their families. The Lange A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Time Zone helps busy dads grasp the time in different places, and it is also a symbol of status and taste.
   The award-winning Lange 1 has been Lange’s masterpiece since its launch. It is highly acclaimed and has led the German watch industry into a new generation of fine watchmaking halls. Lange’s watchmakers are very thoughtful and have considered the issue of changing time zones more than a hundred years ago, and are committed to developing clocks that can display two time zones. Since the earth is a planet that rotates, the sunshine time varies from place to place. As early as 1884, countries around the world have divided the earth into 24 time zones through an agreement to coordinate the time difference between places. However, jet lag will inevitably cause problems in daily life. Today, the brand adds the complexity of the second time zone display to the excellence of the Lange 1 series, making the Lange 1 Time Zone watch, allowing the wearer to accurately grasp the time no matter where he is, making the world closer. .

The Lange 1 Time Zone is based on the principles of reality and not Huawei. The watch has two large and one eccentric dials. The large dial shows the time in place and the small dial shows the time in the area.

   The Lange 1 Time Zone is based on the principles of reality and not Huawei. The watch has two large and one eccentric dials. The large dial shows the time in place and the small dial shows the time in the area. Dad is busy at work. The watch should only worry about him and should not be annoying, so the Lange 1 Time Zone design is easy to use, and generally only requires one simple step for each operation. To set the regional time, just press the button to turn the City Ring. Each time the wearer presses the button at 8 o’clock, the pointer will increase by one hour, and the city circle will rotate to the corresponding time zone.

Lange 1 Time Zone’s two eccentric dials and other complicated functions help fathers who are often on business to master time and shuttle day and night.

   The watch also has special devices to facilitate the exchange of time between the two places. The wearer only needs to press the time zone button to stop the small dial operation, and then twist the crown to adjust the time of the large dial. The large dial and large date display will change to the display area. time. Home time is displayed in golden Roman numerals, while regional time is displayed in Arabic numerals. The two contrast strongly to avoid confusion. If so, no matter where he is, Dad can accurately grasp the time in his hometown and other places.

The design of Lange 1 Time Zone is concise and refined, perfectly set off Dad’s mature and stable manhood.

   The watch also has an intimate design-dual day / night display. The time in 24 time zones is different, and the day and night are naturally different. It is very important to know the difference between day and night in the two places. May cause nuisance. The Lange 1 Time Zone is equipped with day / night display at the local time and regional timetable. The light / dark part displays the current time and time of the two places. Shuttle day and night are as easy as a palm.

L031.1 bracelet movement

L031.1 Front of the movement

   Such ingenious performance can run smoothly, thanks to the Lange L031.1 manual winding movement hidden under a 41.9 mm 18K yellow, rose or platinum case. The movement has a dual main barrel that provides power reserve for more than three days, a large date display, screw-fastened gold sleeves, a gooseneck-type fine-tuning device, and a hand-carved balance wheel plywood. visible. With a hand-stitched crocodile leather strap and solid gold or platinum Lange clasp, it shows Dad’s mature and stable manliness.