Classic Continuation Timepieces For Plum Watches

Since its establishment in 1919, TITONI has been active in the international market. The watches produced by this independent family-owned company represent the highest standards made in Switzerland. 2012 has been a challenge for many watch brands, but Swiss plum watch sales have maintained steady growth. What created the myth of Swiss plum watches? During the 2013 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, a reporter from the Morning News interviewed Mr. Daniel Schluep, President of Swiss Plum Watch.

According to the statistics of the Swiss Watch Industry Federation, the Swiss watch industry’s total export volume reached a record high last year. What do you think of these numbers?

These figures really surprised me, especially in the context of slowing global economic growth. Taking China as an example, Swiss watch exports in October 2012 fell by more than 27% compared with the same period last year. This reduction is not only affected by the current economic slowdown, but the Chinese government’s promotion of social saving is another important reason. From this we may have been able to predict that China’s consumption model will change. The Swiss plum watch market is positioned as a mid-range watch. Although it is also affected by the general environment, we believe that the economic slowdown will bring a positive cushion and stability.

Are you still optimistic about the economic climate in the coming months? What are your predictions for the Chinese market?

I am an optimist myself, otherwise I would not stay in the watch industry for so many years. China is the largest market for Swiss plum watches. The development of the brand is closely related to the prosperity and strength of the big countries. Maybe you already know that Plum Watches opened three new stores in China last year, which are located in Beijing, Changsha and Hong Kong. We hope that in the near future, we can open several more stores in succession, so that we can have closer contact with customers.

Chinese media often report on the Swiss sponsorship of events related to China. Why do you care so much about related cultural events?

No matter what industry, getting enough profits to maintain the normal operation of the enterprise is a top priority. And the Chinese market has made an indelible contribution and support to the stable development of Swiss plum watches, so plum watches also do not hesitate to give back resources to society and customers. In 2012, he sponsored the famous Songzhuang Art Museum in Beijing, participated in the famous Grenkin Triennial with prints, and sponsored the Chinese National Chess Champion Wang Hao to participate in the Bill Chess Festival and win the championship in one fell swoop … These sponsors not only reflected Plum Blossom and Chinese customers The close relationship, Plum Blossom also cherishes the history and culture respected by Chinese customers.

Swiss Plum Watch photographed a new set of 2013 image promotion. Can you tell us more about it?

In this new set of image promotion, we have injected several new elements into the brand personality of Swiss Plum Watch, and merged into the core of the brand image-the permanent watch is perfectly combined with the traditional and elegant lifestyle. The essence is to promote the message through the scenes of different successful people enjoying unique cosmopolitan life. They know how to spend their free time and enjoy their free time. We specially invited top international models to participate in the shooting of this new advertising image, such as Nicole Wronski, who once appeared on the cover of Vogue fashion magazine.

Can you describe a plum table in one word?

Classic. In the history of nearly one hundred years, the brand positioning of the classic plum watch machinery has not changed. Plum Blossom has entered the Chinese market for more than 50 years. Many brands once considered our styles to be too classic, but over time, more and more watch brands have also taken the classic route, and Plum Blossom has remained unchanged. Not following the trend is also a significant feature of the plum watch.