Oris Jazz Limited Watch Introduction

Since the brand was founded in 1904, the Swiss century-old mechanical watch brand ORIS adheres to the brand concept of combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Since the introduction of the limited edition of Andy Sheppar in 1996, every year, ORIS has amazed watch fans with sensual jazz concept models.

 Be it guitarist John McLaughlin, jazz king Louis Armstrong, trumpeter Miles Davis, jazz duke Duke Ellington, roar pioneer Herbert Charlie Parker, superstar Frank Sinatra, folk and rock master Bob Dylan, or jazz piano master Oscar Peterson. ORIS’s investment in jazz watches is a constant passion.
 In 2012, ORIS launched the ORIS Chet Baker Limited Watch, a tribute to Chet Baker, the representative of Cool Jazz. Inspired by its masterpiece My Funny Valentine, it creates another timeless classic.
 The noble prince-like musical talent Yan Jue was invited to attend the press conference of the ORIS Chet Baker limited watch on the day. He wore the ‘ORIS Chet Baker limited watch’ and sang and sang the classic Chet Baker classics at the event-My Funny Valentine. With his unique voice and passion for jazz, Yan Jie expressed a completely different style in a ‘Jazz’ style. At the same time, he also dedicated this adaptation to his celebrity, Chet Baker.

 ORIS Chet Baker limited edition, born in honor of jazz talent Chet Baker. Chet Baker (1929-1988), whose music tended to be inspired by his father as a guitarist. At the age of 16, Baker joined the military band and determined to develop into a professional musician. In 1951, Baker participated in the Charlie Parker orchestra selection, and gained Parker appreciation for his talented performances. In 1954, Baker released his first singing work. His unique and deep voice and varied performance style, paired with the handsome appearance of James Dean, a well-known music scene, swept tens of millions of fans in the 1950s. ‘My ‘Funny Valentine’ is not only his masterpiece, but also makes him a household superstar.

 The ORIS Chet Baker limited edition watch is built in the classic Artelier case, continuing the design concept of music. The concise black dial is complemented by Chet Baker’s classic ‘My Funny Valentine’ sheet music: the bar marker is used as a time marker. The elegant treble notation is decorated at 12 o’clock, and the repetitive mark at 8 o’clock represents the eight bars of the music.

 Croco-embossed black leather strap with stainless steel folding buckle ensures comfort when strapped and provides perfect fit between the wrists. Waterproof function 3 times atmospheric pressure. The back of the limited model is engraved with the silhouette of Baker’s playing trumpet and the limited number of the model. The global limit is 1929-and 1929 is the year of Baker’s birth. Limited editions are presented in a special case with a mechanical metronome, creating a sophisticated and elegant timepiece.