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Apart from the two technologies of tourbillon and caruso, is there no other way to make the escapement balance device more accurate and not affected by gravity? Fortunately, the vigorous creativity of the Swiss watch industry is still flourishing. Cartier and Zenith have proposed two completely different solutions that have the same purpose. Cartier Celestial Constant Gravity Watch Solution 1)
AstrorÉgulateur watch
For two hundred years, the traditional tourbillon device has actually been doing one thing: the escapement structure is a movable frame in a fixed axis, so that the watch is in a vertical state, and the position of the balance wheel can be changed during such rotation. Compensation of the average error. The concept of ‘constant gravity’ that Cartier finally realized from five years ago to today is: If a movable escapement structure is used in combination with the rotor, and the watch is moved no matter how the movement, the escapement balance wheel is always perpendicular to The position of the ground, with only one bearing error, is not the performance of the tourbillon using the average error. Conceptually, this constant gravity device reduces to a certain extent the variable impact on the most important escapement structure of the watch, so the watchmaker’s repair or performance improvement works for the watch only The influence of a single orientation needs to be considered, and the environmental variables can be minimized and the influence of gravity can be minimized.
The celestial constant center of gravity device is simply that the escapement structure in the movement is installed on a movable platform and fixed by a central axis, and the other end that is balanced with this platform is a micro-automatic for winding. Pendulum, when the automatic pendulum swings with the movement of the wrist, the two ends fixed by the central axis will move in a circular manner in a balanced pendulum manner, whether it is clockwise or counterclockwise, this escapement device It will always be pulled by the weight of the other end of the oscillating weight and always in a position perpendicular to the ground. This pure platinum micro-automatic oscillating weight is wound by a movement through the winding mechanism of a double pawl (a mechanism similar to the magic lever). This winding method will perform better than ordinary automatic winding. But to realize this mechanism that combines the oscillating weight with the escapement structure, the two mechanisms of the same axis must be wound on the barrel at the same time when the circle is swung, and the power of the train wheel must be transmitted to the escapement balance wheel. Follow the rules. Cartier came up with the solution: two sets of differential gear trains under the automatic rotor and escapement structure. One set can be used to adjust the speed of the wrist to drive the winding speed, and the average speed and power transmission are used to wind the barrel. The other set is used to convert the energy and transfer the correct rate to the second hand wheel (the fourth wheel). Indicate the time correctly. These two sets of core mechanical mechanisms, which are invisible from the surface, actually have a much higher number of parts than the tourbillon.
Cartier’s senior watchmaking director Carole 制 Forestier-Kasapi said: ‘The Breguet tourbillon device is an attempt to evenly compensate all error rates, while Cartier’s constant center of gravity device is to reduce errors.’ After two hundred years, Cartier’s escapement is also similar to orientation. Stereotyped thinking with gravity solutions, further increasing the effect of gravity to a single orientation, and more breakthroughly combining the rotor with the escapement structure, so that the position of the escapement balance wheel is always kept vertical Position, you can achieve the effect of gravity on the escapement is always uniform, and it can also achieve accurate performance. This is the only solution in this century that is sufficient to provide the best solution except the tourbillon. Planning a new path for the future.
Zenith CHRISTOPHE Colomb
Solution 2)
Columbus watch
卡 Before Cartier proposed a constant center of gravity device, Zenith also experimented with the concept of zero gravity inspired by marine precision timepieces. The prototype design that appeared at the time was finally implemented in 2011 as a mass production watch. The Columbus watch uses a sphere structure, and the escapement system is mounted on it. When the user wears it, no matter how the wrist moves, this device will make the escapement balance parallel to the ground. This is similar to Cartier’s concept of a constant center of gravity. The former fixes the external forces on the escapement and balance wheel in a vertical position. Zenith keeps the escapement in a horizontal position forever. If we think about the main theory of the tourbillon structure, the gravity of the pocket watch is always in the vertical position, and constantly change the position to obtain the average value of the error to achieve higher accuracy; Cartier constant center of gravity further imagines the watch to be worn The existing multi-dimensional change problem directly reduces the influence of the error factor to a single position. The same Zenith Columbus watch is also applicable to reduce the error of the factor to a single position, but the design method is very different.
This ball-shaped escapement has multiple bevel gears at the connection point of the movement, to ensure that the ball escapement can receive power from the movement stably, and the ball escapement itself is because of the heavier semicircle below The base can always keep the upper semi-circular escapement in a horizontal position parallel to the ground in any swing of the wrist. Because the swing of the wrist is not an equal force, Zenith designed a differential gear train to control the circle stably. The speed of the ball base swinging, under the state of uneven movement, the differential gear train will be able to compensate for the reverse of the gears, so that this ball round seat can reach the optimal state of rotation operation.
The design concept of the mini-sphere escapement base of the Columbus Zenith watch is implemented in actual production models, and it also brings the accuracy of the escapement structure to another possibility. The tourbillon has become the only solution in the era of pocket watches, and In the era of watches, tourbillons need to find new answers to the actual wearing of watches, but apart from tourbillons, really have no other ideas? The enlightenment of the newly designed mechanical structure of the Zenith Columbus watch is obvious.

Citizen Titanium Xc Series Women’s Watch Ec1042-51a Appreciate

Citizen is one of the top three watchmakers in Japan and belongs to Japan’s fine watchmaking brands. The time to enter the Chinese market is still very early, and was once very popular, but its performance has declined somewhat in recent years. Eco-Drive is its core movement. In fact, Citizen is not only excellent in technology, but also very fashionable in design. This time, we will recommend a 6600 yuan EC1042-51A, a fashionable female watch from Citizen.

This watch is a women’s watch with a light kinetic energy movement. The round case, titanium alloy material, and a diameter of 30 mm all make this watch compact and lightweight, which is very suitable for ladies to wear. This watch also adopts rose gold plating, which is a watch with better decoration effect. The double-button three-discount also makes it very convenient to wear and operate. This watch also has a water resistance of 50 meters to meet the needs of real life.
Although it is a women’s watch, the function design of this watch is also very good, the date display, perpetual calendar and universal time have everything. The movement of this watch is a light kinetic energy radio wave movement. The synchronization of the perpetual calendar and the world time is achieved by remote radio time synchronization. It does not need to wind the watch and the time is accurate. It has very powerful functions.

 As a women’s watch, the design of this watch is very powerful in appearance and function. The slim and lightweight design makes this watch worthy of the name of a wrist accessory. For a woman with a slender wrist, It has a good foiling effect on beauty and temperament. The function of this watch is also very good. For most women who are not interested in mechanical design, simple operation can achieve accurate world time and perpetual calendar function is quite practical.
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