Piaget’s Corridor Of Time-an Artistic Journey Of Fantasy Gems

From July 1st to December 31st, 2013, Piaget, the world’s top watch and jewelry family, once again opened the mysterious door of time and art, inviting you to embark on the ‘artistic journey of fantasy gems’ (The Magic of Jewellery). The exhibition is located on the second floor of Piaget’s boutique, 798 Huaihai Road, Shanghai. The exhibition showcases the brand’s infinite creativity and imaginative watches and jewelry since its founding in 1874, leading the public to appreciate Piaget’s extreme charm together.

 With the original intention of conveying Piaget’s cultural value, excellent craftsmanship, and long history, Piaget’s ‘Time Gallery’ showcases nearly 140 years of heritage and breakthroughs through watches and jewelry collected by many brands and historical documents. , Persistence and innovation. All the products in the exhibition come from Piaget’s years, occupying an important milestone. It is these unique works that have interpreted the essence of the era, capturing the glory and charm of the years, and are witnesses to Piaget’s watch and jewelry legend.

 Piaget’s ‘Corridor of Time’ is operated by Gérard Barrau, a well-known architect responsible for the global design of Piaget boutiques. Whether it is a bold jewelry watch or a creative accessory full of fun, all tell the story here.

Jewellery Watches: The collision of precious gems with the art of time

 Piaget’s ingenuity in artistic creativity dates back to the beginning of the brand. Since its birth in 1874, Piaget’s watchmaking and jewellery craftsmen have shouldered the historical mission of creating beauty and breaking beauty, and will pass on generation to generation adherence to the creative and the observance of beauty. Through the exquisite craftsmanship, the bold and innovative Jewellery watches. Whether it is Piaget cuff watch or ring watch, it is a jewellery watch that is the ultimate fusion of time and art. The chic “jewelry” perfectly fits the unique feminine lines of the woman; the dazzling color blooms in the wrist and between the fingers; it contains the Piaget-made movement, the fine-cut diamond is matched with the jade dial, and the minute hand moves Elegant and elegant.

 Precious gems and time art collide with Piaget’s watches and jewellery masters, and Piaget’s invincible achievements in ultra-thin movements have laid the foundation for the development of jewellery watches: increasingly thinner movements Released its thickness restrictions on gem setting technology, allowing more gorgeous gems to be attached, demonstrating the unique charm of jewelry watches. In the 1960s, Piaget surprised the table with a series of brightly colored jewellery watches. These models use hard stone with natural colors as the dial, giving time the ultimate charm of time and beauty. Its bold and refined colors have created a warm, beautiful and dreamy world for the world. Whether it is clear black onyx, deep sapphire, hot ruby, or rich turquoise and malachite, all in Piaget The Count’s illusion turned into an era of imagination. Count Piaget has also become a trend-setting wristwatch, loved by celebrities such as former US President’s wife Jacqueline Kennedy and Hollywood superstar Elizabeth Taylor.

Creative Accessories: Fun Jewelry

 Count Piaget is famous for launching many bold and avant-garde watches and jewelry. In addition to unique breakthroughs in color application and watch and jewelry modeling, he also has a strong strength to achieve fun and unlimited design concepts. Deeply acquainted with the tastes of life in the European noble class, Piaget concentrated the secret of time in a unique machine and became a symbol of noble status. The Piaget high-quality jewellery pocket watch dial featured with mother-of-pearl and lapis lazuli at this exhibition demonstrates elegance and luxury, while the small figure without the pendulum combines three questions, the perpetual calendar, the moon phase and the chronograph function, which is a time-oriented The ultimate expression of fashion and gentleman charm.

 Earl Piaget also focuses on all the beautiful details of life. The Piaget Polo gold cigar cutter case is the same as the first-generation Piaget Polo series watches. It outlines the essence of a gentleman with tough lines. The steel scissors are delicate and sharp, making the action of cutting the cigar head full of elegance and strength, making each perfect Shearing exudes a strong aroma. The Piaget Polo lighter twinned with the cigar cutter is wrapped in gold all around, and the case is inlaid with 486 diamonds in the longitudinal direction.

 In addition, the ‘Time Gallery’ also exhibited the brand’s precious jewelry accessories, recreating luxurious and elegant aristocratic life. The Piaget gold and emerald-rimmed glasses with Piaget exhibited at this exhibition are wrapped in delicate gold to frame the frame beautifully, which outlines the golden lines. Rectangular cut diamonds and top emeralds are intertwined into two long arcs, which gracefully stretch into a butterfly shape from the bridge of the nose, showing low-key luxury, which is a real finishing touch.

 Also on display was the Piaget Funny Heart bun, which was composed of precious black and ebony and white gold with gorgeous diamonds. Piaget Funny Hear is inspired by the eccentrically shaped love symbol, with 372 brilliant diamonds lighting the romantic fireworks of love. The chic asymmetrical design shows Piaget’s ingenuity and dedication to the trend, perfectly interpreting Piaget’s glorious light and exquisite craftsmanship of high-end jewelry watches, which has become a witness and commemoration of love between lovers. .

 At present, Piaget’s ‘Time Corridor’ is located in Piaget boutiques at 40 Rue du Rhône, Geneva, Switzerland, Piaget boutiques at 798 Huaihai Road, Shanghai, and Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. Three exhibition halls will hold theme exhibitions from time to time, each Piaget’s rich creativity and exquisite craftsmanship perfectly combined.